Vaxal (System)

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General information
Sector Callia
Galactic Coordinates (87, -92)
Date of Discovery Year 15 Day 74
Planets 5
Suns 1
Moons 11
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Zann Consortium
Astrographic Entry Vaxal

The Vaxal System is the home system of the Zann Consortium, found by Defiler Assurian Fury and gifted to what he then considered to be family. Assurian kept the planet Pheon and its moonPheon B for himself. The Zann Consortium was not yet a government and was ill equiped to manage the large discovery, leading to the creation of NexCore Mining Corporation, led by Xanxus Drol to create the infrastructure needed to expand and make use of the newly found land. The worlds of Vaxal quickly developed and led to the government status of the Zann Consortium.

Ord Vaxals Moon is regarded as a public safe zone, as the Zann Consortium has pledged to allow friend and foe alike to traverse the moon in the interest of guaranteeing Nexcore's neutral commerce declaration, which protects all persons with the exception of Exiled members of Zann Consortium from arrest or attack when visiting the moon under normal conditions. It is advised that unauthorized persons not attempt to visit other locations in the Vaxal System without express consent.

The Vaxal System is varied and beautiful, from the Zann Homeworld Ord Vaxal with its large oceans and dense jungles, to the gas giant of Irfan or the rock planet of Caprol. The planets are mostly open to immigration, however trading and tourism is carefuly monitored by the totalitarian government more so. Despite the criminal backbone of the government, crime on Zann's planets are extremely low due to harsh punishments which often are carried out on the spot by Defilers if not other citizens.


Name Position Type Size Population Control
Hot-no atmosphere.png Thira (4, 8) hot/no atmosphere 3,3 22,124,164 Zann Consortium
Hot-no atmosphere.png Caprol (7, 4) hot/no atmosphere 4,4 16,620,763 Zann Consortium
Gas giant.png Irfan (7, 15) gas giant 16,16 777,949,792 Zann Consortium
Temperate-breathable.png Ord Vaxal (12, 12) temperate/breathable 10,10 20,855,979 Zann Consortium
Cold-no atmosphere.png Pheon (16, 2) cold/no atmosphere 2,2 5,302,639 Zann Consortium


Name Position Type Size Population Control
Moon.png Thira Moon (4, 9) moon 2,2 917,960 Zann Consortium
Moon.png Irfan A (6, 15) moon 1,1 3,092 The Wraiths
Moon.png Irfan B (7, 14) moon 1,1 1,219 None
Moon.png Irfan C (8, 15) moon 1,1 0 None
Moon.png Irfan D (7, 16) moon 1,1 14,253 Zann Consortium
Moon.png Irfan E (9, 16) moon 2,2 46,152 Zann Consortium
Moon.png Irfan F (5, 14) moon 2,2 0 None
Moon.png Irfan G (5, 16) moon 2,2 0 None
Moon.png Ord Vaxal Moon (11, 12) moon 1,1 9,831 Zann Consortium
Moon.png Pheon A (16, 3) moon 2,2 0 None
Moon.png Pheon B (16, 1) moon 1,1 5,943 Zann Consortium


Station Type Position
Trading II.gif Caprol Depot Trading II (7, 4)
Recycling IV.gif For Sale RIV Recycling IV (6, 15)
Trading II.gif the €hamber Trading II (4, 9)
Luxury Space Colony.gif Xakic's Locker Luxury Space Colony (5, 9)
Trading II.gif Ord Vaxal Anchorage Trading II (12, 12)
{ASO} Vaxal HQ Merchant Space Dock (4, 8)