Zann Terror Threat to Black Sun 'Low'

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Zann Terror Threat to Black Sun 'Low'
Posted by: Jeor Knight - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 16 Day 159 Onboard the Darkstar Battleship [BSS] Ill Gotten Gains in system Malicar.

In the Briefing Room aboard the Darkstar, a solemn Jeor Knight, Regent of Black Sun and Vigo of Defence, approaches a stand with the Black Sun behind him. The Underlord stands a few feet to his left, silent and unmoving. A few members of the press are gathered on the floor below.


"I have called this news conference to address the recent statement made by the Zann Umbrella. It grieves me to say that some members of our nationalized corporations have been kidnapped by the terrorist organization. This act of mindless violence is an affront to all sentients in the galaxy. Whether Zann has attacked Black Sun due to its past affiliations with Eris Rosiir, who prematurely terminated her employment with the Collective, or for the Underlord requesting fair and equitable treatment for the legitimate business that he leads, it does not matter. Threatening to murder three innocent people to make a confused point is the act of a child, albeit a child capable of a terrible atrocity. We will be putting out a bounty on all Zann members to reinforce our sincerest condemnation of these illegal acts."


The Vigo takes a small sip from a glass of water.

"To address the potential security concerns raised in Zann's statement, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the attached footage is a poor forgery. The Underlord has been in transit since this action took place. Last time I looked, the only buildings on the Darkstar are in the necropolis of Golgotha, not a sprawling cityscape. Furthermore, references to discussions held by the Family Council beggar belief. At no point has the Family Council expressed any concern beyond that for the safety of our people. With that said, we are pleased to confirm that there is no lasting threat to the members of Black Sun, nor to our on-going operations, and business shall continue unimpeded. That is all."

Jeor turns off the microphone and exits the stage.