Dasha Blacklock

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Dasha Blacklock
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Clan Skoria
House Blacklock
Mother Talena Blacklock
Father Tygann Blacklock
Siblings Danica Blacklock (Deceased)
Born Year -5
Died Year 21, Day 321 (26 years old)
Languages Galactic Basic, Olys Corellisi, Bocce
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'9 (177cm)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Exelis Crime Syndicate
Title Crimson Baroness
Prior Affiliation Skoria
New Republic
Signature Dasha signature.png

Dasha Myla Blacklock is a 26-year-old Alderaanian noblewoman born on Alderaan. She is head of the mysterious House Blacklock.

Dasha is a caring individual who is not often prone to committing acts of great cruelty. She abhors the ownership of slaves. Her virtuous lifestyle and limited personality is an auspicious half-secret.


Early life

Dasha was born on planet Alderaan as the youngest daughter of House Blacklock, one of the many minor Houses of Alderaan. She was subjected to a rigid education from an early age. From personal defence to statesmanship, and everything in-between, Dasha was tutored only by the best instructors that money could afford. Unlike other blueblood families, in which heirs are often raised by proxy, her mother, Talena Blacklock, personally supervised her daughter's etiquette and statesmanship training. In addition to spending nearly all of her time in the presence of her hired tutors, the young girl also travelled to other Great Houses at regular intervals. With the consent of her mother, Dasha would often live within other Great Houses for days at a time, in the most luxurious of accommodations, where she learned to behave as a proper noblewoman should by employing all the skills that she was systematically learning from her many teachers. Talena wanted her daughter to be less under the influence of her husband, who seemed content to allow her authority over Dasha’s life. Because of this, she hoped to give Dasha a life of ease and luxury on Alderaan, ensuring that Dasha would understand the importance of home-making and acceptance of others.

In the home of the House of Metara, Dasha learned how to survive and thrive the rumour mill that ran riot on Alderaan, where just one wrong move could disgrace not only her but her entire family. While staying with House Killesa, she was forced to deal with the temptation to rebel against the rigorous expectations of noble life. In the household of House Glorio, she faced all manners of formal occasions, due to the enormous banquets the house was fond of throwing on a regular basis. With House Syrush, she enjoyed a pleasant sauna and bathed in special Bantha milk. While living with House Syrush, she also had the opportunity to meet and learn from the Lady’s handmaidens.

By the time Dasha had reached 16 years of age, she had already accumulated more education and training than her peers from the other minor and even some of the Great Houses. Throughout her childhood and early adolescence, her mother had made sure to slowly but surely introduce her to the tenants and traditions of the family, away from the attention of the Alderaanian authorities.

Emerging Flower

After a fairly low-key, nomadic life as an adult, Dasha began using the Holonet more and interacting with people she had never met before. A number of these would come to form Dasha's most important friendships as she began looking for stable employment. Dasha would quickly strike up friendships with Lisbethe Naevea and Nox Callias who were members of Clan Skoria and Mishka Sorokin, who was looking to establish the Kornova Corporation under the Galactica Group umbrella. Dasha agreed to help Mishka in this endeavour. Dasha stayed with Kornova until they had stabilised, then her nomadic nature took over and she wandered the stars once more.

While Dasha had been in Kornova, her sister had passed away. Once Dasha had wandered the stars for a while in the aftermath of her departure from Kornova, Nox came to Dasha and invited her into Clan Skoria. Dasha accepted and quickly set to accomplishing tasks for her fellow members of Skoria.

After a time, Dasha lost touch with Nox and Lisbethe. Fearing she'd lost her closest friends,Dasha retreated into her shell and wasn't heard from for a number of months.

The Republic

After a period of soul-searching, Dasha decided that she needed to move on with her life and pursue a new endeavour. It was around this time a recruitment ad for the New Republic started playing. Dasha dismissed it initially, being from Alderaan she'd learned what conflict could do to supposedly civilised people. However, a desire to belong to something burned bright within the Alderaanian. As a result, she wasn't able to prevent herself from asking whether she should join up. Eventually, Dasha enlisted in the Army of the New Republic, where she would serve for some time before her sense of wanderlust once again took hold. Dasha departed the Republic roughly a month or two before the surrender of the Republic at the hands of CoS Darksol.

A New Life

Fresh from her departure from the New Republic, Dasha quickly set to jetting around the galaxy to gather her various assets with the aim of touring the galaxy for a time before making her next move. After a month gathering her ships and equipment into one place, Dasha set out to explore the best that the galaxy had to offer. However, she wouldn't make it that far before she decided to plant her roots once more. Dasha found herself in the Venaari system, home of the Bando Gora cult. There was something about the cult's message that resonated with the young woman and Dasha found herself heading to the planet Venaari to sign up.

Family Reunion

Dasha committed suicide, seeking a reunion with the family that had cared for her but had long been dead.


Dasha's personal flagship was the Elysium.

With no other living family available to tell her otherwise, Dasha purchased a palace on the planet Urce III which she has dubbed Blacklock Manor, the original having been confiscated by the Alderaanian authorities when her parents were arrested.