Mephiston Leonatos

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Mephiston Leonatos
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Baltar
Mother Nadah Dur`rik Leonatos
Father Jat`ar Leonatos
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown
Died Not Applicable
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Weight 215 pounds
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition, Huruk-Rah, House Valeo
Rank Counsel-General
Positions Foreign Affairs
Prior Affiliation

I Wasn't Always Red

Put It Apart, Build It Again

Mephiston Leonatos was born on the cold planet of Baltar in the Falleen System to parents Jat'ar Leonatos and Nadah Dur'rik Leonatos during the Galactic Civil War. Living an introverted lifestyle, Mephiston rarely left his home during the early years of life, seamlessly preferring solitude and time alone to learn to basic childhood skills. When he was sent to the Falleen Junior Academy on Falleen, the solitude continued as he spent the majority of his classes by himself, always sitting in the corner away from others, fearing their company.

While others around him frequently undertook weapons training and hand-to-hand combat classes, Mephiston had a more mature interest, regularly spending time in various Libraries and Museums around Falleen researching numerous galactic cultures and societies. As he moved onto the Baltar Academic Academy, his research lead him to a number of technical classes, including a specialization in technology. While many of his fellow class members were undertaking assessments in tactical combat, Mephiston found himself building cutting-edge starships and assembling hyperdrive engines for fun. Setting himself challenges, he would regularly blindfold himself and take after a blaster rifle and then reassemble it, constantly trying to break his own personal record. While hyperdrive engines let him get down and dirty with thousands of moving parts, weapons were elegant, something combat that could be disguised and disassembled in a heartbeat, or a device of such destruction that could cause such havoc with the push of a button. As his classes continued to offer a range of challenges in a number of areas, Mephiston would regularly miss classes just to get back to his laboratory and construct another weapon, or design a new piece of technology for his own personal use.

By the age of seventeen, Mephiston had mastered technology, but he was still frustrated by negotiation and interaction. With his mother being part of the Dur'rik family line, the descendants of the First Royal Line of the Major Falleen Clan Huruk-Rah, he was regularly torn away from his research and construction sessions to pander to politicians and other important figureheads in Falleen space. Worried by his reclusive personality, Mephiston was regularly pushed into becoming one such figurehead by his parents but he refused on every occasion. Not enticed by a political lifestyle, or the title of Duke in a Royal Falleen clan, he wanted to be part of something bigger, he wanted to be an Engineer or a Soldier for a greater cause. While the events were often foreseen to be pointless in his mind, Mephiston would occasionally take the opportunity to speak with other dignitaries at the events, trading in pandering for information from various technological institutions on new methods of construction. Through this hobby and passion, his introverted personality gradually began to change as he found others with similar interests to talk to. While his parents would regularly usher him off to pander to political figures away from technology, he would always find a way to return back to them for increased discussion.

Lifestyle Changes

As the months passed, and the constant harassment to become a politician began to overcome his mind, Mephiston decided it was time to venture out of Falleen space and experience the galaxy, using his skills and abilities to do something, not just sit in a mansion and greet political figures on a daily basis. During his final year of classes, he witnessed a crime in progress on the streets of Baltar. A group of Ryll users were assaulting two Twi'lek tourists, shouting profanity and taunting their presence on Baltar. Locals failed to act and Mephiston just stood in the street, filled with hesitation. As he continued to watch the two Twi'lek women being assaulted, his mind adjusted. Despite his limited combative skills, Mephiston decided to put an end to their assault. Pumped with adrenaline, his body slowly began to adjust from Falleen Green to Blood Red as he charged towards the group of attackers.

Despite his limited skill, his new found fury caught the group by surprise as each individual was abruptly subdued, falling to the ground with precision. While several were able to return to the fight, Mephiston never appeared to be in trouble despite being hopelessly outnumbered. Soon after, Falleen Security Forces arrived to find a bloodied and bruised Mephiston protecting the two Twi'lek tourists, surrounded by a number of unconscious attackers. After questioning, he was escorted to a nearby medical facility for an evaluation. Despite the attack, he received no serious injuries and was discharged soon after. As he stood outside the hospital after his evaluation, he realized something had changed. His heart rate was beating faster despite the adrenaline wearing off, and his skin wasn't returning to its regular green form. After unintentionally discovering his new abilities, he made a silent vow to protect others who needed assistance from criminals and thugs throughout the galaxy.

Falleen Redness

Home Away From Home

With his education completed, Mephiston began looking for a worthy cause away from the blunders of pandering and negotiation. While he travelled throughout the galaxy looking for research contracts and avenues to advance his skills, he came across an opening inside a new Imperial cause, The New Imperial Order. Initially shying away from military service, Mephiston was placed inside the Research and Development laboratories on Dressell to assist with the Construction effort while continuing his research in to advanced weapons systems and faster hyperspeed capabilities. While hiding away in a lab maintained his introverted persona, he still managed to make a number of friends with his Imperial comrades. Frequently visiting the nearby Drev'starn bar, he was able to come out of his shell and mingle with those around him, but still kept many of his personal details to himself, not trusting anyone despite their shared allegiances and abilities. As his abilities made him a trusted confidant inside the industrial realms of the Order, Mephiston found himself branching out, harvesting the skills he'd found when he protected the innocents back on Falleen. Keeping up with his research on a part time basis, he enlisted in the New Imperial Army to train himself to control his abilities and use them for good, not just when his body decided to unleash its inner demons.

Working inside the Army changed Mephiston a great deal. As he was subdued to the rigors of Training Facilities and Assault Campaigns, he began to realize there was more to life than a book and a piece of technology, and that the two could work together to make something grand. His previous experience with weapons allowed him to ace the various training regiments and operations the New Imperial Order enlisted him to achieve, and he soon found himself rising up the ranks. Promotions did inevitably cause his introverted and shy persona to come under the microscope,. Many inside the Order began to notice Mephiston and he was soon a very public figure inside the Order. Despite the new found attention, his attention and abilities didn't waver as he soon found himself as Executive Officer of the New Imperial Order Army, in charge of several legions while managing Army Administration. With his new found authority and position of attention, his personality began to come more extroverted. He became more approachable and open to others, and was able to demonstrate his unwavering trust to those who reached such a position. Through his leadership, the New Imperial Army completed a number of successful campaigns while concurrently testing a large amount of new weaponry and technology, thanks to his work inside the Research and Development Division.

The attention and openness of being an Executive Officer began to take its toll. Struggling with the inability to find time to remove himself from others began to affect him, regularly showing signs of Anxiety. Changes in the Order allowed him the chance to quietly slip away from the Order, where he tendered his resignation and departed the New Imperial Order. As he floated around the galaxy keeping to himself, he began to customize the technology he had researched throughout his time inside the Order. Hiding aimlessly in Deep Space, Mephiston would obsessively strive to find a newer form of technology to create, modify or improve. While he managed to avoid the political limelight, his introverted reclusiveness eventually made him increasingly unstable. It was time he returned to the inner-workings of the galaxy.