Eleonore Silvermoon

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Eleonore Silvermoon
Eleonore Silvermoon.png
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Coruscant
Born Year -9 Day 163
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.75 meters
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color lavender
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank C-4
Positions Deputy Director of NRI
Prior Affiliation Ubrikkian Industries
Republic Medical

Eleonore Silvermoon (born Year -9 Day 163) is a citizen of the New Republic and the current Deputy Director of the New Republic Intelligence Services. Her family originates from Coruscant but being in the freight running business, Eleonore never saw much of her home world. After her father died, the company was passed down to her brother and Eleonore left the family business behind to explore new possiblities. She joined Republic Medical with decent experience in piloting and computer operations.




Advisory Council

  • C-5 Minister of Trade and Industry (Y18 D3 - Y18 D43)

New Republic Intelligence Service

  • C-4 Deputy Director (Y17 D226 - Present)

Ubrikkian Industries

  • C-3 Chief Executive Officer (Y17 D10 - Y18 D49)

Republic Medical

  • C-3 Chief Executive Officer (Y15 D278 - Y17 D10)
  • O-5 Development Senior Manager (Y15 D247 - Y15 D278)
  • O-3 Development Supervisor (Y15 D113 - Y15 D247)
  • O-2 Operations Lieutenant (JG) (Y15 D38 - Y15 D113)
  • O-1 Operations Ensign (Y14 D326 - Y15 D38)

New Republic Senate

  • Senator, 22nd session
  • Senator, 23rd session (until Y18 D3)


Award Image Award Name Given By Date Received Reason
NewRepublic Minerbronze 30.png Miner's Bronze Award Jahu Skyla Y15 D113 For those Employees who outrun expectations, showing a great dedication in extraction and/or logistics of our Raw Materials.
Builder 30.png Master Builder's Award Jahu Skyla Y15 D113 From the firm foundations to the tallest skyscraper. Raw material by raw material, New Republic cities are built to last and prosper. This award is dedicated to those who excel at the building process, managing their building teams efficiently in order to complete their duty on schedule.
Executive.png Executive's Citation Kara DuMonte Y15 D87 Awarded by a production leader as a token of appreciation for an employee's good work and dedication.