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| motto =
| motto =
| status = Active  
| status = Active  
| leader = [[Eleonore Silvermoon]]
| leader = [[Roga McBea]]
| 2ic =  
| 2ic =  
| owner = [[New Republic]]
| owner = [[New Republic]]

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Ubrikkian Industries
Ubrikkian Industries Logo Year 12.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Roga McBea
Owner New Republic
Historical Information
Founded Year 7 Day 39
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Ubrikkian Industries


Ubrikkian Industries arose from the ashes of another corporation known as Omega Order Vehicles (OOV). A true history of the company would therefore not be complete without recounting that of OOV.

Omega Order Vehicles

Omega Order Vehicles was founded by Plojo Rosom. A comfortable childhood, subsidized by his fathers casino profits, gave him a high quality education and anything he wanted. His ambition drove him beyond his fathers dreams and goals. Plojo started taking much more responsibility in the casino even before he graduated, and his natural intelligence earning him a scholarship to a prestigious university. He earned his degree in design at 19, but couldn't find a stable job which he was comfortable with and didn't get bored with. He married between jobs and was very happy with his wife, but the happiness was tragically cut short when she died just a year and half into the marriage. Plojo began to drift around the galaxy again, his grief getting him kicked out of more jobs than he left from.

It was then that he began to run out of ideas, luck and cash, so he took a loan from his father, hoping to make something of it. He drifted out of a couple more jobs, but realized his problem was that he couldn't stand be bossed around by his superiors, so chucked everything he had into making a company of his own, his initial problem though, was to decide on the type of company he was to run. He first decided that he had to do something concerned with production, his degree in design would allow him to prosper in that field. He instantly ruled out ship production, realizing there were too many of them already, droids, he'd never liked droids. This didn't leave many options available to him and decided to think about it on his way into the city.

Then it struck him.

Vehicle production: landspeeders, speeder bikes, boats, airspeeders...the possibilities were endless.

Thus, Omega Order Vehicles was born, and Plojo poured everything he had into it.

Switch to Ubrikkian Industries

It started well, as his luck returned and his aptitude for design brought about new ideas that hadn't been seen before on the market. People liked the novelty of these new designs. Omega struck most people as something different, but at the end of the day just another vehicle manufacturer. It was eventually dissolved and its assets dispersed for unknown circumstances. It was at this point that the Rebel Alliance took Omega under its wing and they led the company to brighter days. Plojo retired and various other leaders were drafted in. The Alliance chose to rename the company Ubrikkian Industries. Later the Rebel Alliance itself would be renamed and reformed following the merger with Sorosuub to become the New Republic. Now the New Republic and Ubrikkian Industries look towards a bright and prosperous future...a future that will revolutionize the way we travel forever.


  • Ubrikkian Industries Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)

New Republic

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