Angela Skorzeka

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Angela Skorzeka
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Spouse None
Siblings UNK
Children None
Born Between Y -17 and Y-14
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 65 kgs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Angela Skorzeka is a female Kiffar of the Skorzeka clan, who gained notoriety as a member of The Damned, and as the leader of Jah Unubunko. She disappeared from the public eye not long after shutting down Jah Unubunko, but is now believed to be a member of the Galactic Empire.


Angela Skorzeka is a female Kiffar in her late 20s, with black hair and dark brown eyes, standing approximately 1.6m tall, and weighing approximately 65kgs. Chief among her distinguishing features is the red 'mask' tattoo on her face, signifying she belongs to Clan Skorzeka of Kiffex. This mask also appears on her Mandalorian helmet, which otherwise is white in color, as is her Mandalorian armor and belt. Her armor, belt, and helmet all appear to be modified to reflect her service in the Empire, and are vaguely similar in appearance to the Empire's standard issue Stormtrooper armor, with the addition of a traditional black Mandalorian kama to protect her from the wash of her Mandalorian jetpack.

Holstered on her belt Angela typically carries 2 ELG-3As, as well as a half dozen stun grenades attached to her belt and chest, and a CM-Frag Storm Shotgun attached to the right side of her jetpack. While her weaponry is chided and criticized by some as barbaric and uncivilized, Angela prefers the slugthrower type weapons due to her history using the weapons on Kiffex, as well as their inability to be deflected by force users. Angela has been known however to also use blaster type weapons, such as the Imperial issue Nightstinger, Scout Blaster, and E-11.

While she was known to be very social and a frequent drug user prior to her joining the Empire, it is now very rare to see Angela in a social setting, and it is said she has completely sworn off all forms of spice. When she is seen in public however, she is typically in full battle dress, and escorted by a cadre of her own personal droidekas.

Known History

For Angela, this story starts on the world of Kiffex, in an area known as 'the DMZ'. Intelligence reports are fuzzy on the date, and Clan Skorzeka birth records are non-existant, but it's believed she was born sometime between Year -17 and Year -14. The DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone to off-worlders, was a pretty unforgiving place for an adult, nevermind a child, and the presence of children in such a war zone on any other planet would have generated an outcry, with funds being raised by non-profit zealots a billion parsecs away taking advantage of the holonet to guilt people into 'saving the children'. The Kiffar though, especially Clan Skorzeka, this was business as normal for them. Located near the equator, right at the cross roads of war and tradition, the DMZ was where the feuding clans of the North and South needed to pass through in order to attack each other, often meeting smack dab in the middle of Skorzeka territory, where the opposing armies found themselves fighting a two sided battle against not only their historical enemies, but also against the Skorzekas who were caught in the middle.

Craters and corpses were just as common on the roads of the DMZ as sidewalks, and equally as well maintained. On any other planet, this would have been called a tragedy, but the Skorzekas simply called it home. The culture Angela was brought up in was one of simplicity, hardship, violence, and distrust of foreigners, shaped and formed by nearly a millennia of perpetual violence committed by and against them. Not much is known for sure about Angela's upbringing, but it is thought that sometime around Year 4, she first came into contact with a Black Sun hitter named Banquo Knox. Black Sun had, for the last 2 year or so prior, a strong grip on Kiffex, seizing the lucrative arms trade there, and even building a palace in which their 'Dark Prince' or 'Dark Princess' would reside. The Kiffar and the 'tin-man' stayed in contact, and eventually in the Year 9, Knox would recruit her to join him in The Damned.

The Damned was an elite group of hitmen, saboteurs, spies, and bodyguards from all over the galaxy, many of which had some kind of history with Black Sun, and had left on not so nice terms. Knox introduced her to some of the most influential and most deadly individuals in the galaxy, including Tara Tylger, Navik Ikron, Acria Xinge, Mikel von Bianchi, Draith Shadux, and many others. As time ticked by, the only thing more plentiful than work, was credits, and with that came the opportunity to indulge in things she hadn't even known to exist when she was living battle to battle in the DMZ. Within several months, caught up in a whirlwind of murder, credits, and spice, Angela had all but forgotten her original goal of providing support to her clan back home. Her behavior became more and more erratic, eventually leading her to founding Jah Unubunko, a cartel specializing in the acquisition and sale of not only spice, but also the military hardware she was supposed to be sending back to Kiffex. Angela continued to spiral out of control, to the point where she sold her rackets to continue to fund her insanely extravagant spending and spice habits.

Near the middle of Year 10, Angela met Drexel Skorzeka, and he told her sobering tales of the status of her clan on Kiffex, as Black Sun had been tightening its grip on the planet. Angela became one of the primary financial contributors to the Kiffar Liberation Army, a guerrilla group led by Drexel with the goal of removing the influence of foreigners, especially Black Sun, from the planet once and for all. The stories told by Drexel of the ongoing genocide perpetrated by Black Sun however had a greater effect than just opening Angela's pocket book, it made her realize how far she had strayed from her original mission, and even her original identity. Through her powerful list of contacts, Angela was able to make good with the Empire and her life behind, spice and all, this time for the better.

As they say though, it is always darkest before dawn. The lack of spice and death sticks was taking a serious physical toll on Angela, and it nearly turned deadly at the worst possible moment, just as these things usually do. She boarded the Dead Meadow, intent on returning weapons she had borrowed from Banquo Knox. While on board her former handler's empty ship, her withdrawal sickness reached its climax, sending her body into convulsions followed by unconsciousness. It's unclear as to how events exactly unfolded, but they resulted in the Kiffar losing use of both of her arms, and entering the custody of Black Sun. Although initial news reports stated she had been summarily executed by Black Sun's lead enforcer, Tar Alaks, Angela actually survived the ordeal and was returned to the Galactic Empire without further injury after some time in the brig of the Ill Gotten Gains while her release was negotiated.

Following her release, records and files mentioning the Kiffar no longer appear, and until recently it was theorized by some that the Kiffar had actually succumbed to her wounds and died aboard a Black Sun ship. These claims however seem very unlikely, and some have reported that warships bearing transponder codes belonging to her have begun to descend upon Kiffex.