Narkepsys strikes again. Medical authorities working to contain an outbreak.

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Posted by: Sienna Lynn - Faction: Renew

Date: Year 16 Day 223 Onboard the Hospital Platform XQ-2 SL Mercy Point Hospital.

Narkepsys strikes again. Medical authorities working to contain an outbreak.

Rachel interview Narkepsys zps8mzyo8ui.png

Interview with Dr. Sienna Lynn and Comander Darlene Bazinga.

Renew News- According to the renowned Doctor Sienna Lynn, a neurological disease identified as Narkepsis poses a risk to every sentient throughout the galaxy.

Upon our inquiry, Dr. Lynn informs us that her team of medical researchers have found that this mysterious and rare sickness has some very clear symptoms but no definite cure as of yet. Additionally, and there seems very few ways one can protect themselves completely from it.

You can imagine that these revelations can develop some panic among the galactic population and have become a serious concern in many medical circles. Our interview with Dr. Lynn will hopefully shed more light on the subject:

Reporter: Dr. Lynn, you claim this outbreak runs across the galaxy unchecked--what can be done to ensure the safety of the common citizens?

Dr. Lynn: Yes, look, people need to know the truth. It is a fact that there is no cure or vaccine yet. We cannot ensure safety of the public. But recognizing the symptoms can help us prevent disasters in our organizations and our own lives.

And we certainly aren’t the only ones working on this case. We are making a huge effort assisted by groups like SYT Transport, Oniworld, and Xucphra in order to find at least some kind of information on how the infection starts in the first place and how to deal with the infected.

Reporter: I see, but I am pretty sure that most people don’t know what this condition, this illness, is exactly. Can you tell us more about it?

Dr. Lynn: Of course, Narkepsys is a syndrome that can affect any life form in the Galaxy randomly, including common people like you and me. We still do not know if it’s a germ or a virus that spreads this disease or that it’s something from another dimension entirely.

The disease is neurological and has symptoms that appear in stages. First, the afflicted will experience auditory and visual hallucinations, shortly thereafter the victim’s condition will worsen until they become comatose. The infected slips into a state of stasis and his body becomes rigid. Similar to a Catalepsy, if you will.

At first we thought that this primarily affected space pilots and mainly freighter pilots since their cases are most often reported on. We have extensive reports from Commander Bazinga who lost more than a few good pilots to this condition. Imagine a Bulk Freighter derelict drifting into low orbit of your planet. According to more recent data, we find it is not occupation-specific. Cases come from the private sector, government workers, and even those in the military.

The first stage of the disease last for a few hours but later it can hold a sentient for days, or even weeks until there’s no more chance of recovery for the patient. Strangely, the afflicted remains physically healthy. We have reports documented about people who wake up after a year, seemingly alright and re-assuming their duties, and then after a short period of activity turn into stasis again for random amounts of time. If you encounter this, don’t argue with the patient or get angry with them. They don’t know what’s happening to them. Just make sure they get a duty that brings no harm to them or their surroundings, or, if their state becomes a liability, that they are assigned to a medical ward.

Reporter: Now it is more clear for us, but in our investigation, we also spoke with a citizen who is convinced that this condition is not an illness. He mentions that he believes that this condition, or stasis like you said, is a call from his divinity, a God called “Riel Laife” and he embraces this situation.

Dr. Lynn: My friend, we hear a lot of crazy ideas everyday, but believe me, we are scientists, and we did not find any mystical force or magic in these sick people. We have reports that even Force users suffer from Narkepsys, and the simple fact is that this syndrome affects our health, our economy, and day to day life in every way. We must fight it, find the cause and find a cure. We can’t let the population of our galaxy fall away into the hallucination that they live in an alternate state.

Reporter: Thank you Doctor Lynn, for you time.

Like you can see Narkepsys can be everywhere, so keep in mind these symptoms, and contact you medical assistance in your company, government or closer to you if you encounter them.

Symptoms and clear behaviors with the syndrome:

- Hallucinations, mostly about a divinity called “Riel Laife”

- Arriving from hyper, drifting, and not reporting to his CO.

- Staring out the viewport, drooling, catatonic.

Narkepsys evidence zpsvzisv8sj.png

Evidences of Narkepsys around the Galaxy

This report comes to you supported by Sienna Lynn Foundation as a service to the community.

And remember, it could happen to you!