Falleen Engineering Contracts

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Falleen Engineering Contracts
General Information
Status Active
Leader Calab Carak
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 294
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Industry Items Manufacturer
Holosite Falleen Engineering Contracts


Falleen Engineering Contracts (known at the time of its founding as Galindas Exports and later Falleen Gear Contracts) was conceived during the initial phase of the Tenloss Syndicate. Rumored to be a mass market fencing operation at the time, the manufacturing company strove through the years, promoting the necessity of the items, and it soon became a household name.

Hit hard by the economic downturn during the galaxy shift that saw the darkness consume many systems in the universe, it was when Denevar came out in the center of this newly-created galaxy that Tycho Celchu took full control of the advantage he had been given. Claiming the whole of the Hallu sector for Tenloss control, he built up a special home for Galindas Exports. Nestled in the Trade 2 station, Kinar Outpost, GaEx shared its space with Vyzerod Mining and the famous Afterburners bar.

Finally, happy with the stability it had obtained, Tycho Celchu released the production market of GaEx to the public for the first time since the galaxy shift, declaring the station and GaEx open for business on Day 292 of the 6th year.

Now, after some more subtle shifts in the galaxy's politics and economics, GaEx is part of the Falleen Federation. It was renamed to Falleen Gear Contracts to show the new ownership and became a Crown Corporation as well. As a nationalized subsidiary, its focus has shifted from pure profit orientation to aiding the Falleen Federation.

After many years serving the Falleen Federation as Falleen Gear Contracts alongside her sister production faction Falleen Naval Contracts, the 2 groups were reorganized to better serve the Federation and her people more efficiently while also offering goods to the public, and the corporation received a new name Falleen Engineering Contracts.



D.JPEG Logo while Galindas Exports

Fgc-logo.png Logo while Falleen Gear Contracts