Carl Warrington

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Carl Warrington
Squall's artistic rendition of Carl.jpeg
Biographical Information
Race Chagrian
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9'
Coloring Blue
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola Pirates
Rank Second in Command of Eidola Pirates
Positions Navarch
Governor of Sevarcos X
Governor of Ferxani Beta

The Early Days

Carl Warrington was born and raised in a middle class family on Corellia and as soon as he learned to fly he left home to see what adventures awaited him as a freelance trader.

He spent many years as a freelancer and was heavily involved in galactic trade. He started by trading low value fighter craft and vehicles and slowly worked his way up to larger and rarer craft. One year into his trading career he was betrayed by a business associate and lost all of his slowly acquired fortune.

Left only with two cloakshape/H fighters he was forced to rebuild. While he continued to trade in fighters and vehicles he expanded the offerings of his store to include hidden system coordinates and stocks. Through the new focus of his business he was able to regain his lost fortune.

He competed in the second Kessel Run with Jeb`el Ras and came in second place. The winnings from this race was a YT-510 freighter, the Rumors of War, which Carl still owns and uses as one of his primary transports.

After this point Carl continued his freelance trading career and amassed a small fleet along with numerous space stations and facilities.

Carl retired from trading and spent several years relaxing at his personal residence on Corellia before the thrill of making deals called him back to the galactic trading market. Upon his return, he found that the economy had changed significantly. Ships and vehicles were now being mass produced and margins were slim.

Life as a Pirate

Carl Warrington

Not many years after Carl's return to the galactic stage, a new system called Drup was discovered in the galactic south. Carl had been spending time as a freelance builder for a large mining faction and was in the area at the time the news of the system was made public. He rushed down to the surface of Drup II and founded a large number of cities.

The founding of the cities was partially funded by A`Zol Surek, a trading partner with whom Carl had done business previously. Carl and Zol started a production company named Warrington Surek Industrial, with which the two intended to use the newly founded cities as factory cities to produce products and small ships for the galactic south.

This venture was halted when Zol was captured by Zann, and his 51% stake in WSI was turned over to them prior to his execution. As Zol had owned a majority share of the company, Carl was left holding a non-controlling stake with the treacherous Zann Consortium as a partner. Carl was strong-armed into a deal in which he would accept 10% of the earnings of WSI while Zann controlled the company and kept the remaining 90%.

However, time would tell that even this deal was too good to be true. Zann never honored its agreement. When Carl inquired about his payment, Zann feigned interest in paying Carl only to lure him onto one of their stations to capture him. Carl and Ximaro Jix did battle on The Anchorage in the Vaxal system, and Carl overpowered his opponent, defeating him and escaping the trap.

The cities on Drup II were never sold throughout this fiasco, and Carl held them as a wildcard for future revenge against Zann. In Year 19, Carl enlisted the help of his friend and fellow pirate, Argon Nightwish, and together the pair snuck into the Drup system with Bulk Freighters laden with building materials and sick Ugnaught refugees. They spent several days building hundreds of hotels and other facilities in which the syphilitic Ugnaughts could live. This act of generosity was strongly opposed by Zann agents as the hotels would saturate the market and dramatically reduce the potential for Zann-owned hotels to earn income on the planet. Carl and Argon were able to outsmart their Zann opponents and all of the facilities were successfully produced for the migrant Ugnaughts. The story of this revenge has been reported extensively by the galactic news service in the article "A Syphilitic Situation on Drup II".

Carl was long a secret member of the Eidola Pirates, but came out publicly to complete his vision of a pirate hub for trading and business on Sevarcos X. He has since completed the project, following which, Sevarcos X became known as one of the largest pirate business centers in the galaxy. Since then, his planetary building and construction consulting endeavors have taken off, with Carl guiding various other planetary building operations within the Sevarcos system.

Carl specializes in planetary construction and building planning of both the legal and illegal variety. Known as a champion of the underdog Carl has been known to take long breaks from building Eidola's infrastructure to aid struggling peoples throughout the galaxy. The building project on Drup II to aid syphilis infected Ugnaughts was one such venture.

In Year 20, Carl embarked on a secret mission to solidify Eidola's control of the moon of Ferxani Beta in the Polith system. The Galactic Empire controls the Polith system with the famous bacta production center - Thyferra - at the center of the system's economy. Carl snuck into the system and covertly established a pirate training academy, military base, and significant defenses at this valuable forward base for Eidola raids on Imperial bacta shipments. It is rumored that Imperial slaves were used in the construction of this base. The Eidola base was constructed so quickly that it is still a thorn in the side of the Imperial bacta shipping and production despite the Empire's desires to eradicate the forward base.

