Gideon Bodnari

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Gideon Bodnari
Biographical Information
Race Qiraash
Homeworld Qiraa
Mother Nyelle Bodnari
Father Kyren Bodnari
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Kingdom of Elysia
House Vigihan
Rank King
Positions Former Lord Regent, Kingdom of Elysia
Former Lord Commander of the Department of Defense, Kingdom of Elysia
Former Consul for DAPR, Avance Coalition
Former Duke Administrator, Golan Technologies
Prior Affiliation Avance Coalition
Golan Technologies
Ex Gal Society
The Wraiths

Gideon Bodnari hails from Killesh, one of the two major spaceports on Qiraa. As a young Qiraash he yearned for the stars and upon reaching (or so he claimed) adulthood took pilot training and a position with an export company. Gideon never knew his parents; what he knows of them he learned from his Uncle Brodda. They were pilots, operating a small transport company with just one bulk freighter. When Gideon was very young (around the time the Eidola Pirates had begun to operate more boldly in the sector) they left Gideon with Uncle Brodda while they departed for a routine job. When they didn't come back after a reasonable amount of time, Uncle Brodda tried to make some inquiries but never managed to discover what had happened to them. Gideon has never known if his parents were killed by the Galactic Empire or by pirates, or if something else entirely happened to them.

Growing up, Gideon was raised by Uncle Brodda and helped him with his ship repair business. Uncle Brodda was good to Gideon and imparted many nuggets of wisdom to him. Gideon listened carefully to these lessons. Unfortunately, as Gideon left childhood behind he began to think less and less about his uncle and more and more about going off into space himself. While Gideon was a practical one, a part of him harbored the faint hope that he might one day find out what had happened to his parents.

At the age of 17 Gideon met a Duros ship captain while visiting a parts dealer. Gideon convinced the captain, who worked for a company called Starbridge Transport, to take him onto his crew. He had finally made it into space. At first Gideon worked maintaining and repairing the ship, but he soon struck up a friendship with the pilot and learned to fly. Gideon was also trained in freighter combat because company rules required all crewpersons be able to operate the ships weapons -- the cargo must always be protected.

Not long after picking up a cargo of tibanna gas at Bespin, Gideon's ship, the Wookiee's Breath, was boarded by Imperials and the cargo was seized. After all the Starbridge company's talk about defending a cargo Gideon was shocked that the Captain ordered no resistance. Not a single shot was fired.

The ship's next port of call was in the Moddell Sector, and Gideon had heard about the Avance Coalition and The Wraiths. They were strictly neutral with regard to the galaxy's politics, which suited him just fine. Living on Qat Chrystak while the Empire and the pirates argued over who was in charge had given him his fill of such things. But by all accounts the Avancians were people who said what they meant and meant what they said -- a big step above Starbridge. Gideon decided to take a risk and transmitted his application to The Wraiths. When the ship made port at Sanyassa he cashed out his pay and resigned.

Mercenary Career

Eventually feeling that he wished to live a life of greater significance, Gideon signed on with The Wraiths, a mercenary organization operating at that time mostly in the Moddell Sector. It was also at this time that Gideon was inducted into House Vigihan, one of the Avance Coalition's ruling Houses. Gideon remained with The Wraiths for some time, during which he participated in a number of operations.

Ex Gal Society

Though he remained a Wraith at heart, Gideon was later asked to participate in bringing the Ex Gal Society under the Avance Coaltion's umbrella. Just as Gideon was getting used to the idea of full-time work in researching and crafting news, however, fortune dealt him another twist. His position with ExGal led him to learn to design system-wide satellite networks. When Avance leadership mandated that each House design a network for their local system, Gideon volunteered to craft the design for House Vigihan. His work proved so efficient that he was quickly tasked to design networks for every system in the Coalition, including some for which he was given system maps but no galactic coordinates.

Golan Technologies

Late in Year 7, Lord Arklari Clise, Archduke of House Vigihan, had determined that the House was in a financial position to establish a manufacturing corporation marketing products based on designs found in caches discovered in the Adega System. He asked Gideon to lead the corporation on behalf of the House. The faction -- Golan Technologies -- was officially founded on Year 8, Day 30 with Gideon as it's first Administrator. Applying values he learned as a child in his uncle's ship-repair shop on Qat Chrystak, Bodnari personally selected the title "Administrator" to remind himself that Golan Technologies was not his plaything, but rather his responsibility to administer for House Vigihan. Gideon spent the next several years working diligently with other members of Golan Technologies to establish the company as the galaxy's leading sporting-weapons producers -- both in terms of products and service.

Government Service

In late Year 10 Horthon Gorthy, Second Seat of the Avance Coalition, asked Gideon to leave his position at Golan Technologies to serve as Avance's Consul for Diplomatic Affairs -- a post previously held by exceptionally capable diplomats but which had been vacated some months earlier.

Gideon's love for the faction he'd helped create, great though it was, could not compete with the sense of social obligation his uncle had instilled in him as a child. Although Uncle Brodda had not instructed Gideon in any patriotic virtues toward a given government -- he was far too cynical for that -- he had taught Gideon that no opportunity to make a positive social impact should be lightly discarded. In the years since he'd joined The Wraiths and become an Avance citizen, Gideon's own cynicism had given way to a firm belief that Avance's values of pacifism and neutrality, which provided a safe haven from the galaxy's war and turmoil, were of such value to the billions of sentients the Coalition protected that he felt compelled to serve them.

While doing so, he also continued to serve House Vigihan, helping to build the House's assets and argue its interests in the Hall of Houses. The House was elevated to Founding House status within the Coalition during this time, and Arklari named Gideon Duke of the Lorta District.


Gideon Bodnari disappeared at some time in Year 13, and was not heard from again until late Year 16. His whereabouts during this time are still unknown, but quartermasters at the port of Lorta reported that when Bodnari arrived at the port every bottle of liquor aboard his flagship, the C-3 Liner Bok Lopima, was empty. Witnesses also report that Bodnari was surprised to learn that the Avance Coalition had merged with the Trade Federation in his absence.

Kingdom of Elysia

When Avance merged with the Trade Federation, Arklari Clise led House Vigihan to establish The Kingdom of Elysia in the Atei Quadrant -- the four sectors which House Vigihan had colonized. Gideon Bodnari returned to active service when he learned that his friend had been the subject of an assassination attempt by his Chancellor, Ciara de Savona.

Bodnari initially served as Lord Commander of the Elysian Department of Defense, but as King Arklari's health deteriorated he was soon called upon to serve as Lord Regent. With the assistance of Chancellor Vansic Helranth and the rest of the Council of Lords, the Kingdom was stabilized. Bodnari' s chief achievement during the Recency was the creation of a new House System for the Kingdom, allowing prosperity to be spread to all citizens.

In Year 18, King Arklari retires and gave Bodnari his blessing to formally ascend the throne. King Gideon Bodnari officially commenced his reign on Y18 D130, continuing to the present.