Xanxus Drol

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Xanxus Drol
Xanxus pic1.png
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Mother ==DATA ERROR==
Father ==DATA ERROR==
Spouse none
Siblings Nogard Drol (Twin Brother, Deceased)
DATA ERROR Drol (Deceased younger brother)
Other relations - Uncle of Nogards sons Sasuke Drol and Odac Drol
Died Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Coloring Green
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black/Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Positions Defiler Circle
Prior Affiliation The Guild Bank/ Commonground
Force Guardians - Guardian Defense Force

Much of his early history has been eradicated from galactic intelligence databases to conceal his early involvement in the terrorist crime syndicate turned government. What is publicly known about the Falleen has placed him on numerous watch lists, he is regarded as extremely dangerous with or without his entourage of destroyer droids and the body guard Defilers known as Byveks.

Xanxus is known to wear many hats, he is a trader whose business sense have propelled the organizations he has created and worked for economically. Xanxus is also an expert in regards to the design and development of entire star systems as most of Zann's holdings can be traced back to him. Xanxus is known to be kind to his friends, however the things Xanxus has done and seen in his lifetime leave the Falleen prone to violent behavior when upset.

Xanxus controls the planets Pheon and the moon Pheon B, and despite royal heritage as the twin brother of Dragon Prince Nogard Drol Xanxus rejects notions of nobility and lordship. Xanxus is often seen on the front lines of whatever he is involved in preferring to lead from the front, be it moving raw materials or fighting his enemies.

Report from: Intel File, Galactic Database

Subject:- Xanxus Drol

Data at time of entry

Falleen Male

200 pounds

Age 82 (Falleen can live to be 400 or more, 81 is considered a young man, perhaps a 30 year old human)

Xanxus Drol is one of the three Drol brothers, and the only one currently alive.

Xanxus was born into the Drol Family 80 years ago, about 50 years ago his twin Nogard killed the youngest brother and their parents. This led to him taking over the Drol Estate, causing Xanxus to shun Nogard. Though by his actions Nogard became the most commonly known of the Drols and his lifes journey left a path of destruction. The Drol name has become hated in several parts of the galaxy, however most Drols follow peaceful lives.


Nothing is known about Xanxus from birth until the age of 6 years old and very little known about his childhood into his early 20's. Data captured on Xanxus reveals a somewhat sketchy timeline, possibly due to his need for a certain amount of discretion required throughout his younger life.

Age 6-22 - Enrolled in school on a prominently upper class Falleen planet.

Age 20 - Xanxus's parents die of unknown circumstances, Nogard, Xanxus's twin, becomes lord of the estate.

Age 23 - Xanxus trains at a military academy for Falleen nobles children to become officers.

Age 24 (Human equivalent of 15 years old) - Nogard murders the youngest of the three brothers, the story behind this remains unclear. Xanxus turns his back on his brother Nogard and ventures off world as a stowaway days before his 25th birthday.

Age 25 - Xanxus is discovered on the ship and the captain offers him a job. Xanxus finds himself aboard a smuggling vessel with a small tight knit group of companions and begins training in combat with a weapons master who was among the crew. Xanxus spends 3 years seeing the galaxy as a smuggler on a capital class ship of unknown design; picking up knowledge and experience along the way. Nogard, Heir to the entire Drol fortune gains more influence abroad and searches for Xanxus through his connections. However he finds nothing due to the nomadic nature Xanxus adopted to evade such searches.

Age 28 - After earning a good sum of money for himself and learning the galaxy on his smuggling missions, Xanxus wishes his smuggling companions farewell and decides to join a military/police local milita on Ord Cantrell. Xanxus goes through training.

Age 29 - Xanxus passes training, however he refuses to allow others to refer to him by his last name. His first Commanding Officer beat him in an attempt to make him uniform to the protocol, leaving him bloody and battered. After the event escalated the commander of the garrison spoke with Xanxus in private and recognized Xanxus's past officer training as possibly one of the most skilled people on the base, allowing Xanxus to be the only name he would be called by.

Age 35 - Xanxus, fierce and hardened by fighting with the criminal nature of Ord Cantrell and rising in rank in the milita to the rank of Sergeant, finds himself betrayed by the Garrison Commander. Being the only one to know his last name the commander discovers a bounty on Xanxus and tries to collect, covering his corrupt act to catch Xanxus as a deserter. Xanxus escapes goes back in search of his smuggling companions.

Age 36 - Xanxus finds his smuggling companions on Nal Hutta.