Carl Directing Construction at Bes.png
Carl at Bes

In Year 21, Carl lead a team of Eidolans on a quest to relocate many of Eidola's discontent senior citizens from Sevarcos to the Bes system. These former pirates had become dissatisfied with the restrictive laws being enacted to curb their frequent public displays of nudity on the streets of Sevarcos. The mission was a success, resulting in the relocation of millions of senior citizens to 100 newly founded nudist cities on Bes IV. While Rogue Squadron defended their world admirably and murdered many elderly Eidolans, ultimately they were unable to stop the flow of the Eidolan nudists. A more detailed report of this incident can be found in the GNS reporting of the incident Elder Dumping: Breaking News from the Bes System.

Later in Year 21, Carl was informed that a racial minority within the Hoth system was struggling to find housing and was living in homelessness on the planet Biosh. He snuck past the system patrols and the shields of the planet itself and began the construction of nearly 100 hotels, offices, and taverns. The intent was to quickly make housing, jobs, and entertainment for the suffering minority population however the locals bitterly opposed Carl’s attempt to aid the marginalized of Hoth. A group called "NIMBs" (Not In My Biosh) complained loudly and the magistrate of Biosh: Aks Olotl, quickly came to the aid of the NIMBs. Fortunately Carl and his builders had long experience in this sort of building and were able to complete the entire city with all its facilities in under a week. Aks Olotl's attempts to arrest builders and block Carl from guiding reinforcements was entirely unsuccessful due to Aks' near complete ineptitude in hand-to-hand combat.

On Year 22 day 9 Carl was promoted to second in command of Eidola Pirates however he was not told of his promotion. He returned to his HQ station Ambush Point orbiting Sevarcos X to find Pirates strewn throughout the station in a drunken stupor. While drunkenness is normal and even encouraged in Eidola, the degree of inebriation was unusual. When he arrived at his office he found Argon Nightwish who informed Carl that he had missed both his own promotion ceremony and ensuing party because Syn forgot to inform Carl of the promotion and refused to invite Carl to the party. Argon next pointed Carl to the long list of tasks which Syn left on Carl’s desk outlining his new duties as second in command. As Carl read dubiously through the long list of expectations one of the drunks who had somehow accessed Carl’s office and was passed out on the floor looked up. It was Squall Chitose. Squall laughed when he saw Carl reading the list and slurred something that sounded like “sucker!” as he went back to his drunken dreams.

In Year 22 Carl liberated 12 X-wing starfighters from the clutches of the Sith Imperium valued at the time at roughly 1.1 billion credits in a daring raid of the Golan II "Wirsaka Nadasja Andi" guarding Tamra in the Tamra system. Carl successful absconded with all of the X-Wing fighters so quietly that the Sith Imperium didn't notice the theft for weeks. Ultimately, while Carl attempted to reason with the Sith, they refused to provide Carl with the access codes to the fighters in spite of the fact that the X-wings were now hopelessly outside of Sith reach, hidden safely in Carl's stronghold in Sevarcos. The fighters are now with Carl's slicers as they work to crack the access codes to these X-wings.

In Year 22 a population of oppressed non-humans on the Galactic Empire world of Humbarine contacted Carl requesting economic relief from the oppression of the Galactic Empire. Carl agreed to smuggle the necessary materials past the Empire's patrols and bring an elite team of builders to construct a business district of sorts for these sentients in order to provide them with jobs and wealth. The details of this arrangement remain unclear, but it is rumored that Carl was compensated handsomely for this latest spat of illicit building. As Carl expected there was significant resistance from the Empire and soon many of his top builders were arrested. Unexpectedly the Empire's agent, Patrick Mueirech, while quite savvy in arresting a large number of Carl's builders, apparently lacked the authorization from his superiors to either bring the builders to prison or execute them. Consequently he left the builders tied to lamp posts in front of the buildings they had been building. Relieved that he didn't have to resort to a more drastic rescue, Carl snuck behind Patrick and released all the builders from their lamp post bondage mere minutes after their capture. This bazar cat and mouse game continued for the entire operation. Ultimately, the city facilities were built without a single casualty and the non-human population of Humbarine was left much wealthier.

In Year 23 Carl led a band of pirates in capturing the Si`Klaata Cluster from the Knights of the Fountain who, at the time, had recently joined the Imperial Union. The capture was accomplished by a daring plan to import billions of syphilitic Ugnaughts to the planet of Kintan at the urgent request of the Nikto people as reported in the GNS article Pirates Plunder Imperial Union System. This mass importation of Ugnaughts was poorly thought through and lead to a food crisis, a housing crisis, and an STD crisis for Kintan. But in spite of this seemingly inexcusable blunder, the Eidola Pirates were able to retain control of the system and significantly improve its defenses.

In Year 25 Carl performed a detailed, galaxy wide survey of Ugnaughts and it determined that Cantras Gola was the worst place to live in the entire galaxy. The main driver of this shocking result was that it was too cold and had very few urinals at an appropriate hight for Ugnaughts. This was leading to an unacceptable amount of Ugnaught shrinkage. Which of course is highly undesirable due to their natural lack of size. To unshrink the Ugnaughts Carl embarked on a long journey from Sevarcos to build the Ugnaughts acceptable dwellings and places of work with exclusively Ugnaught hight urinals. Unfortunately the local government responded poorly to Carl's well meaning facility construction with one government official threatening to "...wage open war on planetary surfaces & simply destroy all you have built.". In spite of these headwinds, Carl and his builders were able to complete the construction of a full city of hotels, offices and taverns, all with Ugnaught hight urinals for the population of Cantras Gola.

