Victor o`Cuinn

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Victor o`Cuinn
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Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu but lived on Kiffex after birth
Residence Asteroid Hideout shahkû
Close Family Rossalyn o`Cuinn (mother)
Kelton o`Cuinn (father)
Tomas o`Cuinn (uncle)
Taranjeek o`Cuinn (cousin)
Rylee o`Cuinn (cousin)
Spouse Magnhild Valthjofdottir
Children None
Born Year 9 (BCGT)
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Kiffu, Sith, Chiss, Twi'lek, Cathar, Corellian, Minnisiat
Religion Manda
Kiffar Background
Kiffar God Torbust (God of war and conflict)
Kiffar Clan Vel
Mandalorian Background
Mandalorian Clan Dael`mor
Title Aliit'buir
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.79 meters
Weight 160lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Political Information
Political Standing Neutral
Citizenship Trade Federation (level 2)
Affiliation Dael'mor
Rank Al'verde, Mando'ade
Positions Aliit'buir, Dael'mor
Past Affiliations Sevetta Conglomerate
Lardanis Survival Systems
Gree Trade Authority
Gree Mining Authority
LodeCorp Mining
Trade Federation
The Resistance

Victor o`Cuinn is the Aliit'buir of Clan Dael'mor, an Al'verde of Mando'ade, and a member of the o`Cuinn family. He is publicly known for participating in several Death Hunts and death matches, striving to prove himself as a capable warrior. In the past, he has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of DefenStar Ltd., Vice President of Security for the Sevetta Conglomerate, President of the Gree Trade Authority, Director of LodeCorp Mining, an officer in The Resistance, and as a member of the Trade Federation Navy.



Born on the 157th day of Year 9 (BCGT) to parents Kelton and Rossalyn o`Cuinn on the planet of Kiffu, Victor's family was unique due to his father's Hapan heritage. Because of this and although his mother was a native Kiffar, Victor was not bound by the tribal culture like the other children and, as such, he felt like an outsider and had a somewhat solitary childhood. Around the age of six he began experimenting with the broken droids and small vehicles, such as speeders and swoop bikes, learning how to disassemble and eventually repair them. He was able to use the knowledge to aid his father's trading business, repairing the new pieces of equipment that required maintenance. His father would buy the broken droids and vehicles, repair them with Victor's assistance and then sell the working items for profit. By the age of ten, Victor had begun being taught basic hunting and trapping skilled by his father Kelton, who seemed overly knowledgeable of, especially for being a foreigner on the planet of Kiffex.

When Victor reached the age of thirteen, his father instructed him to pack for a special weekend hunting expedition and to prepare himself for a uniquely rewarding trip. Victor, overly curious since his father was acting differently than he was accustomed, did as he was told and packed for the trip. The week leading up to their departure saw Kelton speaking very little to him, and even less when the trip began. Upon reaching a small hut hidden on a cavernous plateau that was shrouded behind a waterfall, Kelton informed Victor that he was actually a Mandalorian and he believed it time for Victor to learn of his heritage and of the Resol'nare. After this admission, Kelton removed a set of armour from a trunk hidden in the hut and, after handing it to Victor, stated "Ba'jur bal beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a bal Mand'alor— An vencuyan mhi".

For the following seven years, Victor trained with his father in the ways of the Mando'ade. They would venture on a secretive hunt every year, tracking and slaying a multitude of increasingly dangerous creatures in the mountains and forests of Kiffex. During these moments, Kelton would tell Victor stories of the old wars and teach him the true ways of the Mando'ade. In addition to the hunts and knowledge, Victor learned how to properly wield all sorts of weapons during numerous training and sparring sessions. One year, Victor was made to hunt and kill a katarn with nothing but his bare hands and armour. Victor enjoyed these experiences immensely until, one year, Kelton was called to battle by his aliit'buir.

Meditating on Kiffex

It was a long five years that Victor waited for his father to return, but Kelton never did. With a heavy heart, Victor gathered his belongings and kissed his mother goodbye. Honoring the ba'jur from his father, he took his beskar'gam and set off into the vast galaxy, intent on making his own name. In his mind, he was already Mando'ade.

Clan Vel

Victor's mother Rossalyn o`Cuinn (maiden name, Rossalyn Vel) was sister to Sintas Vel, with both being members of the Kiffar Clan Vel from the planet Kiffu. The qukuuf for Clan Vel are three diagonal black lines starting at the cheek bone near the nose going to the jawline on both sides of the face. The clan symbol is three straight vertical black lines with the center line being slightly longer on both ends than the outer lines, inside of a burnt orange circle.

Clan Vel Logo

Although Victor trained with and eventually followed his father's footsteps as a Mandalorian, he still learned much from his mother in the ways of the Kiffar and was even a member of the Kiffu Guardians for a brief period after his father departed. Victor was known only as "The Raven" while a member of the Kiffu Guardians. Rumor has it that Rossalyn was also a bounty hunter, much like her sister, and through that she met and married Kelton o`Cuinn, eventually giving birth to Victor. Although Victor has heard these rumors, neither of his parents ever confirmed or denied them. Rossalyn also introduced Victor to Torbust, the Kiffar god of war and conflict.

