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"Making artwork like this is something I just do for fun of it, if anyone gives me a commission I just create it and you've given me a chance to expand my way into this galaxy one step at a time and with all these things I've gotten from everyone because of my artwork, I just took a not a leap but, a plunge into this large galaxy."
— Acelin Dominia to Reed Platt

Acelin Dominia
Corellian 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother (Cloned)
Father (Cloned)
Marital Status Married
Spouse Amanda Dominia
Partner Naroq Vhol
Siblings None
Children None
Born Day 203 3994 (Hapan Date)
Died Day 319 of Year 16
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 Meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Moonlight Transit & Co.
Title Pilot
Prior Affiliation The Black Hand: Y15 D224 - Y16 D240;

The Katana Fleet: Y15 D203-224;

Galactic Republic Y-??? D???- Y-??? D???;

Awards Corellian Bloodstripe Class-I, Corellian Bloodstripe Class-II, Krath Foreign Service Medal
Signature Ace Sig.png


A Half-Corellian Clone Pilot for The Black Hand, who had fought for Galactic Republic during the separatist crisis with a bounty on his head, 3 years after the separatist crisis he had been caught by a Wookiee bounty hunter and frozen in carbonite, [Year 15] 34 Years later he is found in Katana Fleet storage and is awakened from the carbonite, discovering that he has been gone for 15 years he decides to start a new life as a member of the Black-Hand hoping to put his past behind him and begin a new life.

A Time Before Acelin

Acelin Dominia prior to getting his name he was a clone called, "Ace" and worked aboard a Republic ship called "Dominance", due to him stuttering when he was younger it always sounded like "dominiance" so, when he received the order to execute his Jedi General he went into hiding to avoid having to kill him and took the name of Ace Dominiance, which would slowly change into the name Acelin Dominia to sound more realistic.

The Separatist Crisis

During the rule of the galactic republic Acelin Dominia was a respected field medic, who earned both types of Corellian Bloodstripes, staying with The republic until after The Battle of Geonosis

The Coruscant Underworld

After losing the job Acelin went unemployed other jobs did not pay much as they were supporting The Republic or the C.I.S. deciding to start freelancing to earn credits with his first job being to expose a Ryll trade syndicate he earned a reputation as a freelancer until his final job destroying a Black Market, where it was a rouse to get him frozen in carbonite by an Wookiee member of The Bounty Hunters Guild.

First Instinct

After being unfrozen by the Katana Fleet, Acelin Dominia went out to explore the galaxy until coming across The Black Hand receiving a job as a pilot.

Example alt Text
Acelin during 13 CGT


The Wedding was in the Alissma chapel, it was conducted by a man named Kuro Neko, who was a priest for Alissma. Following a family tradition to be in a dense and secluded forest alone together for one week surviving on creatures and plants.

The IRC Log From my wedding to Amanda.

An Unexpected Trip

Taking a YT-2000 Acelin went to The Katana Fleet trying to find out who saved him from the carbonite. Discovering that the Katana Fleet had completely changed there side but, discovering that the person who had saved him was a Zabrak named Kodiak Void-jumper during the Fifth Imperial Civil-War. Acelin decided to now track the Wookiee who froze him. Eventually finding his grave on Coruscant discovering that he had already died from another. But, after being noticed on The Bounty Hunter Guilds "territory" he had the warrant placed back on him causing him to go back into exile.

Detective Work

Before going into hiding Acelin went to find out What Happened to The Galactic Republic, first going to the heart of the army Kamino discovering it had moved the operation to Polis Massa where the export of the empire Storm-Troopers come from. going to chat with a Polis Masan cloning commander Acelin was ambushed by a Wookiee Hunter going into exile on Alderaan.

Exile on Alderaan

On day 239 of year 14, Acelin went into hiding after an ambush by an Wookiee Hunter, deciding to go to a place only he would know to go, the planet where he was married to Amanda and born the planet of Alderaan, where he would stay until Day 363 of Year 15 when the bounty on him would expire and he could truly for once be free from the bounty hunters guild.

Finding out the Truth

During Day 124 of Year 15, while on Alderaan, Acelin received a transmission from the Polis Massan who scanned him before he left, discovering he had the same genome as an early Clone-Trooper, allowing him to think like one and act like one down to the last detail but, he has the ability of freewill something original Clone-Troopers had lacked in. Discovering that he was not of Alex Dominia or Amelia but, they were a cover-up to hide the free will clone.

Recent History

On Year 16 Day 58, Acelin Dominia's First Droid, A K-4 Security Droid called Cabur Beskar'ad had suffered fatal damage during a bandit raid during a hunt on Toola but, saving Acelin's life from the bandits but, leaving Acelin to be stuck on Toola's wild for weeks;

Year 16 Day 240, 19:30 Acelin Dominia just left the faction: The Black Hand.


A list of Acelin's ships, vehicles, and Droids before the carbon freezing

Items owned during the Separatist Crisis through Unfreezing

'Item Name' - 'Note' - 'Date of Creation'

During the Separatist Crisis


 Delta-12 'Skysprite' - Republic owned - Unknown
 XC-01 Starfighter MkI 'Star Saber' - Republic Owned - Unknown
 578-R Space Transport - Unknown
578-R Acelin.png

A Picture of one of Acelin's Redesigned ships

After Unfreezing

YT-2400 Transport II YT-1300 "Unidentified" YT-2000 "Unidentified" YT-510 "Unidentified" Pursuer Enforcement Ship "Mr. Clean" YG-4210 "Unidentified" N1 Starfighter (x2) "NX Cruiser" Delta-12 "Minor Setback" C-Wing "Omega" Barolz Frieghter "Unidentified" H-Type Yacht "Unidentified" G-1A (x2) "Unidentified" Simiyiar Light Frieghter "Unidentified" TIE-Wing (x4) "Unidentified" Cloakshape (x3) "Unidentified" Y-TIE "Unidentified" X-Ceptor "Unidentified"

His other ships are unknown


Acelin was a very polite man who held most Force sensitive's in the highest, who constantly tries to find the good in people and generally leans towards diplomacy but, can hold a fight if he had to. Believing that everywhere must have laws or a justice system to stay from corrupting itself.

Krath Foreign Service Medal

At 13:23 on Day 314 of Year 17, Acelin Dominia was awarded The Krath Foreign Service Medal from Talak Kasra.

Acelin be assassinated five days later by Peter Max while doing logistics, he is a member of Death Watch and apparently working for Zann.