Journal of Teniel Djo

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This is a list of chronological and abridged summaries of Teniel Djo's journal entries.

Year 7

  • Year 7 Day 239: [1] Kathol Republic loses 3,000,000 credits in an attempted collusion scheme.
  • Year 7 Day 241: [2] PaulDaJedi, the Raptor Pirates leader, is captured. Teniel considers ransoming him.
  • Year 7 Day 243: [3] Eidola robs Jager Bane, a thief, of his Invisible Army spoils. At the end of the entry, Teniel declares herself a prophet.
  • Year 7 Day 245: [4] Triumvirate Security Forces are vigilant about an Eidola attempt to steal their largest ship, but after a leadership change they willingly give it away. It was valued at 15,000,000 credits.
  • Year 7 Day 260: [5] Operation Gadfly, a plot to steal one last ship docked in a Raptor Pirates capital ship, is a success.
  • Year 7 Day 265: [6] Teniel steals a Bayonet-class Light Cruiser. Jaq Gori, while under Eidola protection, threatens to kill another passenger. He is soon executed.
  • Year 7 Day 268: [7] Teniel makes several legitimate business deals with the intent of using profits to help the poor. She contacts many Hutts with an exclusive offer. Two new members of Eidola are mentioned.
  • Year 7 Day 274: [8] Teniel plans to create a faction with the goal of helping young sentient people, as well as veterans.
  • Year 7 Day 279: [9] The aforementioned two new members are named, but as it turns out it was a ploy to arrest one of them.
  • Year 7 Day 280: [10] Teniel releases full hierarchy of the Galactic Empire, then robs Sengir of 20,000,000 credits.
  • Year 7 Day 297: [11] Teniel quotes the Book of Zarquon. She also mentions a plan, in which she has high confidence, to assassinate a high-profile target.
  • Year 7 Day 307: [12] Teniel travels to Sevarcos, raves about a custom Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, then scams Kieran Traejik of 1,500,000 credits.
  • Year 7 Day 308: [13] Teniel uses an Eidola middleman to steal a Bayonet Cruiser from the Falleen Federation.
  • Year 7 Day 323: [14] Teniel steals 70,000,000 credits in ships' value. She also steals a Y-Head Corvette from Zek Djo.
  • Year 7 Day 342: [15] Teniel talks about a brief pilgrimage and an Imperial's two-faced dealings. She steals another Bayonet Cruiser, this time from the Commerce Guild's Alvin Cool. She uses another Eidola middleman to scam 25,000,000 credits from a CIS mining faction.
  • Year 7 Day 345: [16] Teniel hires outside contractors for logistic work. There is a preview of a big announcement about a new pirate domain.
  • Year 7 Day 347: [17] Eidolans work together to steal another Bayonet Cruiser from a mercenary named Jandor. Teniel mulls over a possible Life Day event at Sevarcos. She also plans a giveaway if Eidola can steal four more Bayonet Cruisers in 18 days.
  • Year 7 Day 363: [18] Teniel decides to take more risks but keeps a subordinate nearby for safety. A large operation involving an Imperial Naval Officer is underway. Hutt Space reports show a growing criminal underworld.

Year 8

  • Year 8 Day 4: [19] Teniel's most recent operation has failed. A different operation is going very well.
  • Year 8 Day 21: [20] Teniel complains about a long hyperjourney. More outsiders are being hired for small jobs. She slams Alvin Cool for his incompetence.
  • Year 8 Day 21: [21] After an hour of negotiations, Teniel pilfers 15,000,000 credits from a person known as Tel.
  • Year 8 Day 42: [22] Teniel comments on the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, and the SoroSuub Corporation.
  • Year 8 Day 49: [23] Teniel list some of her possessions, then rails the Raptor Pirates for lying about their best ships. A vote is held whether to steal from them or kill a member.
  • Year 8 Day 63: [24] A rebel, Oilios Katastrefor complains to Teniel that she doesn't write about robberies anymore. Oilios is robbed twice soonafter. Teniel has also lured three Raptor Pirates into her ship. A lesser known Eidolan has stolen another Bayonet Cruiser, this time from the New Anzat Order.
  • Year 8 Day 67: [25] Teniel scams a bounty hunter named Pierce Baker out of 1,500,000 credits, but returns half later. Eli Greenberg steals another Bayonet Cruiser.
  • Year 8 Day 68: [26] Teniel en route to Imzig on a risky operation. She attempted to ransom the three captured Raptor Pirates, but their leader won't pay. One has been executed.
  • Year 8 Day 70: [27] Barion Surkov, an Imperial officer, sends 6,850,000 credits that were for a budget to Teniel in the hopes that she'd sell him a Action VI Transport. She never would makeover the ship.
  • Year 8 Day 74: [28] Oilios reappears in an attempt to rescue the two living Raptor Pirates. His ship is captured. One of the remaining pirates is set free. The other is executed.
  • Year 8 Day 77: [29] Teniek reminisces about stealing from Sean Tel. She acquired four Cloakshapes and gave them away.
  • Year 8 Day 100: [30] Teniel pretended to sell two ships, making herself 17,500,000 credits in the process. Teniel tells stories of her time on Tatooine.
  • Year 8 Day 123: [31] Teniel writes about an affair between Squall Chitose and Joni Yuma. This was a trap for Joni and she was arrested and ransomed.
  • Year 8 Day 160: [32] Teniel laments her construction work as she receives word from Eli Greenberg that he stole ships worth almost 20,000,000 credits. Workers elsewhere are being arrested. A giveaway is planned, but Teniel worries about the cost.
  • Year 8 Day 168: [33] Eidola controlled space is encroached upon by a modded ship. Owner contacts Eidola asking them to move it, and they agree. The ship is impounded. A captured man, Braka Ra, is executed after disturbing a gambling event held by Teniel.
  • Year 8 Day 185: [34] Teniel lends Gráinne Ni Mháille to a Hutt warlord known as Pitsa. The Hutt uses it near Nal Hutta to kidnap and ransom passers-by. Teniel is travelling to an early ill-gotten Bayonet Cruiser because restricted tech is suspected to be on board.
  • Year 8 Day 188: [35] Teniel finds a Twi'lek Dark Jedi known as Asarya hiding in a factory in the Core Worlds.Teniel forces her into her ship, ascended to orbit, and started the hyperspace trip to Lorell. Upon reaching Lorell Asarya was rescued by friend Adam Diggins. Teniel became upset so Greenberg stole a Bayonet Cruiser to make her feel better.
  • Year 8 Day 193: [36] Teniel makes an analogy between pranks involving Gamorreans and stealing 37,000,000 credits in fake auctions.
  • Year 8 Day 208: [37] Teniel goes to Gamorr with the hopes of hiring slavecatchers. Unfortunately for her, the whole planet was controlled by The Freeholders. All Eidola proposed plans for a slave market were shot down. Eidola freighters land on a piece of land owned by local people and build the slave market there. Eidola bandoliers and shirts are in production.
  • Year 8 Day 235: [38] Eidola robs a person known as Tios of his Y-head Corvette and Bayonet Cruiser. Eidola veteran Frank Naasens is killed, a memorial is built on Sevarcos. Teniel comments on a faction specializing in slavetrading.
  • Year 8 Day 310: [39] Eidola rob Polarisruner of two Bayonet Cruisers via Greenberg middleman.
  • Year 8 Day 320: [40] Teniel hires Kuro Neko to tailor outfits for her and her crew.
  • Year 8 Day 330: [41] Teniel receives a letter from Greenberg telling her that he has arrested Falleen Federation's Templeton Peck.
  • Year 8 Day 340: [42] Teniel criticizes the New Anzat Order for letting their planets be poached. Teniel considers plans for Eidola to build on the Anzat homeworld. They partner with Mytaranor Slaving Council to build slave markets. Teniel mentions Greenberg's mission, Ironic Deaths.
  • Year 8 Day 345: [43] Greenberg captures a thief named Cyrus Rin, he was hiding on a Falleen Federation controlled planet. Also, Greenberg is in possession of a large sum of money that isn't his.

