Granse Confederacy

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Granse Confederacy
Granse Confederacy Emblem.png
General Information
Motto "Anything is legal depending on your perspective."
Status Defunct
Leader Feth Ophoxi
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 335
Dissolved Year 15 Day 16
Political Information
Affiliation Highest bidder
Industry Bounty Hunters
Holosite Granse Confederacy

The Granse Confederacy was a bounty hunter outfit founded on Year 10 Day 335.


"The Granse Confederacy means business. Want someone taken out without any blood or blame on your hands? Granse is the answer. Want some intel on someone and want to remain anonymous? Granse again is the answer. Want help wrestling planetary control from your enemies? The Granse Confederacy is still the only answer. Our obscure collective consists of highly motivated and extremely dangerous individuals who share a common history and common goals. When you hire us, you hire professionals. We are a well-structured coalition, and our hunters have allegiances to little but the Confederacy. We will carry out your orders without hesitation or mercy. Your enemy becomes our enemy..."


  • Granse Confederacy Horizontal Holographic Year 15.png (Year 15)