Thomas Cherokee

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Thomas Cherokee
Thomas Cherokee.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Barab I
Children Dannar SherGarr
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Brown/Grey
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Previously Emperor of the Galaxy; now Advisor to the Imperial Throne.
Prior Affiliation New Imperial Order
Awards Detailed below

Thomas Cherokee was the eleventh Emperor of the Galaxy (Year 11 Day 291Year 12 Day 327) and the former Steward of the New Imperial Order. He was a key figure in both the Third Imperial Civil War and the Fourth Imperial Civil War. He later succeeded Vodo Bonias as ruler of the Galactic Empire following a successful coup d'etat by Moff Orphaea Imperium in Year 11.


Thomas Cherokee came up through the ranks of the Imperial Army where he achieved the honored rank of General. He transferred from the military into government service at the bequest of Emperor Connel who felt that Cherokee's exceptional talent that would best serve the Empire as a whole rather than limited to a single branch. Eventually he achieved the rank of Executor under Connel's reign. In Year 6, for a brief time, Cherokee expanded to dual roles in both Government and Navy when he took command of the 3rd Imperial Fleet.

When the New Imperial Order split from the Empire in Year 6, Cherokee was the leader of the movement. A series of abuses by the top Imperial leadership sparked an Empire-wide revolt that culminated in the creation of a group that would come to be known as the New Imperial Order. Feeling a sense of responsibility to those in the Empire that looked to him for leadership and consternation with an administration that refused to consider alternate methods, Cherokee agreed to lead the fledgling government. Although he held the position of the Throne for the New Imperial Order he never claimed the title Emperor hoping for the day when the Empire would once again be whole.

The New Imperial Order flourished under the leadership of Cherokee, taking root in Bothan Space and expanding in popularity. Although they lacked the financial and intrinsic resources of the Galactic Empire, they employed ingenious tactics and motivated efforts to develop as a stable and viable government.

In Year 10, after long negotiation talks, the Empire was reunified and Cherokee became the Executor of the Galactic Empire under Emperor Bonias. He served the Empire and was the heir to the Imperial Throne. Although the Emperor had indicated he was going to retire, when the time came Vodo Bonias reneged and did not yield the Throne to his Executor. Cherokee remained in the Empire though for the benefit of all Imperials, effectively leading the Empire in the stead of a largely absent Emperor clinging to power.

During his time as Executor of the Galactic Empire, Cherokee oversaw the the establishment of the Ministry of Industry and the renewed supply distribution to all branches. ISB was established as the rule of law within the Empire. Imperial Intelligence once again became a powerful and effective branch. Recruitment numbers once again began to rise under his leadership. The stalwart Navy began reorganization that would make them a formidable force when matched against any opponent. It was an exciting time as the Empire once again gained renewed vision and purpose under his leadership.

In year 11 Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium took control of most Imperial assets and demanded Vodo Bonias resign from the Throne. Bonias yielded the Throne the Thomas Cherokee so Imperium would return the stolen assets and be lured back into the Empire; however, Bonias meant for Cherokee to hand the Throne back to him subsequent to the Imperial holdings having been secured. After giving his actions thorough consideration, Cherokee declined to return control of the Empire to Bonias and remained Emperor. Citing the need for a dedicated and involved Emperor to lead the Empire back to its former glory, Cherokee permanently ascended to the Throne and was heralded by all branches as the new galactic ruler.

On the 327th Day of the 12th Year of the New Order, having ruled for a little over a standard galactic year, Emperor Cherokee abdicated the Imperial Throne, nominating his long-time Executor and confidant, Guinar Ndengin, as his successor. On this historic day, he also proclaimed Seele, then Lord General and Commanding Officer of the Imperial Army, as the new Executor and Head of Government, leading to the formation of the Imperial Throne as it exists today.

In hindsight, the reign of Thomas Cherokee has been lauded as the beginning chapter of a new golden age for the Galactic Empire, having strengthened the Empire's friendship with its allies in the Imperial Union (Mandalore, the Trade Federation, and the Hapes Consortium), while also introducing new member states into the alliance (namely, the Tion Hegemony and the Aurodium Legion). Also, former enemies of the New Order would, under Cherokee's reign, resume diplomatic relations with the Galactic Empire (most notably in the form of the Anzatan Commonwealth), an event which simply could not have happened during his predecessor's regime.


  • Awarded Imperial Silver Cross by Emperor Piett
  • Awarded Distinguished Service Medal by Lord Steward Karrade
  • Entitled to Display 11 year Duty Bars

Previous Positions

  • Brigadier General, Imperial Army—Y-1
  • Command General, 4th Quadrant—Y0
  • Minister of Protocol, High Inquisitor—Y1
  • Grand Admiral October, NCO—Y1 D304 - Y1 D365
  • Executor to Emperor McCarthur—Y1 D304 - Y1 D365
  • Executor of the New Imperial Order—Y6 D303 - Y10 D160

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Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Vodo Bonias
Thomas Cherokee
Year 11 Day 291Year 12 Day 327
Succeeded By:
Guinar Ndengin

Executor of the New Imperial Order
Preceded By:
Garen Karrade
Thomas Cherokee
Year 6 Day 303Year 11 Day 160
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished