Anlyva Wynnkest

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Anlyva Wynnkest
Anlyva Wynnkest
Biographical Information
Race Kaminoan
Homeworld Kamino
Mother Raena Wynnkest (Adoptive)
Father Redacted
Siblings Redacted
Born Year 3 Day 177
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 2.0 meters
Coloring Very pale-violet
Eye Color Blue-gray with hints of violet
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition Triumvirate Mining Corporation

Kaminoan Society

Rank Prospector Rank Insignia of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation Prospector
"When seeking improvement, one must not be too eager to dismiss results not sought nor expected. Accident can sometimes produce better results than intention."
— ~ Raena Wynnkest, adoptive "Mother" of Anlyva Wynnkest ~

Anlyva currently serves as a prospector in the Triumvirate Mining Corporation and is a member of the Kaminoan Society.


Anlyva was born to {redacted} and {redacted} on Year 3 Day 177. Much expectation awaited her, being the offspring of {redacted} parents, both members of the {redacted} caste in Kaminoan society. The standard rounds of assessments were returning quite favorable results and her eyes seemed at first to be a standard gray color, indicating her for the administration caste. Two weeks into her infancy two things became clear to the parents: her aptitudes were quite high and remarkably varied, well outside average or even above-average ranges; and her eyes were not gray, blue or yellow, the only three accepted eye colors, each of which were tied to particular aptitudes and thus determined the caste a Kaminoan would belong to. Their daughter was an aberrant birth, possessing blue-gray eyes flecked with violet. They dutifully contacted the Birth Center to report the anomalous child and have her scheduled for execution.

During those two weeks, the assessment results had come to the attention of a prominent genetic researcher, Raena Wynnkest. She had filed a request to bring the child in for some specialized tests, and thus was made aware of the child's fate when the parents contacted the birth center. She quickly filed for a continuance in the girl's case and received temporary custodianship of her, as Anlyva's parents had ceded responsibility for the child to the Birth Center.

Anlyva's home on the edge of Tipoca City for her first ten years, the Wynnkest Research Facility.

Raena spent the next several months presenting findings to the Ruling Council in Tipoca City and garnering further continuances for Anlyva's survival. The societal proclamation she was arguing against was that any deviation, however benign, from the margins of genetic variance that were set into law were a danger to the carefully structured Kaminoan society. Raena presented the theory that Anlyva might be the first hint of an advantageous genetic strain and might carry a source of improvement for the species they would be ill-advised to ignore. Eventually, Raena's efforts were successful, with the Ruling Council deciding, not without reservations, that Anlyva would remain in Raena's custody and was to remain sequestered within Raena's research complex, not to mix with Kaminoan society, until her eleventh birthday and entrance into adulthood, when her status would come before the Council for review.


Girongo the Hutt tallying his latest haul of booty.

Raena adopted Anlyva and raised her with warmth, always striving to encourage Anlyva to develop her gifts and follow her interests. Anlyva continued to excel in many areas and displayed the most interest in medicine and computer operation. When she first heard of “land” she was terribly fascinated by the idea and took an avid interest in geology. She spent most of her time in educational pursuits, having little else to occupy her time. She routinely practiced in piloting sims, both space and vehicle. She even, after discovering a holovid series about an adventurous space pirate, Girongo the Hutt, gained some skill with guns through combat simulations.

Anlyva's “friends” during this period consisted only of Raena and the some of the laboratory technicians who worked in the complex. Though many of the lab techs disapproved of her in typical Kaminoan fashion, a few were softened by her friendly demeanor and came to care for her.

Leaving Kamino

In her tenth year, Anlyva showed great promise, to some minds vindicating Raena's theory. However, Raena was still apprehensive about the case review coming the following year. There were some elements in the Ruling Council Raena felt sure were going to press for a revocation of Anlyva's probationary status which, if successful, would relegate Anlyva back to execution. Raena decided on a course of action: she would petition for leave to send Anlyva off-world to pursue employment and gain some real-world experience, which could only help in her final review.

Pesmenben III

This would also put some distance between Anlyva and Kamino which would surely be cause for delays and complications should the review end unfavorably. Raena enlisted the aid of a friend in the administrative caste to advocate this plan before the Ruling Council, and his carefully crafted argument gained even the agreement of those opposed to Anlyva. They jumped at the chance to send her even further from Kaminoan society. The Council ordered it to be so and Raena arranged for her transport to Pesmenben III, capitol of the Triumvirate Coalition, a fairly liberal government based in the Teraab sector. She had already forwarded Anlyva's application to their academy and received an acceptance message in return.

The Triumvirate Coalition Academy

A classroom at the Triumvirate Coalition Academy

Anlyva was beside herself with not-well-enough-contained joy to be out amongst the stars and walking on another world. The Academy was a bustling place filled with all manner of entities. Shortly after arriving, she received a message from Nalyva Vavyn containing an invitation to join the Kaminoan Society, a community for Kaminoans abroad in the galaxy. For the first time in her life, it seemed Kaminoans wished for her company and she replied promptly, joining the Society.

Thus began a furtively busy time in Anlyva's life, every morning and afternoon spent in study and classes, and every evening in a new and burgeoning social life. Nalyva was a highly respected Kaminoan socialite with many connections and important friends and Anlyva suddenly found herself standing in influential circles. Nalyva became something of a guardian to Anlyva, who suspects that her mother may have contacted Nalyva about her.

Year 13, Day 355 she made her first solo hyperspace jump. She could scarcely believe it, but here she was … alone in a starship, piloting across the stars. For the first time she felt truly free and alive. Shortly after, she finished her coursework, graduated from the Academy and received her first choice of deployments: the prospecting department of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation.