Avianus Antornis

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Avianus Antornis
Avianus antornis 1.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Concord Dawn
Mother Cathrine Antornis (deceased)
Father Severus Antornis (deceased)
Spouse -
Siblings -
Born Year -9 Day 13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Coloring white
Hair Color blond
Eye Color blue
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, Aliit Du'trachek, Galactic Concordiate
Title Aliit'buir be Du'trachek
Rank Ver`alor Al`verde
Positions [C-2]
Prior Affiliation Imperial Union

Avianus is a tall, strongly built Kiffar Mandalorian.


Avianus mostly wears the usual Mandalorian gear as clothing and carries a blue cape with a red Mythosaur Skull. His armory is always changing, mostly suited for the situation he is in. He nearly always has some Thermal Detonators and his trusty Relby K-23 and A295 for all cases. He has gained some extra money from selling and trading. Because of this, he gained access to his very first ship, a YT-2000 which he named Aquila. Since then he uses this ship for his trips, anywhere his path may lead.


In the rare event of him having free time, he loves to hunt. He has taken down several beasts, such as the Krayt Dragon.


He has pledged his allegiance to Mandalore and currently serves within its military.

Business Ventures

Using profits from his various sales Avianus started a private business venture known as Avianus Military Corporation which has since grown and developed into the Antornis Trading Center. Originally focusing on the sale of quality Mandalorian-trained soldiers he eventually moved on to general trading and the sale of military ships. After gaining trust in the trading community he began to offer middleman services to the public.

Aliit'buir be Du'trachek
Preceded By:
Kalsar Haron
Avianus Antornis
Year 14 Day 47 — Present
Succeeded By: