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Posted by Plojo Rosom on

Onboard the YT-2000 Androgony in system Kiffex.

The screen opens simply on a podium standing in front of a dark blue background with "TPA" printed on it in silver letters. The logos dot the background, quickly blurred by a swift moving man that takes his place in front of the camera. As the Qiraash readies himself for the speech, he is easily identified as Rune Tao, former leader of Hammer's Slammers and owner of the Trader's Protection Agency.

"First of all, thank you for coming to this little announcement of mine. It may not be as sexy as finding a star destroyer in your garage, but matching Ms. Tylger's accomplishments is, at best, a losing proposition. Be that as it may, my announcement today concerns an entity that I consider in many ways to be my pet project, the Trader's Protection Agency."

"Simply put, it seems that my vacation at the fashionable Syn Tower could not have come at a more inopportune time. "

Rune looks off for a moment, thinking intently...

"Where was that again? Dufilvian sector....Falleen system....wonderful gardens, top notch handmaidens....or was it Tatooine.... Well at any rate, I digress."

"I'm before you today not for travel tips, but because the state of the TPA has been slipping over the past few days. I value Mr. Harth's fine hard work and commitment to the ideals set out by myself and Lady DeMornay those many months ago for the TPA. However, I've seen some disturbing trends over the past weeks that have lead me to an important decision."

"After stepping down from the leadership of Hammer's Slammers, I've been able to take some time, relax, recharge the batteries so to speak, and come to terms with how I would like to spend my time in this galaxy. In short, I have freed up enough time to the point where I don't feel like the TPA would be cheated with myself as its leader."

"Therefore, effective immediately, I will be taking over charge of the Trader's Protection Agency. Mr. Harth is thanked profusely for his efforts and of course invited to stay on and assist in the day to day running of the organization. This is a decision motivated by a lot of factors and in no way reflects a personal attack or issue with Mr. Harth."

"Some great ideas have come out of the past few months of TPA discussion, most notably a rating system for active traders that places different levels of confidence on different traders. This system is an excellent way for new traders to get a feel for a person's reputation. The system has had a few kinks and these will be revamped. The effort to bring these kinks to light by people such as Syn Becket-Fe'll is greatly appreciated and their feedback is welcome as we press forward as an organization."

"Thanks again for coming out and covering this event. To those watching out in the galaxy, the TPA exists for your benefit. We do not claim to be perfect, we do not claim to be the answer to all of life's ills, but we do plan to address the needs of all traders, big and small, to the best of our collective ability. Thanks again."

With that, Rune exits, stage left and the screen fades to black.