Astrid Starchaser

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Astrid Starchaser
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Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Dathomir
Born Year -8 Day 82
Languages Fluent
Religion Night Sisters of Dathomir
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.80m 5'11"
Weight 63.5kg 140lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red (Natural)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Rank Freelance
Prior Affiliation Bando Gora, Fairwind Exotics, Shadolan Authority

Astrids(Emblem).png Chapter One: The Beginning

Castrad Livecte was born into her Royal Iridonian house during times of turmoil. The family's grand estate sat high in the planet's hills overlooking many settlements on the surface. A magnificent red jewel topped the building's spire and would connect with the setting sun to paint the land a wonderful crimson before the moon would rise into the dark sky.

The Livecte’s were diplomats for the Zabrak crown, fighting for the freedom of those who remained enslaved by outdated policies that many silently agreed on. Despite the freedom of all being a popular opinion, it was kept in the shadows and never became more than whispers in the wind, unlike the Livecte’s who voiced their concerns and fought for those who could not.

It was one unfortunate night after bringing their daughter into the universe that right-wing renegades made their way into the hills. Reaching the estate they strategically laid out crude incendiary devices around the building. With a simple push of a button, the peaceful sleeping grounds erupted into flames. The gem atop the spire shattering into the wind, with pieces being scattered across Iridonia.

As the flames died out and the smoke lifted from the broken ground; a group of crimson hooded figures made their way through the destruction and debris. A sound could barely be heard under the moan of the building as it settled. A cry, a baby. Brushing away the dust and ash that covered the child they found her complexion of pure scarlet. Picking up what little of her belongings that remained nearby, these strangers returned to their ship.

A journey out from the Mid-Rim to Dathomir, their camp would become Castrad’s new home. She would be raised in their clan as a Nightsister, taken under the Night Mother’s wing and taught as one of their own until she was old enough to understand where she had originally come from.

Astrids(Emblem).png Chapter Two: The Trials

With time, Castrad developed many abilities with little guidance from her Night Mother. She continued with the ritualist studies and tutelage of the sisterhood, respecting their inward focus only embracing modern society when needed.

Her teenage years brought visits to the spaceport, collecting vital supplies the sisters needed to survive their secluded lifestyle. She met with pilots who travelled in battered starships, which was a constant reminder of the exploration that could be had outside the planets orbit.

The thoughts of what lay beyond the stars played heavily on her mind. Approaching the Night Mother the young Zabraki asked about the idea of leaving the Sisters to explore what the universe had to offer. “If you pass the rites of passage, you have my blessing to leave. But, first, you must discover your self-worth.” Her guardian explained handing her well-worn scrolls noting her first task. Creating the Water of Life.

Knowing she was ready to begin the Night Mother took her hand, running a laced blade across her palm. A blend of poisons seeped into the wound, slowing working its way into her bloodstream. “You have until the poison kills you to complete your task and heal the damage that has been done.”

Stunned by the urgency that had been laid out before her, Castrad gathered supplies and set out into the swampland to find the creature that held the key to her survival; The Sleeper. After many days wandering, she reached the water's edge. A sacred place where many had come before her, setting down her bag and wading into the cold dark water.

Plunging into the darkness she pulled a blade from her belt, the depths stretched on until the faint glow of her prey illuminated the water. The Sleeper’s carapaced body shielded it from sensation, light radiated from each violet scale. Silent reverence was given to the mighty creature before forcing her blade between its folds of armour.

The shriek of pain echoed out from the water, rippling past her body as she pulled what flesh she needed. Its blood blurred her field of vision, billowing around her as she claimed her bounty. She started her ascent the effects of the poison taking its toll on her body. Weakness took a hold, stumbling on her return to the village and collapsing at the feet of the Night Mother with the flesh in hand.

It was several hours before the Zabraki regained consciousness. Her guardian and two sisters had already begun to prepare the waters.

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