Blaher Stunna

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Blaher Stunna
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.1 meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Jensaarai
Prior Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition
Trade Federation
Eidola Pirates
Confederacy of Independent Systems

Blaher Stunna is a Nautolan[1] from the planet Glee Anselm. He is quite tall for a Nautolan, standing 2 meters tall. Blaher is quite thin and his movements are slow and measured; and he can be terrifying to those who have never met a Nautolan before. He takes extreme pride in being a Nautolan, and looks at most "paleskins" as unfortunate. Fluent in many languages, he is a enterprising businessman with several powerful connections. Blaher Stunna is covered in rich tattoos, each added through his adventures, traditional Sith tattoos stretch across his skin, a distinct symbol of the Confederacy of Independent Systems is visible to all, a purple star also glimmers with phosphorescence in the night(origins unknown, some suspect liquidized nova crystal) and there is reportedly the names of his many victims on the bottom of his feet. Blaher is known to be quite polite, even to his victims, but has a cold aura, magnified by his tattoos and ominous appearance. Blaher is always armed with his favorite DL-44, and is slow to trust anyone, but eager to work with anyone. He has very little advice for people, besides "Business is business, remember that."

Early life

Blaher Stunna spent much of his early life in the Glee Anselm sector, and never left the sector, or his home system for much of his life. Stunna has never revealed any information about his parents, and the mystery may never be resolved; due to a lack of parental records. At the young age of 10, while trying to run off with a stolen blaster, Stunna entered the captivity of a clan of Anselmi raiders. Determined to seek revenge for his bondage, Stunna poisoned their water supply, bringing a slow and painful death upon them all. Their names became the first to be etched upon the soles of his webbed feet.


Blaher Stunna has held many jobs in the galaxy. Firstly, he spent many months in the Navy of the Triumvirate Coalition, under the command of Ait Maru. Then, moving to the Trade Federation's Department of Logistics. Reasons unknown, after several missions and material hauls, he contacted Teniel Djo and offered to steal the cruiser he piloted. Once defecting to Eidola, his trades in the Centrepoint Marketplace have significantly increased, and he quickly joined the ranks of merchants accepting trade of the Nova Crystal. After departing from the Eidolon Pirates, Blaher moved to the Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to pursue a career in their young military. His whereabouts within the Confederacy have recently come to light, acting as the Commander of the Confederacy's First Fleet. Blaher was eventually promoted to Deputy Minister of Military Police and Security, achieving the rank of General before departing the CIS for the Empire-in-Exile.