Fighting Bandits on Kiffu

Gree Trade Authority

After spending some time traveling the galaxy, Victor met up with his uncle, Tomas o`Cuinn. Tomas offered him employment through the Gree Trade Authority, where he performed work as a material handler, freight pilot, and construction foreman. Through his hard work and dedication to the job, he was eventually offered the position of Vice President, Director of Natural Resources, managing the newly-created Gree Mining Authority. Laboring every day to increase operational efficiency, Victor hoped to further prove himself to his uncle.

After many months of working on Gree, Victor was called away from the planet he now called home. He had been asked by a close friend to set up a new mining operation on a distant planet and Victor felt he couldn't refuse, so he packed up and took his leave. After an approximately week-long hyper trip, he made it to his destination and happily set himself to getting things started. Although he missed Gree, he loved seeing a new world with new sights and people.

Call to Serroco

On the 244th day of Year 16 (CGT), Victor received a transmission announcing a call to arms for all Mandalorians to prove themselves in combat on Serroco. Victor quickly finished the tasks he was performing and gathered up more than enough equipment to supply a small army. He knew this was his moment to show those who took him in that he was worthy of his beskar'gam and his aliik. This was his chance to honor his father - and who knew, maybe he might just run into his father there.

Victor arrived planetside on Day 270 and it did not take him long to see why the call to arms was issued; as he disembarked from his ship, he was immediately fired upon by an unruly group of hostiles. While fighting off these bandits, Victor also encountered some of the aggressive animal life that resided on the planet. He was able to rely on his Mandalorian training and proved victorious against the bandits as well as the creatures that attempted to sneak up on him. His crew, however, was not happy because they had been ordered to not interfere and to simply guard the ship. Victor knew this was his chance to show all that knew him that he deserved his beskar'gam.

Fighting outlaw bandits on Serroco

The Accident

After many weeks back at the daily grind in Gree, an irregularity occurred, though the day started out no differently than any other. After many months of tibanna gas mining operations on Gree IV, Victor knew he was close to finding a large deposit of gas in an existing mine. Unfortunately, a labor strike had recently started in a number of the mines and, during one of Victor's routine checks on the mining operation, a Rodian worker rigged one of the still-operating mines with explosives. Although the resulting explosion fortunately did not reach the actual gas deposits, which would have blown the entire facility, the stored containers were inside of the blast range. The combustion of those barrels reached the crew quarters, killing or injuring the majority of the workers, including Victor.

Healing after the Mining Explosion on Gree IV

Third-degree burns from the explosion covered his body, while a few fingers had to be replaced with cybernetics and his face was almost unrecognizable. While Victor recovered on Gree Prime, his uncle Tomas ordered the Gree Trade Authority's security division to detain and imprison the worker responsible for the terrorist act, including any accomplices discovered during the pending investigation. Victor's recovery was a smooth process and, a few short weeks later, he returned with the intent to prevent anything of that nature ever happening in the Gree system again. Although the "accident" did not leave any noticeable scars, Victor would never really be the same.

President, Departure

Following the unfortunate accident in the Gree IV gas mine, Victor showed amazing resolve and dedication. During his recovery time, where he was effectively absent from all operations, Victor's established processes and plans kept every Gree Mining Authority mine and other operation running smoothly. This showed the other leaders of the Gree Trade Authority how much he could be counted on, no matter the situation, so on day 360 of Year 16, Victor was appointed as president of the Gree Trade Authority. Victor graciously took this new role, eager to show his uncle and the rest of the Gree family that he deserved the opportunity.

Victor did not obtain the satisfaction as a corporate president that he had been seeking, primarily because he was nothing more than a public face and had no real power for change. After several months of simply signing work orders and kissing babies, Victor stepped down and decided to venture into the sale of weapons and droids. However, around the 70th day of Year 18 (CGT), Victor packed up one of his ships and left the Gree system altogether. He would miss being so close to his uncle and all those that he now called family, but he knew it was time for a change. After all, he had sought out Tomas in an attempt to learn about his father and himself, and he realized he had pursued that route as much as he could. As a result, he had a much brighter view of the galaxy and figured that there was nothing more to do other than explore it.

Trade Federation

To Victor, leaving Gree was a bittersweet decision. He had loved those he had lived, worked, and drank beside for years with all his heart; however, it was time for a change. He wanted to see more of the galaxy, meet new people, and try new things. So on the 82nd day of Year 18 (CGT), Victor sent in his application to the Trade Federation and it did not take long for him to be accepted and assigned to a fleet. He was unsure of what the future would hold for him, but he was eager to find out. On Day 85, Victor was granted the rank of Crewman and assigned to the Central Fleet; he was excited about what the future held for him and set course for his first duty location.

Despite his initial excitement over joining the Trade Federation, Victor departed the massive government a little over two galactic standard months later. He still respected the Federation but had not found what he was searching for there, which was a mixture of excitement and purpose. He loaded up his MTC and headed to parts unknown to most, where he suspected new adventures awaited him.

