NexCore Mining Corporation

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NexCore Mining Corporation
General Information
Motto "Friend or enemy, credits make for neutral commerce."
Status Active
Leader Greyson Abrams
2IC Rick Fias
Owner Zann Consortium
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 342
Political Information
Affiliation Dread
Zann Consortium
Industry Mining

NexCore is the mining subsidiary of the Zann Consortium terrorist network falling under its umbrella of both legitimate and illegitimate enterprises. Keeping to the ideals of the extremist organization whose influence stretches across the populace of Vaxal making it their home, an unrestricted trade culture started to boom across the Vaxal system and Callia sector. With this surge in trade and the expansion of Zann Consortium operations, NexCore would be created.

NXS's mission: To strengthen Zann Consortium's growing infrastructure and to bring materials to not only citizens of Vaxal but to the citizens of the galaxy with affordable prices as one of the only Government owned mining corporations open to public sales. Nexcore also enables independent markets within Zann territory to provide goods and Via Nexcores distribution centers.

While NexCore is free from the constraints regulation wise of most mineral extraction corporations, NexCore prefers the safety and security of its employees be kept in high regard. Consortium Defiler patrols stretch all throughout the system ensuring that business remain free of any disturbance. Though it is not necessary for anyone joining subsidiary to join Zann Consortium, the Mining group will always be lead by a member of the high command of Zann Consortium’s "Defiler's Circle" and assisted in management and security by Defilers of Zann Consortium.

Employees of the mining corporation while not being required to join in the criminal side of the umbrella, however will be routinely evaluated to see if they have the aptitude and discipline needed to join among the ranks of Zann.

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