Meiyo Arashi

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Meiyo Kawaii
Meiyo Kawaii.jpg

Meiyo at a gala. Note the lenses to conceal her identity
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Alexandra Victoria Kawaii (Deceased)
Father Victor Pendragon Kawaii (Deceased)
Spouse Engaged to Vexander Graves
Siblings Leebri Chelski (Adoptive); John Callaghan (Adoptive); Mami Ogawa (Adoptive)
Children None
Born Year -13 Day 4
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’11”
Eye Color Dark Blue
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Lieutenant-Commander
Positions Lieutenant-Commander, NR Navy
Prior Affiliation N/A
Awards Good Conduct Award
Operation Ancile Award
3 Year Service Ribbon
Navy Ribbon
Academy Graduation Ribbon

Meiyo Kawaii is a Lieutenant-Commander serving in the New Republic Navy. She comes from a long line of Nabooan Noblemen. Ever since the destruction of her home on Naboo, she has kept her identity hidden but has sworn to avenge her family. With hope in her heart she plans to regain her wealth, her strength and be crowned queen of her House.


Early Life

Meiyo grew up in a loving home with her parents Victor and Alexandra Kawaii in a remote location on Naboo still hidden from public records. Her father died in space to a pirate raid some time ago. Throughout her childhood, Meiyo and her mother lived in the city of Theed until she graduated from school at the age of eighteen. She then lived in a somewhat smaller town until she turned 24. Although Meiyo kept to herself in school she has a kind heart and likes to help heal those that are hurt. She is so kind that she doesn't even ask for anything in return for her kind actions. Meiyo is of royal blood, but never had it publicly announced for fear the Galactic Empire might use her for leverage.

Training During Childhood

Growing up, Meiyo was taught politics, fencing, military combat, leadership, and learned to fly. The Politics lessons were rather difficult in the beginning, but Meiyo adapted to them quickly. On the other hand, fencing came entirely natural to her. She was able to wield a sabre like a third arm. She received Military combat training from her father Prince Victor until his sudden death by local pirates while he went out on patrol. Leadership was trained by her mother Princess Alexandra and flight training she received from RSF instructors. Meiyo only ever spoke publicly twice in her lifetime. The rest of her time she spent training in fencing and flying. The last time she trained in fencing she finally defeated her instructor in a match. Because of her victory her mother Alexandra held a celebration in honor of her completed training.

Last Day on Naboo

Princess Meiyo returns fire on her way to her landing pad during her escape.

What started out as a normal spring day on Naboo suddenly became a nightmare. Imperial troops under the leadership of some Sith Lords were on approach to the Kawaii Family Palace. Meiyo’s mother woke her abrupty and insisted Meiyo get dressed and pack necessities for immediate evacuation. While she did as her mother asked, she took a peek outside her window only to see blaster fire and red lightsabers swinging. The guards were doing the best they could to hold the line, but to no avail. The Sith killed them with ease. Meiyo and Alexandra raced to the palace landing pad. Upon reaching the landing pad Meiyo ran up the ramp with only the clothes on her back and a backpack when suddenly the Sith blasted the doors from the palace open and started running toward her shuttle. Alexandra took a final stand to allow her daughter to escape. As the shuttle took off with the boarding ramp partially open, Meiyo watched helplessly as her mother was struck down. Ever since the evacuation, Meiyo kept her royal name hidden from the galaxy.

Life in the New Republic

After a couple months alone and away from all that she knew, Meiyo finally sought out the New Republic and became a citizen. It was her hope she would be well protected and to establish that she kept her royal heritage a secret until Meiyo was sure some officials were ready to learn of her bloodline. Meiyo joined the academy to increase her knowledge and be a better asset to the Republic than simply being a citizen, eventually she joined the New Republic Navy to serve as a guardian for the people. Working as hard as she can, Meiyo made it up to her rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Finding Love

A simple afternoon as usual in the Navy, Meiyo was at a local barracks delivering an order for ground equipment from her quartermaster office when she came across a handsome young gentleman. His name is Vexander Graves, one look is all it took and Meiyo was instantly in love. (work in progress)