Carl is proud of his building accomplishments and keeps brief snippets from his satisfied customers:

Xanus Drol and Kyota Navic : "a discusting number of hotels"

Aks Olotl: "fuck you, piece of shit"

Raa`hse Nahk: "Frankly with that attitude I'd rather ... wage open war on planetary surfaces & simply destroy all you have built."

Hunting Adventures

Carl is an avid hunter and has participated in many hunting competitions including the great hunt at the bi-annual swap meets. Carl has had a long and storied career in these hunts and came up just short of the podium in the year 21 droid hunt by a single point. Carl, undeterred by his narrow defeat, vowed to compete again in the main Nimban hunt. In year 21 Carl placed 1st in the Swap Hunt at Nimban after executing an exacting strategy of targeting exclusively Draigons. The full story of this hunt was reported by the Galactic News Service in [[Te Kih'koor Oya'karir [Parjii] - The Swap Hunt [Winner]]]. Included below is a clipping from the aforementioned GNS showing Carl accepting his trophy.


While Carl had long dabble in bounty hunting as an extension of his hunting adventures, In Year 22 Carl Warrington was finally recognized as a master bounty hunter by Cantrell Consulting. He now functions as a bounty hunting kingpin of sorts, accepting many top bounties and passing them along to other members of Eidola. While Carl does not have much time to spend bounty hunting due to his busy schedule, he has never missed a bounty, and is feared throughout the galaxy as an elite bounty hunter.

Ships of Note

Carl has a large fleet at his disposal, many of which have storied histories ranging from the bourbon distillery on his flagship Widowmaker to the graffitied passenger transport Gwaihir. Carl also has rarer multi-purpose ships which he uses for missions ranging from smuggling to bounty hunting to his illicit building endeavors such as the Hibridium Kestrel. Lastly upon his ascension to second in command of Eidola Carl was bequeathed the modified YT-1300 Heretic.

Creatures of Note


Carl is known for his love of animals and has several rooms dedicated to housing his pets on the Widowmaker. Among his many pets, Norbert the Draigon has gained a certain level of notoriety as Carl's closest companion. He came across Norbert accidentally after doing battle with several Draigons in the mountains of northwestern Yelsain in Year 18. At the time, the Great Science Feud was in full swing, and the Twilight Foundation faction that Carl had chosen to join needed Draigon scales for scientific purposes. After Carl and his band emerged victorious from their battle with the Draigons, Carl stumbled across a mysterious egg lying near the battlefield. He brought the egg back to his ship and cared for it until it hatched. He was delighted to discover that the egg contained a baby Draigon. Norbert and Carl have been close friends ever since, often hunting together to hone their combat skills, and consequently, Norbert has developed into an expert combatant. Norbert has even made several appearances in the Death Hunt as one of the few creatures who regularly participates. "Norbert's Den" on the Widowmaker is a massive room designed specifically to cater to the needs and wants of a Draigon with comforts such as imitation mountainous terrain and porgs for Norbert's hunting entertainment. Norbert's Den is also where Norbert keeps some of his own prized possessions.

Carl's Corsairs

Carl has an elite fighting crew of pirates who function as shock troops for boarding ships, body guards, and assassins. Lead by Nikolaj Locke, Carl's top lieutenant, Carl's Corsairs have seen significant action. Locke is a former Galactic Empire Lieutenant Colonel who was XO of the famed 3rd Imperial Legion also known as the "Shadow Guard". While the Empire states that Locke was killed in action, it seems he was actually injured fighting pirates and left for dead. When he came to, he had no recollection of his prior life and eventually found his way down to Sevarcos X as many do seeking its promise of anonymity and vast opportunities. Carl met him at a seedy tavern on the planet and, upon realization of Locke's abilities, quickly offered Locke a small fortune to come work for him. Unfortunately, the combat which had lead to Locke's injuries also had catastrophically damaged Locke's arm. Carl and a team of trusted surgeons oversaw the replacement of Locke's arm with a cybernetic which has dramatically increased Locke's strength and allowed him to fully recover from the wounds he sustained. The Corsairs consist of several squads of highly trained snipers, sharp shooters, vibroblade experts, and unarmed brawlers. Norbert the Draigon has also been known to fight along side the Corsairs and even aided the Corsairs in the capture of a bandit corvette in Year 22.

Planetary Base of Operations

Carl Warrington brought Sevarcos X from a minor backwater in the galactic south to a thriving pirate hub in a little over one year. This planet is still his primary base of operations with massive manufacturing capabilities and significant business operations. Carl has opened the planet's doors to businesses of all sorts and a wide range corporations from small arms dealers to medium sized pirate groups use the planet as a base of operations.