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Navigational Stats
Max Speed 40 km/h
Maneuverability 3
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions Cave, Crater, Mountain, Ocean, River, Swamp, Volcanic
Weapons Unarmed
Cargo Stats
Weight 85 T
Volume 180 m3
Weight Capacity 3 T
Volume Capacity 15 m3
Passengers 3
Hull Statistics
Length 8 m
Hull 50
Ionic Capacity 22
Shield 0
Specials 10 Mining Sensors
Raw Materials
Quantum 14
Meleenium 138
Ardanium 22
Rudic 17
Tibannagas 0
Lommite 10
Rockivory 0
Bacta 0
Hibridium 0
Varium 4
Affiliation Alpha Medical Corps

Ankh Biomedical Services

Athakam MedTech


CryoMed Laboratories

Eclipse BactaCo

Force Guardians

Galactic Medical

MedTech Industries

Republic Medical

Sienar Pharmaceuticals

The Antarian Rangers

The Medical Circle

The Order of Kampar


While the Vratix may be the perfect creature for alazhi farming, they are not always easily acquirable by the non-Thyferran community. This lead to the requirement of a substitute for the Vratix and the alazhixazha, Vratix for "[alazhi] thriving season"[1], was developed.


Capable of both farming existing crops and locating new fertile sites, the alazhixazha is now the primary vehicle for alazhi farming. The alazhixazha has six buoyant wheels, allowing it to maneuver well in uneven and rough terrain. Moderate armor was added to the craft in case it encountered any hostile entities. Advanced onboard equipment allowed the vehicle to quickly test the soil for alazhi, and check the weather conditions for maximum efficiency, and simulate the appropriate conditions.

Four mechanical arms are connected to separate storage compartments, three at the front and one at the back. These arms are designed to mimic the actions of the Thyferra-native Vratix. The Vratix regard the cultivation of alazhi as an almost religious process, giving them a feeling of self-fulfillment, and had mastered it generations before the Galaxy's interest in bacta and its miraculous healing properties.

The scientists who developed the alazhixazha concluded that the cultivation process could not be enhanced, and instead decided that the only way to increase the efficiency of the vehicle was to increase its capacity and speed of farming. The alazhixazha was continuously enhanced and now performs the function of sixty adult Vratix.