Saul Cohmre

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Saul Cohmre
Saul Cohmre.gif
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Green skin
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance
Title Retired Chief Magistrate

Saul Cohmre, a retired Corporate Alliance Executive Officer, was once one of the most notable Nautolans in the Galaxy. He was one of the most outspoken members of the Nautolan Society and was severely influential in the purchase and resurrection of the Corporate Alliance.


Early Life

Saul is an orphaned Nautolan with the misfortune of having been born on dry land not underwater like most of his kind. He was raised by humans who had taken pity on him when they saw him at a slave market. His mother was a slave, who was pregnant when she was captured, and had died in childbirth.

Towards the end of his teenage years his foster family gave him some money and sent him on his way. They had not been unkind to him, they had bought him from a slaver, and raised him as one of their own, although never allowing him out in public, for their would be too many questions, and their name would be brought into question as they were a relatively high profile politically connected family.

Fortunately for Saul his adoptive family had taught him well, and with his social graces he was able to make a living by trading. After he had saved up enough money, he put himself through a basic star freighter piloting course, and signed up with one of the biggest transportation companies in the galaxy as an entry level pilot.

Through his interactions with the other pilots, and from trading, he slowly started to learn about the political landscape of the galaxy, and a lot of the things his foster parents had taught him we beginning to make sense. Also after some probing and gentle questioning he discovered to his horror that the very company he was working for was strongly linked to some of the most oppressive forces in the galaxy.

Tendering his resignation with immediate effect, Saul took the money he had made so far and purchased his first freighter. In his dealings he had heard rumors of a new Nautolan colony in Dolomar sector, and he set out to see if he could find it and discover what was going on first hand.

After discovering the colonies and the Nautolan Society that had set them up, for the first time in his life he had started to get the sense of a real family, something he had never had, for although his adoptive parents had fed, sheltered and educated him, they never truly loved or accepted him. Through hard work and dedication, he quickly rose through the ranks of Clan Nautola, of the Nautolan Society, eventually becoming the clans Tecro (leader), which is where we find him today.


Saul wears a full rebel camo Armour suit under the long dark flowing ceremonial robes of his rank. His skin is unusually dry for a Nautolan due to his unusual birth and upbringing. Other than the dramatic contract of his Armour and his robes, he has a relatively unassuming demeanor about him, and is usually clear and direct without being abrasive when he speaks.

Awards and Commendations

Corporate Alliance

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



HyperTrader Master

Riley Moonrigger

Year 10 Day 310

For Those who score a 95 of above on the trade simulator are awarded the Hypertrader Master Award.


Tour of Duty Medal

Siejo Kutol

Year 11 Day 2

The Tour of Duty Medal the basic service award based of Years of Service in the Alliance or one of its Affiliate Factions.


Project Dolomar Expansion ‏

Siejo Kutol

Year 10 Day 349

This award is given to any member of the Alliance who has helped with the Dolomar Shielding and city construction.


Glory on Mitillian

Siejo Kutol

Year 11 Day 167

This award is given to any member of the Alliance who has participated in the Gentleman's War of Mitillian, late in Year 10.


Alliance Medal of Honor

Siejo Kutol

Year 12 Day 44

The Alliance Modal of Honor, awarded by the Chief Magistrate, is awarded to a member of the Alliance who has gone above and beyond in the call of duty to complete an extraordinary achievement.