Anthony Lugen

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Anthony Lugen
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Liebe Lugen (Deceased)
Father Starke Lugen
Marital Status Single
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Brotherhood Mortalis

Anthony Lugen was born on Coruscant were he lived with his mother, Liebe Lugen, and his father, Starke Lugen.

Early Life

Anthony's mother divorced his father due to his heavy drinking as well as several debts to the Hutts it was around this time Anthony fell in with a bad crowd and began stealing and vandalism. Eventually he formed a gang with his friends they dealt in drugs at first but as the years progressed they fought other gangs for territory and respect. One night while Anthony was a out at a club with his friends his father showed up at his mothers apartment intoxicated. He held Anthony's mother at gunpoint demanding credits when his mother refused he killed her in cold blood. Anthony returned home several hours later to find the local law enforcement outside of his mothers apartment. He fought to get in but was kept back by the police it was only until they brought her out to the medical transport that he saw her. He was shocked and could not bring himself to form any words. The next day he was immediately sent to live with his older brother and his brothers wife on Tatooine. His brother was a high ranking member of a mercenary gang and managed to get Anthony in as a bouncer at the local cantina. After many a year of mediocrity he set out to make something of himself. He applied to the Brotherhood Mortalis and set out to join them at their headquarters.