Roweyna Brulwyyk

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Roweyna Brulwyyk
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Clan Brulwyyk
Mother Freyyha Brulwyyk, née Kyywook
Father Rowoor Brulwyyk
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -28 (51 years)
Languages Shyriiwook
Galactic Basic
Religion Wookiee religion
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1,97 meters
Weight Slim, ectomorph
Coloring Light brown tones
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition
Rank Recruit

Roweyna Brulwyyk is a female Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. She was born in Year -28 as the scion of an old and respected Wookiee clan, and she grew up in the city of Rwookrrorro during the years of the Clone Wars and later the rise and early years of the Galactic Empire. After she had come of age, she proved to be an accomplished manager and entrepreneur, and made a comfortable living on the Wookiee homeworld as a result. Yet, after the events of the Kashyyyk Massacre in Year 6, Roweyna left the planet in pursuit of freelance work in the Outer and Mid Rims, and only returned to her homeworld after its liberation by the New Republic. She resumed her old life in the years that followed until the Fall of the New Republic in Year 21, when she left the planet for a second time.

Today, Roweyna is an academy trainee of the Triumvirate Coalition. She joined its ranks in Year 23, and has been an aspiring citizen since.