Age 42 - Xanxus joins a mercenary unit. (NO DATA AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

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The Last Good Deed

Age 78 - Xanxus is found by Nogard who wants Xanxus to give him a second chance. Xanxus goes to Azure at Nogards request to take over the old Kaos Intelligence once led by Sybok Taldin, whom Nogard had recently executed. 2 weeks later Nogard aids Black Sun in a plot to takeover the Azure Government. Xanxus sees that nothing has changed and seeks refuge, abandoning his brother as darkness crumbles all around him. He soon joins Force Guardians and agrees to assist in the task of redeveloping the Guardian Military. Lucious Maximous, the Emperor of Azure, kills Nogard.

After seeking refuge in Force Guardians, Xanxus works alongside Vamps, Hondo Walker, and Jamis Argetlam as well as Jason Con to build up what is described as "a nice place to live."

Xanxus stumbles upon a plot when old friend Alex Truman is robbed for close to 2 billion by Bea Belle. Xanxus gets Truman's permission to exact retribution upon Belle and begins working his way closer to her. Bea Belle believes Xanxus is the perfect person to make a bank for her, a bank she would own privately without anyone's knowledge. Intel showed that Belle planned to, at some point, embezzle all the would be clients account money and loan collateral, leaving Xanxus and crew to deal with the fallout.

Xanxus, upon making the bank with Belle's funding, cuts her off from access and tells her to "rot". He utilized the funding as if it was Alex Trumans, naming him the primary investor.

Commonground Bank, soon to be renamed to The Guild Bank, was wildly successful, perhaps the only financial institution owned by a scammer, a reputation gained by ripping off Belle, to be seen as more or less legitimate. The Guild Bank became a trade organisation, expanding rapidly into new markets. Xanxus relied upon the Rossari brothers, primarily Lucio, for help in leading the organization until Lucio was murdered by Fleur`De Rouge, resulting in his brother Sandro's climb to power.

At about the same time, Hondo joined Dark Star Hellions and Jason Con took over Force Guardians. Con later sensed he was to be killed and handed over Force Guardians to Xanxus, who turned it into a subsidy and started marketing medical supplies through The Guild Bank. Con disappeared but is rumoured that he is still alive.

After being in business for a year, Xanxus planned to retire and Force Guardians was returned to Vamps. Xanxus then decided on giving the Guild to Sandro, which resulted in losing it to Black Sun in less than a week. Xanxus, unable to prove Sandro's betrayal, was in severe mental conflict and anguish as everything he had always tried to do ended in failure and dismay. He was a Drol, Twin of the Dragon Prince, Xanxus had much to consider.

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AGE 80

After The Guild Bank fell, Xanxus isolated himself and dropped off the radar, severing himself from the galaxy at large or even at small. He sealed himself within his ADZ The Wraith of Shaos in a lock down setting, making communications inbound or outbound so impossible that not even holonews feeds could come in.

After 6-8 months of refuge, Xanxus emerges randomly, claiming a clear mind and after discussions with leader Ximaro Jix, Xanxus joins Zann Consortium.

Assassination of Andy Longshot

On Year 15 Day 177, Andy "Vex" Longshot, Commodore of Pressure Pirates and Dark Star Hellions Original Sergeant at Arms was intercepted on a trading station in the orbit of planet Ord Vaxal in the Vaxal system.

Andy walked into a trap that was created and set by Defiler Cell Leader Xanxus Drol and known Defiler and Pirate of Dread, Assurian Fury, whom were both on scene to ensure Andy would take the bait. Vice President of Dark Star Hellions Seth Haze and Crime Lord of Zann Consortium Ximaro Jix arrived and shortly after Andy Longshot found himself barricaded on the Trading Station. Andy attempted to evade arrest but was quickly subdued and arrested by Haze. Moments later, Assault Defiler Colton Hatfield entered into the trading station, where Andy was held captive and executed him swiftly and mercilessly despite Andy's pleas to Ximaro to see reason, while Vice President Haze stood watch over the prisoner.

Zann Infrastructure

Xanxus oversaw the early and ongoing development and implementation of almost all infrastructure on Zann planets. Run almost exclusively from the NexCore Mining Corporation, early building efforts were entirely funded by mining profits, propelling Vaxal to over one billion population and helping turn the Zann Consortium into a recognized galactic government. Simultaneously, he developed Nexcore into a formidable mining corporation providing a supply of raw materials to the public. Despite numerous blacklists and trade bans for being owned by the Zann Consortium, Nexcore was able to thrive in its role. The company's public stock offering is described by many as a hallmark of its success, taking after and building upon the shareholder program that Xanxus had developed for The Guild Bank years prior.

Zann leadership

Xanxus during the killing of Andy Longshot was known as a Defiler Cell Leader and his involvement in the group can be traced back even further possibly even back to the days of The Guild Bank. Shortly after planning and trapping Andy was Xanxus brought in to the Defilers Circle of Zann. The Defilers Circle is often compared to an advisory council that also has executive decision making powers within its own right, Circle members word essentially is regarded as law without question in Zann.