Dael`mor, Sevetta Conglomerate

Just shy of a year after Victor disappeared into the wild unknown, he resurfaced with the Dael'mor Mandalorian clan. He had also met back up with his uncle Tomas, and together they had reopened the LodeCorp Mining company in their new home - the Woldona system. Victor once again took up the role of President and felt good about the future. He had been traveling the galaxy, making new friends, trading on the galactic markets, fighting in combat tournaments, and just enjoying all that the galaxy had to offer. But now, it was time to get back to work and Victor was happy to be back with his family. During his travels, his uncle had reconnected with several other family members and had since brought them all together, a surprise to Victor upon his return.

As the Sevetta Conglomerate was formed around LodeCorp Mining, Victor transitioned into new roles as a Vice President of the conglomerate and as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lardanis Survival Systems, where he put his knowledge and enjoyment of manufacturing to practical use overseeing the conglomerate's production operations. During a corporate reorganization, Victor stepped into the role of Vice President of Security for the conglomerate and took over as President and Chief Executive Officer of DefenStar Ltd.

Death Hunts/Matches

Victor has been known to participate in various contests of skill in an effort to prove himself as a capable warrior.

Year 16 Death Hunt

Victor entered the Death Hunt, along with the other hunters, on the 297th day Year 16 (CGT). The Death Hunt's kill requirements had been set at one hundred and forty-four bandits, forty-eight duracrete slugs, four acklays, and four rancors. Unlike many of the hunters, Victor decided to participate in the hunt completely alone - unprotected and unsupported - bringing only his gear and honor with him. It was not a matter of winning or losing for Victor, but of pride and skill. He wanted to know in his heart that he could take this challenge on head first and walk away from it. If he succeeded in his mission, then he would know that there was nothing in this galaxy that could hold him down.

Although Victor did not win, he considered his trip a victory as he had proven himself a capable warrior and gained several new friends. He was certain that many would be as honored as he would be to fight side by side in future battles. His experiences in battle gave him many new lessons, and he made a vow to return for the next Death Hunt. For now, he decided that it was time to pack up and head home to Gree. Victor did so with a feeling of great accomplishment; although he had not reached the hunt's kill requirements, he had single-handedly beaten sixteen bandits, two duracrete slugs, and a rancor by the time the hunt had ended.

Year 19 Death Hunt

Victor touched down on the planet Sembla midday of Year 19 Day 118. With him was only six of his most trust soldiers, ones who had been with him in other hunting expeditions and had proven themselves capable of the task at hand. It took Victor and his team six long days and nights, but finally, on Day 124, they killed the last required creature. Altogether, the seven of them eliminated twelve cy`een sea creatures, four dianogas, four draigons, twelve fambaa, and twenty-four bandits. Victor, and his team, finished in third place bringing honor and glory to the Mandalorian Clan Dael`mor.

Year 20 Death Hunt

With Mando'ade taking over control of the Death Hunt, Victor continued his tradition of participating in the event which began on the 117th day of Year 20 (CGT). With an expansive kill list, Victor managed to hunt down 83% of the targets before the event ended; in all, he eliminated twenty-four bandits, two kell dragons, four katarns, four acklays, three nexu, two rancors, three varactyls, two dianogas, three R0L0 tank droids, and a krayt dragon. He finished the event with fourty-eight of the total fifty-eight targets completed but it was not enough to finish in the top three - Raidan Spike took first place while Regulus Jagarnat and Belloq Tull took second and third, respectively. Despite the lack of victory, Victor had successfully completed his continued goal of proving and improving himself on the battlefield.

Year 21 Droid Hunt

Huntmaster Kara Vhekade and Presenter Rehd Duurgo present Victor O`Cuinn with The Droid Hunt trophy.

Year 21 brought a change in the Death Hunt's rules, participants would only receive points for the droids they capture. Victor was one of the many Mandalorians to participate in the new Droid Hunt, touching down on the planet Champala during the Ninth Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet. Early the six-hour hunt, Victor scouted a group of bandits with a R0-L0 Tank Droid and a KX-series Security Droid. Killing the bandits with his lightsaber, Victor successfully captured both droids. Later on, he scouted and fought another group of bandits and captured their KX droid. Victor won the Year 21 Droid Hunt with a grand total of 285 points; a whopping 40 points more than second place runner-up Teroch Qir-zan. The victory was a first for Victor and Clan Dael'mor.

Death Matches

On the 34th day of Year 18 (CGT), Victor met Sable Sojo on the battlefield of Derra. Despite Sable's best efforts, Victor was able to dispatch her quickly and with minimal effort.

On the 81st day of Year 18 (CGT), Victor met Dahm Johnson on the battlefield of Serroco. Due to Victor's miscalculations, Dahm successfully countered his choice of tactics and defeated Victor.

Supplemental Information

Lineage of the Cuinn Family

Raghnall Cuinn
Cerdwyn Cuinn
Kaley Caelyn Ryann
Glynis Logan
RossalynWallaceCaelanFlynn Keagan TeaganGwynn
GavynQuinlyn Kieran


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