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Class Frigates
Type Nebulon-B Frigate
Type Class 4 Hyperdrive

Reinforced Shield Array
Turbolasers: 24
Heavy Lasers: 16
Added Cargo Capacity

Date of Manufacture Unknown
Affiliation Black Sun

The Vrazi is a modified Nebulon-B frigate originally commissioned by Count Adam A Flynn, designed by Sullustan engineers and constructed in secret near the Sullust system to serve among the SoroSuub Conglomerate's defense fleets in the Sluis sector circa Year 6 to Year 8. Due to the limitations of SoroSuub's research on larger ships, such as capital or frigate-class, most of the ships-of-the-line incorporated into their main force were unique constructs, overhauled mega-freighters or aging military ships brought up to date at exorbitant cost. The expense involved in procuring and maintaining such vessels meant few could be supported and all had to fill multiple roles.

The design specifications of the Vrazi were that of a heavy assault frigate: ripping out any non-essentials, insulating all of her systems, upgrading the power reactors to support redundant shielding and removing the stock tractor beams in order to double the weapons load-out of turbolasers and heavy lasers. With these strict design requirements fulfilled, she became capable of standing toe-to-toe with many of the larger, standard cruisers in the service of established galactic superpowers - tough as a cruiser with enough firepower to put most ships of her size to shame. As the same time, she was required to double as a fleet command shield and as a result, a series of extra docking ports along the ship's neck section allow her to carry an increased number of fighters, freighters and their crews into action.

The Vrazi was owned by the New Republic after its foundation, but the exodus of key NR/SSC to Black Sun saw it transfer to the collective. It was taken, years later, by Lord Marshal Tar Alaks upon his retirement, allegedly passing to Shane Tayjer some time after that. Eventually, the frigate was traded back to Black Sun in late Year 15 in exchange for, at minimum, full control over the planet Woldona VI in the Woldona system.