Calab Carak

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Calab Carak
Calab carak avatar 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Pengauani
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Bren Carak
Marital Status Fully Available
Born Year -10 Day 246
Quote "Howdy"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3'2"
Weight 52 lbs
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Engineering Contracts
Prior Affiliation Galactic Services Corporation, Kathol Republic

Calab Carak was born on Corellia to a lower level criminal family. His early life consisted of little schooling and even less honesty. Like many Corellians, his longing was for the stars and he has since left the planet to worlds unknown.

Birth and Childhood

Very little is known about Calab Carak's early childhood. His father never discussed his mother, or any other family he might have had so any connection to the past Calab might have had was severed early on. However, as he grew older, Calab came to reject the past, and instead push towards the stars and his future destiny. He had no siblings and few friends. His first few years of school, he was a quiet child, giving his teachers very little trouble. As a Class A Imperial citizen, he enjoyed access to the finest Imperial education. However, his life in the slums brought him into contact with with many Class C citizens, one of whom would change his life dramatically.

Teenage Years

Calab found himself a friend around age twelve, and it was not one that his prestige as a Class A citizen would have gained him. Her name was Amaya Ijaaz. Amaya was a Togorian and two years older than Calab. She was a feisty, strong-willed girl who lived along the edge of the law.

For Calabs Holocron.jpg Amaya Ijaaz

Amaya was part of a group of Class C citizens in the slums who, regardless of their affiliations, stood by one another. While not a gang, the Class C teenagers were more than willing to do battle to protect each other, even from Imperial police. The leader of these teenagers was a Mirialan named Looma Karwt . Looma was two years younger than Calab, but the two worked well together in thwarting both gangs and Imperial police activity against Class C citizens in the slums. While Looma managed to keep his hands clean, Calab was forced to dirty his in order to support his father. He became a courier for a drug lord. He rose steadily through the ranks, serving as courier, pilot, mercenary and finally bodyguard to the kingpin. As he devoted more time to his work, he slowly moved further away from the friendship with Looma and the Class C teenagers. Amaya drifted with him. However his employ with the drug lord would not be permanent. While escorting the kingpin to a meeting, Calab and the convoy were ambushed by one of the kingpin's rival drug lords. Calab's employer was killed along with most of the convoy. Calab and Amaya barely escaped with their lives.


Calab and Amaya made their way into the expanse of the galaxy, seeking employment. They took service in Galactic Service Corporation. However, that term of employment came to a very rapid end as Galactic Service Corporation dissolved about a month after they took service with it. This left both Calab and Amaya adrift, with no purpose or group. This would not last long, as some of Amaya's contacts had found a refuge in the newly reformed Kathol Republic. They suggested that she and Calab join them there.

Seeking a Path

Seeing no other alernative, Calab and Amaya joined the Kathol Republic. Calab showed great promise in the work he was given and rose rapidly to the rank of Deputy Commander of the Republic. However, the Kathol Republic was deeply divided. The President stepped down and a sizable portion of the Republic rejected the vice president as his successor, causing the Republic to split. Calab and Amaya, having no interest in the political maneuvers, left the Republic, seeking a pathway in the stars.

Falleen Home

After drifting aimlessly for some time, Calab and Amaya found themselves in Falleen Federation space. Calab sought employment with the federation and gained it, starting as a pilot in the Falleen Navy. He rose more slowly in Falleen but performed his duties well and, after a time, transferred to Falleen's Naval Production group, assisting in manufacturing the ships needed by the Falleen Federation to keep it's borders safe. Amaya did not show the same enthusiasm decided to become a Falleen Citizen and Calab's personal bodyguard. Calab had a hard time accepting this at first but he thought about it and could think of no one else he would rather entrust with his safety.

After many years producing ships for the Federation, Calab got the opportunity to help rebuild and restructure the item production faction for the Federation. Calab left his post in the Falleen Naval Contracts and started his work in the Falleen Engineering Contracts (formerly Falleen Gear Contracts) and together with Mephiston Leonatos and Ashla ka Din they rebuilt the faction into a production powerhouse.

Climbing to the Skies

Calab, after many years of dedicated service was able to advance up the ranks within the Falleen Federation to the rank of Lord Engineer, this highest rank and overseer of the Ministry of Engineering. Upon reaching this rank, Calab worked with the Council of Lords and the whole of the Ministry of Engineering to help the Federation build up relations with their citizens and helped to improve their day to day lives with easy access to basic necessities.