Pressure Pirates

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Pressure Pirates
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Lilitu Ningaz
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 102
Dissolved Year 15 Day 185
Political Information
Industry Recyclers


There are stories told of Pirates who used to operate out of the Vaxal System, forcing ships to land before destroying them and then salvaging their parts to upgrade their own ships. With the rediscovery of the lost coordinates of the system of Vaxal, these pirates have resurfaced. However they have chosen that in order to make more profits, offering their expertise in a legitimate matter would prove more profitable than their old ways. They have assembled a fleet that is capable of large scale salvage operations and have repainted them to bare their colors.

They still operate out of the Vaxal system, but can report to any system requested by a client in order to perform a salvage operation. They take pride in their quick work, and ask few questions, tending not to get in the way.

The Pressure Pirates now offer their services to the public, no matter affiliation or side of whatever war someone may be fighting. The fearless cut-throats of the Pressure Pirates will show up to salvage whatever it is you want gone to make room for construction... For a price.

Death of the Founder

On Year 15 Day 177 Andy Longshot was conducting a routine trade with Xanxus Drol when several Defilers of Zann Consortium, Vice President of Dark Star Hellions Seth Haze and Ximaro Jix himself leader of Zann Consortium sprung a trap on Andy in the middle of the deal. The "Commodore" of Pressure Pirates was unable to pull his blaster weapon nor escape from the quickly shutting blaster doors. Shortly after being taken down by his old Nomad brother from when Andy himself was an active Nomad Hellion, Andy was executed by Defilers for reasons that can only be speculated.

Not long afterwards Ximaro issued a statement via all holovids within the criminal collective which Zann resides over that Lilitu Ningaz and the remaining Pressure Pirates were to be given no quarter and pursued mercilessly.