Andy Longshot

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Andy Longshot
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Lilitu Ningaz
Siblings Finar Ambrose Honorary Brother (deceased)
Children None
Born Unknown
Died Year 15 Day 177
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.4 meters
Coloring Pale skin that shines
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Pressure Pirates
Rank Captain
Positions Classified


Andy Longshot was born on Glee Anselm and has never met his parents. It is unknown how he survived by himself for as long as he can remember.

Longshot grew to an extremely tall height of 2.4 Meters, making him stand out in a crowd very easily. He believes his ability to stand out may have been the source of his first employment.

A preacher of a group called The New Order came to Glee Anselm. Longshot took to these anti slavery beliefs and was offered a job with this religious group as a pilot.

While working as a pilot with The New Order, his skills and knowledge of architecture had him quickly promoted to The New Order's expansion director. He enjoyed this job until The New Order dissolved.

Upon The New Order Dissolving, they got together and founded a new business, Freedom Galactic News. Longshot became the Vice President of Freedom Galactic News for a time, under Foop Oplo. This was until he was offered a job by Siejo Kutol for the Corporate Alliance.

Upon joining the Corporate Alliance, Longshot was made Vice President of the latter trade conglomerate. He served here for only a short period of time before he went back to the mindabaal league. This time under the employment of Nakesh Alliance Extractions and their CEO Photino Friovor. This however did not last long and he was requested back into Freedom Galactic News, in which he rejoined as their Vice President once again.

While serving in Freedom Galactic News as their Vice President the second time around, Longshot took interest into the Mandalorian culture. He passed Mandalorian tests and became a member of Aliit Solus`oya, under the Kai Oryk mandalorians. He was quickly promoted to the clan's high council and became their security director. The clan put a hit out on Torc Tarmin and he used Freedom Galactic News privileges to attempt to assist with the arrest. However the mandalorian he authorized failed the arrest and Torc got away.

The apparent illegal use of his position to issue an arrest was brought to him by the United Militant Agency for Defense, also known as UMAD, he was soon on Jace Kavdar's list of people to arrest. Jace did not capture Longshot, and he fled the Mindabaal League sector and jurisdiction safely and without hassle.

From here, Longshot was offered a position in an organization that was known as Chaotic Systems Engineering. He became a manager with them. Longshot quickly noticed rising tensions with the organization's leadership and became uncomfortable there. He started to explore other options and was came to by his friend Vitruvius Bakara to join Veritas Press under their Engineering division, known as the VEC.

Working in Veritas Press, he became the DivEx of the VEC fairly quickly and ran the division for a short period of time. Upon his promotion to senior board, Veritas Press had bought The Galactic Stock Exchange. Longshot was appointed to go to this organization and save it, which he did successfully while dealing with heavy demands from its previous Vice President, Ched Malfizzle.

Longshot also was declared Dar`manda by Aliit Solus`oya for helping his close friend, Finar Ambrose, found a death watch. Longshot decided this was for the best as leaving the clan gave him less stress, and more ability to concentrate on his own personal goals.

During his term in The Galactic Stock Exchange, Longshot somehow came into contact with Ximaro Jix. Longshot helped Ximaro capture an enemy of his known as Kyber Nights. Ximaro knew Kyber had a bounty and was very happy to take him off of Longshot's hands. This is believed to be the start of Longshot's illegitimate career.

Longshot was brought back into Veritas Press after saving The Galactic Stock Exchange. This time he was appointed to start up the Veritas Security division, which he did so, and was also promoted to Terrefel Reikki status in Veritas Press, which was the highest form of leadership within the company. Longshot had a flawless record of bringing in all declared criminals of Veritas Press and her affiliates. However, while serving as the security director for Veritas, Longshot was still doing jobs for Ximaro.

Eventually Longshot was approached by Ximaro to see if he was interested in becoming a Hellions Nomad. Longshot agreed to try for a patch. A few days later, he was given his cut and status, Hellions Original Nomad. His employers in Veritas did not know about his patch for some time, as he never wore his cut around Veritas or affiliated personnel.

