If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

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Posted by: Syn - Faction: Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 14 Day 236 Onboard the Acclamator I-class Assault Ship Iluvatar in system Cha Raaba (397, -20).

HUTT SPACE, CHA RAABA--Citizens of the Outer Rim territories were astonished this morning by local news broadcasts revealing that the Galactic Empire has conceded to the ransom that renowned Eidola pirate Syn recently released to the galaxy at large, in which she demanded a Super Star Destroyer in exchange for the safe return of the captured Executor Seele.

Transmissions intercepted earlier this week indicated that she had contacted Emperor Ndengin directly shortly after the abduction, setting a strict three-day deadline for her stipulation to be met. Details leaked by Syn to the press revealed that the Emperor had opened the lines of communication with her, and had initially sought alternate arrangements and options that she refused. For a time, negotiations appeared to be at a standstill, due to what Syn referred to as "a mutual mistrust" and suspicions of underhanded trickery from both sides.

It is unknown what ultimately led to a shift in mindset, but with only hours left on the deadline until the execution, the Anzati pirate suddenly issued a notice to the media that the ransom had been paid in full, and that she had subsequently released her prisoner. Local residents of the pirate-infested world of Ylesia recounted having observed the Executor freely disembarking from a Sprint-class Rescue Craft ahead of his captor, and boarding a privately owned YT-2000 with a souvenir pair of macrobinoculars, but not before the two stopped and held a brief conversation. Reportedly, he seemed largely intact and in good spirits.

While Syn did not reveal what transpired on board the ship on which Lord Seele had been held, some hacked security recordings of perhaps dubious veracity suggest that, despite the medical nature of the craft, the Anzati may not have made the duration of the stay a particularly comfortable one for her prisoner, altough the visual confirmations of his subsequent physical status suggest that he had either been granted access to bacta supplies prior to his release, or was not seriously injured during his period of captivity.


But all's not well that ends well. With one of the galaxy's most powerful warships in their possession, Syn and the Eidola Pirates stand to be capable of previously unforeseen levels of chaos and destruction. Imperial citizens undoubtedly celebrate the return of their Executor, but will his safety counteract the newfound cunning and might of the increasingly restless Eidola Pirates? Will Syn abandon her latest haunt and relocate to escape the inevitable wrath of the Galactic Empire? Will Eidola boast of its other captive in the coming weeks? Only time will tell.

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