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Chir'dorna Clan
General Information
Status Active
Leader Nathran Lord Rick Farlander
Members Ta’shir Jink Knwldg
Ta'shir Sabo Magus
Hertheka Helena Gladio
Member Narhzis Zannax
Full Member List Unknown
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Anti-Imperial
Type Falleen Noble Clan

"Heretics have begun to muster strength within the Clans. Give us your guilty, so that they may be judged properly in the eyes of Kiyorath Dihn." - Terqu’ran Rhe Chir’dorna, religious announcement given to all clans 4 BF.


The Falleen race was a peaceful desert dwelling race considered nomadic and tribal. These tribes of the Falleen race did what they had to in order to survive the harsh environment. That was until the Great Plight. This brought forth the great Kiyorath Dhin and his teachings. He embraced the tribes of Falleen and their culture into the clans.

The current clansmen of Chir'dorna trace their heritage to that of Cithorah Chir'dorna, the prophet of Falleen Prime, who appeared from the clouds of dust that speck the horizon and United the tribes under his name. Establishing his Commandments as the basis to life, he held freedom to be the true birthright of all Falleen and lead the rebellion on Prime that would eventually lead to the birth of the Falleen Federation. Mysteriously disappearing into the wind-swept plains of Carloda, his loss was mourned but the Children still wait expectantly for his return when the Falleen race will need him the most. Followers of Chir'dorna made their way to the Queel System and had set up a new colony there. From this colony for many generations the followers of Chir'dorna plan their next move for what they feel is best for the Falleen race under the guidance of Kiyorath Dhin. The clan leaders through the years have not changed how this worked. Just the face to lead the charge.

Despising tyranny, the Chir'dorna have been the largest advocators for a holy Jihad against the Galactic Empire, for the crimes it has committed and are continuing to commit throughout the galaxy. While not declaring war against the strongest government in the universe, clansmen are often found working within the confines of the Temple of Kiyorath Dhin or reminding those Falleen they work with that there is only the One True God. Chir'dornan’s have garnered the reputation for never compromising on their principles, and use the common religion of Kiyorath Dhin to good political use.

Every year as Kiyorath Dhin sweeps methodically across the Falleen desert to deal justice to those who have sinned, the Children of Chir'dorna make a pilgrimage to watch their God’s holy wrath.

"Freedom, and the survival of the species is our birth right. Over the millenia we have survived, as a Free people, the time has come for us to claim our heritage." - Citorah Chir'Dorna


The current Nathran is Lord Rick Farlander. Son of Sheka Kyroth-Farlander who is the daughter of Kelmerik Kyroth. Kelmerik from the Chir’Dorna bloodline being the son of Falerk Chir’Dorna who was the son of Terqu’ran Rhe Chir’dorna who was the son of Cithorah Chir'dorna.

Rick is believed to be the last descendant of this bloodline from Falerk. Unaware of this until his return to Falleen Prime on his quest to become one with Kiyorath Dhin. Finding his true right he stepped into his destine role as Nathran. Other than his key advisors to the clan he does not disclose the member list of the clan as he calls them “In the Shadows”.


The Temple of Kiyorath Dhin does not ask much of its followers except what is known as the Natural Commandments.

1) That the origins of The Falleen is never forgotten

2) That Falleen never give up the will to survive (Making suicide a sin)

3) That Falleen respect the right of survival of others

4) The Followers of Dhin must never forget their place

5) That an oath in the name of Kiyorath Dhin is always honoured

6) That A Falleen will always aid others in survival.

7) That the way of the warrior is kept holy, in defending the people and allowing their survival.


A Follower of Dhin is to Recite the Prayer of the Desert at dawn and dusk of every day.


Every Grain of sand is part of the Desert

The desert is nothing without sand

every grain of sand keeps the desert a desert

The desert is sand

Kiyorath Dhin, help me keep my will to survive through the hard times

Kiyorath Help me see justice when my visions is clouded

Dhin let me survive and help those around me survive

Kiyorath Dhin watch over life and freedom

Every Grain of sand is part of the Desert

The desert is nothing without sand

every grain of sand keeps the desert a desert

The desert is sand

And if the blizzard blows, the sand will travel, but never leave the Desert

For We are the sand, and the Desert is all we believe in.