LodeCorp Mining

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LodeCorp Mining
LodeCorp Logo
General Information
Status Active
Leader Benjamin Najman
Headquarters Woldona system
Major Bases Homon system
Historical Information
Founder Tomas o`Cuinn
Founded 16.067 (CGT) as Gree Mining Authority
17.131 (CGT) as LodeCorp Mining
19.061 (CGT) re-opening
20.002 (CGT) re-opening
Dissolved 17.183 (CGT)
19.132 (CGT)
Political Information
Standing Neutral
Affiliation Sevetta Conglomerate
Industry Mining Corporation

LodeCorp Mining (LCM) is a mining corporation that operates primarily in the Homon and Sevetta sectors. Originally founded as the Gree Mining Authority in Year 16 (CGT) to oversee extraction operations in the Gree sector, the company was rebranded to LodeCorp in Year 17 (CGT) and has been repeatedly shut down and reopened due to a variety of complex sociopolitical complications over the years. LodeCorp has historically managed mining operations throughout a number of star systems including Antmuel, Argovia, Fokask, Gree, Homon, Manda, RZ7-6113-23, Teljkon, and Woldona. In the modern time, however, LCM handles primarily the Homon, Teljkon, and Woldona systems with a few external projects without specific galactic boundaries.

Year 16 (CGT)

The Gree Mining Authority was created to oversee the extraction of raw materials for the Gree Trade Authority conglomerate. Headquartered out of the Gree system, the Mining Authority supplied the conglomerate with much-needed raw materials for its operations and expansion. The mining company was created after Tomas o`Cuinn was given a green light by the Gree Board of Directors due to the staggering prices of building materials on the various galactic markets. Intended to increase the conglomerate's overall self-sufficiency, the mining corporation lowered their total overhead costs and created additional jobs for the expanding population of the Gree system. The Gree Mining Authority's main directive was to efficiently and safely extract the many raw material deposits in the conglomerate's territory and operated with two main branches. The Gree branch, operating out of the Gree system, used its extractions to further develop the system's economy and defenses. The Fokask branch, operating out of the Fokask system, had an extensive business plan drawn up to open sales to the public, providing a new, cheaper source of raw materials in the Outer Rim.

Year 17 (CGT)

The Gree Mining Authority was rebranded into LodeCorp Mining to symbolize its operational independence from its parent company. Using sustainable extraction processes and the most advanced mining technology, LodeCorp supplied Gree with much-needed raw materials However, the company was disbanded after relations between Gree and the Resistance were strengthened, with contracts allowing the latter's mining company, Cloud City, to manage the Gree system's mining operations. Not long after, the Gree Trade Authority merged personnel and operations with the Resistance.

Year 19 (CGT)

Although the Gree Trade Authority had been absorbed into the Resistance early into Year 18 (CGT), it took less than a standard year for all of Gree's former personnel to depart the Resistance for various reasons. During his service with the Resistance, however, Tomas o`Cuinn had exchanged his holdings in the Gree system with Black Sun for their holdings in the Homon and Sevetta sectors. With an increased number of worlds to govern and oversee development on, Tomas turned to the Mandalorian clan he called called home, Dael'mor, for assistance. In order to supply future development, it was determined that the formation of a new mining company was necessary to adhere to galactic mining regulations. Since Tomas still held the registry paperwork for the defunct LodeCorp Mining company, it was determined that a simple re-registration for the company was a cheaper and quicker task than the formation of a brand new entity. On the 61st day of Year 19 (CGT), LodeCorp Mining was re-opened with Victor o`Cuinn once more its president. Once again, however, LodeCorp Mining would be shuttered as it was quickly determined that Cloud City could fulfill all of the new sector's mining requirements.

Year 20 (CGT)

After the Year 19 (CGT) split that reversed the merger between the former Gree Trade Authority organization and the Resistance, the Homon and Sevetta sectors were no longer supported by Cloud City's mining operations. As a result, after identifying renewed requirements for a major expansion in mining operations that simply could not be filled with third-party contracts, LodeCorp Mining was once again re-opened at the beginning of Year 20 (CGT) as the mining arm of the Sevetta Conglomerate.

The Sevetta Conglomerate is a collection of companies based out of the Homon and Sevetta sectors that operate as a single, overarching corporation. With each company operating as a unique division of the conglomerate, the resources of each are multiplied and strengthened by the collective pooling between the organizations. The conglomerate was founded at the end of Year 19 (CGT) by the remnants of the Gree Trade Authority, a trade corporation that active in the galaxy between Year 15 and Year 18 (CGT) before its merger into the Resistance.

DefenStar Ltd. is the security and paramilitary arm of the conglomerate, ensuring the protection of each company's leadership and providing stability for governed territory. Golan Arms is the manufacturing and research arm, producing every asset that the conglomerate needs as a whole and pouring manpower into the research and design of new technologies. Golan Construction is the construction and real estate arm, holding the majority of the conglomerate's physical assets and overseeing the planetary development required for its operations. LodeCorp Mining is the material extraction and logistics arm, ensuring the other companies have the raw materials needed for continued operations and expansion. Zaltin Corporation is the medical arm, producing and stockpiling pharmaceuticals for all of the conglomerate's operations.