Eventually he told his employers in Veritas about his patch, and continued to serve in Veritas until a conflict of interest in the security policies brought him to resign his position so he could fully pursue his lifestyle as a Dark Star Hellion.


Longshot is a Dark Star Hellion's Original Nomad, he sticks by his brothers in Hellions and does what he can to contribute to the club. Since he has Nomad status, he has more freedom than most hellions would, and is never stationed anywhere. Therefore he goes where he feels he is most useful at the time.

Longshot has two current mottoes that he uses frequently in public. These mottoes are: "Hellions Nomads, we kill so many people, we accidentally kill people." As well as "I believe in nothing but the Hellions brotherhood, I am just here for the violence otherwise."

Longshot met a woman known as Lilitu Ningaz through business relations, later discussions came to her giving him information on a brother the club had declared rouge, and eventually the agreement of her handing him over to him. After this was over he began to flirt with Lilitu, her being almost as confident as he was. He enjoyed the challenges she put upon him, and took even more pleasure meeting them. Eventually he made her his Ol lady after a night in the Hellions Tavern. He can often be found in the tavern with her at his side if she is present. However he is usually behind the bar or on his swoop inside the bar otherwise.

Known Facts

Longshot is always armed, every second of his life. Rumor has it he even sleeps with his shoulder holster and vibroblade belt left on. He is always seen with at least two visible vibroblades, that hangs off of the back of his belt. He also carries around two Relby K-23 pistols, believed to be kept under his Hellions cut. A visible HB-1 pistol is also usually hanging off of his right side on his belt.

Longshot is very often found hanging out in the Hellions Tavern when he is not out on the open country or out in space somewhere. Usually found sitting or laying on his Air 2 Swoop that he will ride into the tavern every time he visits. Longshot will do anything to protect his brothers and their bar. He will also destroy or take any non Hellion swoop that anybody attempts to take into the bar, as only Hellions are granted that privilege.

The Unicorn

Hells Unicorn large.png

Longshot has an Air 2 Swoop, known as the unicorn. He often uses it to call out someone when they are lying, in which he will actually run out of a building, mount his swoop, and hence ride back in on his "unicorn". In times of peace, Longshot can be seen riding around on the unicorn, hunting on various planets. In times of war, he can be seen riding around on the unicorn patrolling whichever planet is unlucky enough to have a Hellions presence on it. Above the Hellions Menace Skull that is painted on the front of the bike, is marked the word NOMAD. Dictating Longshot's Hellions chapter. The unicorn is a major part of Longshot's identity, as all hellions own swoops, they are just not always seen riding them.


Longshot, having been a red Nautolan his entire life, eventually came into contact with what the thinks was an airborne version of the metamorphsis plague. One night at the Tavern after carrying Lilitu to his YV-666, the "HFFH Lucifer" he left her there and started his way back to the tavern. Along the way, he expierenced extreme pain, and crawled his way to an alley. After a few minutes the pain was gone and he walked casually back into the tavern, it was not until it was pointed out to him that he was no longer a Nautolan did he finally realize he had transformed from a Nautolan into a Diathim.

Another Transformation

Longshot woke up one morning, his physical appearance had changed on him yet again. He seemed to have gotten a more sinister look. As well, he had what appeared to be a tattoo below his eye. He is still debating whether this got there with his physical transformation, or if it was burnt in with the accidental usage of force lightening. He makes logical sense of the situation by thinking that Lilitu using her dark force powers around and on him, had somehow managed to corrupt his mind and change his physical appearance. He also noticed his mind works differently, and is incapable of speaking the way he used to. He now speaks with a more proper tone, and his basic has improved dramatically from how he used to speak. Overall, he seems to enjoy his new appearance and mindset, and does not speak ill of it.

The Wedding

Longshot's Nomad brother, Zhaze had decided one night in the tavern that he would be the one to marry the couple. Since the person they had in mind for the marriage had a change in career, they both agreed. Zhaze put the ceremony off in the tavern, very informally, in front of all the patrons that were present that night. They used the quote "Hellions are above such ceremonial things such as proper weddings." It was then Zhaze wed them in the tavern. Using a few short words, and a few bottles of alcohol, it was a short and sweet ceremony. The couple is now happily wed.