Invisible Economy

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Invisible Economy
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Xek`ail Saverem
2IC Xakic Jix
Historical Information
Founded Year 13
Dissolved Year 13 Day 361
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions, Nova Demons
Industry Trading


Whether it is on the streets of a planet, in a back alley of a city or in the shadows of every trade organization there lurks a history unseen . Where it came from and who was utilizing the property prior can only be speculated. The black market to most is limited to stolen goods and simple trades of restricted tech or even the occasional theft. However the market is often a loose interpretation of what most consider the seedy underbelly of trading always proving less eventful then the thought of purchase of said assets . Invisible Economy specializes in obtaining all those forgotten or lost assets valuable to the buyer and are have experienced agents proficient in asset acquisition and flipping around goods for resale to the legitimate public clean as the the first day created or sold. The risks attached play no factor in how far they will go to deliver stellar service to their customer base because everyone wants something. In a galaxy where legitimacy is prized and galactic citizens need to know what they're getting, satisfies their hearts desire invisible agents are hard at work bringing the buyer what they want. Behind every dark deal is an Invisible Economy at work keeping their customers best interest and reputation in mind at all times. Whether your interest is in the forbidden. Getting what was taken from you back. Legitimate trading across any of the trade stations or simply buying slaves for entertainment or work. The Invisible members are always watching and waiting doing their business In the darkness of every city, space port, or economy rests the invisible market always greeting new customers. Anything is obtainable for the right price.