Car'das Smugglers

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Car`das Smugglers
General Information
Motto Regardless of the cargo, regardless of the risk, we'll likely do it for a price.
Status Merged into Void Wolves
Owner Ximaro Jix
Historical Information
Formed from Dread
Founded Year 15 Day 21
Political Information
Affiliation Shadow Dominion
Industry Smuggling


Rooted in acquisition of goods and clandestine transport, Car`das Smugglers was founded in the shadows in Year 17, by Zann Consortium Crime Lord, Ximaro Jix . Appointing Sy`ko Sacul, a shifty eyed former Inquisition Officer from Pentastar Alignment and former Black Sun Vigo Rexan Vyrim as its leadership the organization began to thrive. With no obvious connections to anything Zann, the smugglers were able to obtain and secure countless jobs for various clients and safely removing and delivering cargo, bypassing shields and security along the way. The organization appeared to be thriving even with the change from 2nd in command Vyrim, to veteran female smuggler Nyree`ko Aihe, until early Year 18 when it was mysteriously sold by Sacul to Zachariah Jacobsen , for reasons only speculated as an attack against Zann or Ximaro himself. Sy`ko himself soon after went on to create The Scourge pirates which began throwing attacks at the then Dread pirates, leaving the smuggling outfit to be turned into a production group by Jacobsen. The smugglers themselves dispersed in different parts of the galaxy.

Proving mostly unsuccessful waging his pirate conflict, Sacul faded into obscurity and Dread absorbed some members of Car`das who originally showed defiance with Sy`ko's decision to sell to Zachariah. Among Dread pirates, these covert thieves and smugglers remained hidden often staying away from anything violent in nature. In year 19 Ximaro Jix recreated Car`das Smugglers , this time merging what was left of Dread throwing out the majority of the pirate crew . Establishing new guidelines, Car`das focused on enriching the black market and continued its tradition of illicit transport and stealing without the complication of dangerous or hostile behavior.

Whereas previously Ximaro had hidden from the public, his connection the group, in its newest incarnation Ximaro made it known the smuggling group, acted as an affiliated entity in which he owned that assisted Zann Consortium and provided additional services to whomever would pay regardless of affiliation.

Approximately Day 150 Year 20 Nova Blades mercenaries merged into Car`das Smugglers


Car`das unlike its predecessor organizations, which felt they could recruit anyone regardless of personal outlook, employee standards that ensure those recruited are only the most discreet and clever individuals. Individuals who are able to visualize then actualize, are best served in among the the crew.

Not following a strong defined structure, the ring defines its Smuggler Captains as anyone who runs a smuggling crew of 2 or more and its smugglers as anyone who has successfully proven they are able to bypass shields and negotiate the transport of goods, believed to be unobtainable, whether taken as theft or design by a client wishing to obtain the assets.

A Car`das Council resides over the organization that acts as its leadership, but primarily facilitates the connection of the individuals and their clients. In addition the council, decides which jobs are taken, and handles internal and external matters regarding security and membership and expansion of business influence.


Car`das a Smuggling and Theft Ring utilizes stealth, subterfuge, and negotiation as the three tactics members use the most to avoid capture or unnecessary violence. Acts of self defense are permitted and members are given rights to kill if necessary to protect their assets and lives. Whether they be knaves, pilots, thieves, or scoundrels the same, the purpose of these smugglers is to succeed and get paid, but one cannot do so if they are dead, so the ring prefers to keep its crew tight knit and largely unknown.