Ghtroc Industries (Year 11 - 12)

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This article is about the ship manufacturer that operated from Year 11 to 12. You may be looking for the current Ghtroc Industries, or Ghtroc Industries Year 13 to Year 19.

Ghtroc Industries
Ghtroc logo.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Jace Tracken
2IC Luke Sabershaft
Owner Jace Tracken
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 84
Dissolved Year 12 Day 308 (officially)

Year 13 Day 166 (operations ceased)

Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Galactic Alliance
Arkanian Royal Engineers
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Ghtroc Industries

Ghtroc Industries is a ship production corporation and formerly a private sector affiliate of the New Republic. Although officially dissolved with its assets acquired by Arkanian Royal Engineers, Ghtroc Industries continued to independently operate its former facilities as a subsidiary for a short time until the Jedi Coalition was formed by Arkanian Royal Engineers and the Jedi Order. Shortly after the establishment of the new government, the shipwrights of the Jedi Coalition reestablished Ghtroc Industries as a nationalised corporation under the Ministry of Engineering.


Ghtroc Industries was re-founded in year 10 by Jace Tracken. Jace had previously worked his way up the ranks in Intergalactic Military Machines, the Rebel Alliance and Incom Corporation, leading Rebel Alliance for a time, and being second-in-command and Director of Northern Operations with Incom. Having spent his entire career working in nationalized ship building companies, Jace was looking for the sense of freedom that can only be found by being your own boss. He gathered a small group of sentients together who shared his desire for freedom and flexibility, and together they formed Ghtroc Industries.

Prior to its re-founding, Ghtroc Industries was a long-standing Outer Rim shipbuilding company, focusing on the building of light freighters such as the Ghtroc 580 and 720, and also the Luxurious-class space yacht. Their original demise was due to the poor business sense in the development and marketing of their first true heavy freighter, the Cargo Empress-class super freighter.


  • Ghtroc Industries Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)

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