Armus Zod

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Armus Zod
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Kalee
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.0 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Color Skin -Red, Hair - Black
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance


Armus Zod is Barabel turned Kaleesh,one of those caught up in the Metamorphosis Plague of Year 14, he was transformed into a Kaleesh on day 25 of that year. He also in Year 14 would indicate he'd join the First Annual Tournament of Derra.

His favorite weapons to hunt are his dual vibroaxes and my stouker. He has always been freelance, with no real interest in factions. He is not concerned with politics,wealth or galactic events and usually keeps himself to himself. His favorite pastime is hunting bandits and collecting treasures.


Armus Zod the young Barabel started out life on his home planet of Barab 1 In the Sector of Albanin. A mountainous planet also covered with jungles, grassland and forests. This terrain he found useful when growing up for hunting and fighting, which he enjoyed. While he was still young he decided to leave Barab and went rogue,always looking for more dangerous creatures to hunt or bandits to kill. Armus had excellent stealth skills which he used to remain unnoticed as he traversed planets and systems killing the largest creatures he could find. He got a kick out of finding he was never noticed by the local authorities. Over the years he collected many trophies and weapons which Barabels are well known for. Ever the hunter.Then he had an idea to excite his need for hunting. He had read about it, thought about it and had now decided his next location...Derra


Armus knew that there was about to be an interest in Derra and was one the first to arrive to test the might of the galaxies strongest to show up. He fought well gaining many prizes but some thing else which no-one could foresee was happening with the galaxy...a strange plague was about to hit. It was to affect many. It was later referred to as The Metamorphosis Plague.

The virus broke out not long after he arrived and Armus found himself falling unconscious and awakening with great physical pain to find his body transformed into a form he had not encountered. He wasn't sure so while recovering from the shock pulled out his data-pad to research the features he now had. Armus still had his scaly skin, but had tusks and and he felt his face it seemed his nostrils seemed different. He had heard the tales but never thought it would happen to him. He was now Kaleesh.

Kaleesh Form

Armus soon found his Kaleesh form to be even stronger than before and a great blessing, he was still a warrior. He could fight as hard as he did as Barabel. He considered himself to be a Kaleesh demi-god in life, always hunting and fighting to become a Kaleesh god after death. A tough call but that was him aim. Armus made a decision there and then to remain on Derra. He wanted to hunt and loot. It has been his passion ever since the plague set. He planned to start collecting trophies as part of his Barabel past and to strengthen his skills as a Kaleesh. Gradually he built up a small army of loyal troops to hunt with.

Tournament of Derra

Armus heard "The Tournament of Derra" was approaching and decided to participate. A lot of the contenders were strong warriors and high level force users. He laughed to himself as his first fight was considered a huge upset as no one knew who he was. He destroyed Rawth Shacklefist in a quick match with his stouker, barely taking any damage. In his second match he defeated Laz Uli, another upset but closer match. She tried to snipe him but Armus dodged and ran the distance to take her out with his stouker as well. Laz misjudged his speed. In his third match he lost a very close fight to Rann, a Jedi tank, in a match his vibroaxe and Rann's lightsaber, who then went on to the finals. All 3 of his opponents were strong and honorable.

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