Overlord of the Nautolan Society

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Office of the Overlord

The Overlord of the Nautolan Society is the heart and Soul of the Society. He is solely responsible for the oversight of construction on the Nautolan Society Planets and the progress of the Society as a whole.


Depiction of a Nautolan Overlord

The office of the Overlord was not created until much more recently, with evidence of its beginning use by the Nautolan Society in generalin Year 8. Originally, the Society was lead by the Tecro of the Nautola (Politcal Clan)of the Society. The warrior Clan, Rak Qua, had its own leadership and ways of working things. Its leader was also called Tecro They would only called upon by Tecro of Clan Nautola in times of great need. When both clans publicly came together, through the work of Nautola Tecro Siejo Kutol and Rak Qua Tecro K`nithor Drevan, that the title of Overlord began to be used to describe the overall leader of the Society. Pixelor Xess was the First Overlord, followed by Siejo Kutol.

Overlords Past and Present

Siejo Kutol.png

Siejo Kutol

Year 9 Day 64 - Present

Originally the Tecro of the Nautola Clan, Siejo Kutol became the Overlord of the Nautolan Society after the unexpected death of Pixelor Xess. When Pixelor's ship crashed into the Dolomar Sun during the Raid of Valakivir during the War for Kirogost. Kutol assumed the role. defending Valakivir in the Nautolan Society Flag ship, the NS Nautolan Spear. After the war was ended, and Kirogost recaptured, Kutol was appointed Overlord. Since taking office, Kutol has seen the requisition of Valakivir, Kirogost, Dolomar, and Arthenost. Under his command, the NS has grown at an exponential pace, leading to an age of prosperity.


Pixelor Xess

Year 6 Day 250 - Year 9 Day 60

Pixelor Xess, one of the most wealthy Nautolan in history, was the Founder of the Nautolan Society. Using his influence and wealth, he brought together an Idea and helped bring about a revolution for his kind. Under his rule, many Nautolans joined the call. Under him, the NS saw the creation of many programs that make them great; the clans were re-established, facility construction for members began, and the loan program was started. Almost single handedly, Pixelor took the NS to Dolomar, claiming Valakivir as the capital, and started construction on Nauto Prime. Pixelor's reign came to a halt when he was killed during the War for Kirogost.