Fang Kin

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Fang Kin
Biographical Information
Race Defel
Born Unknown
Died Day 210, Year 17
Languages Basic
Religion Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Red Phantom
Rank Leader
Prior Affiliation Guardians of the Fey, Rogue Squadron

"Fang Kin, was by all means probably one of the most sleaziest individuals I've met in some time..." - Ximaro Jix

There have been many rumors surrounding Fang Kin's origin, some suggest he came from the unknown regions, others suggest that he may he always been around but in hiding or imprisoned for thousands of years. Regardless of his origins, he was generally hated by almost everyone he ever met. Earliest records of him place him within the formerly named Guardians of the Fey. Much of what he did during his time there is largely unknown. He was once again spotted within Rogue Squadron less then half a year later. While he was in there, Fang Kin operated as a pilot but once again left quickly which was when he met Jor Panoka. Their personalities meshed perfectly, both were vile and hope to take over the galaxy, and both were extremely deceitful. Together they formed Red Phantom, A criminal enterprise which housed notable people such as Sable Sojo and Jason Phanto. Eventually Fang's wicked ways caught up to him though, When attempting to gain allies for his cause, He was caught lying about having Zann as an ally, which set him on Ximaro's sights, sure enough less then three months later, Fang was found brutally murdered at the bottom of a lake. Shortly after his death Jason Phanto was given his position as Co leader of Red Phantom, which he took and eventually ended Red Phantom forever.