Year 9

  • Year 9 Day 19: [44] Teniel gets 4,500,000 credits after saying she'd give away capital ships. She extends a holiday giveaway.
  • Year 9 Day 32: [45] Teniel feigns drunkenness to scam people with too low prices to be true. She also bribed some donors to keep them off a list of names.
  • Year 9 Day 76: [46] Confederate Mining's newest leader Marco Salo sends Teniel 14,000,000 credits for a bulk freighter. Then Teniel tricks him into sending two more million, then another million. She also tells a story about a raffle called "It's a scam."
  • Year 9 Day 78: [47] Alex Track loses 50 credits to Teniel's stock scam.
  • Year 9 Day 79: [48] Teniel scams Uther von Kaldreon in a massive deal involving many Imperial cities and mines. Total loss was at least 40,000,000 credits
  • Year 9 Day 112: [49] Plans for construction of a cemetery and racetrack are revealed. Teniel speaks well about Lamy Homo. In regards to Eidola hierarchy, the second in command takes a leave of absence and three members are given more responsibilities. Eidola invades Raptor Pirates system G'rho and takes overwhelming control of planet with same name. Arrests are also made. Eidola try to make trades with the New Republic, only to be told by their newest leader, Aeternal Conclave, that they are at war with Eidola.
  • Year 9 Day 174: [50] Two operations underway, no information allowed on either. She led troops on an enemy planet, securing a large portion of land. A nuisance is arrested and executed.
  • Year 9 Day 183: [51] The invasion of Kathol was a success. Eidola had scouts monitoring Krath construction activity and Eidola quickly outbuilt Krath despite Xel Novastar slaying many Eidola slaves.
  • Year 9 Day 187: [52] Teniel writes about the capture and execution of a nuisance, as well as a 5,000,000 credit scam involving a Sabaoth Defender.
  • Year 9 Day 198: [53] Another build war with Krath, many Krath builders are killed by Kai Oryk. Teniel plans a third build war on a neighboring planet.
  • Year 9 Day 237: [54] Large scale development of four planets underway. Krath futilely attempts to continue a former build war, Syn will stay in Krath territory to monitor. Teniel scams 3,000,000 credits from advertising a droid that doesn't exist, she returns half the money though. She also scammed 12,0000,000 credits from Gaddon Trammer. She uses that sum to encourage freelancers in Hutt Space. The Smuggler's Guild received the call from Eidola to transfer Ryll to Ylesia. Teniel risked her life getting into someone's ship. She meets with three captains.
  • Year 9 Day 296: [55] Falleen Federations's Tavon Allyii is scammed for 12,000,000 credits by Gitane Demone. Later, Teniel scams him out of 15,000,000 credits and two personal ships. Elsewhere, Teniel persuades Tresario to give her access to an entire planet's power grid. She reroutes all power to newly built Eidola facilities. Teniel risks her life again flying with a stranger.

Year 10

  • Year 10 Day 41: [56] Eidola scams religion faction Diversity Alliance of assets. A man named Jason Bond has his ship bombarded and boarded. He is arrested.
  • Year 10 Day Day 76: [57] A new recruit loses his way and flies a Gallofree into a sun. An Eidola Quartermaster disguised himself in an Imperial uniform to steal a replacement Gallofree.
  • Year 10 Day Day 215: [58] Teniel drinks and parties with close associates. They're en route to a prisoner transfer. Also, force testing is scheduled for two new recruits.
  • Year 10 Day Day 222: [59] Teniel is en route to Polith. At Polith she scams Black Sun and others out of rare ships valued around 900,000,000 credits.
  • Year 10 Day Day 261: [60] Bawkneira has his freighter stolen by long time friend of Teniel, Spear. Bawkneira hires Teniel to assassinate Spear, but instead Teniel lures Bawkneira into her space station and executes him.
  • Year 10 Day Day 345: [61] Teniel thinks about Life Day again. Teniel scams a TIE Bomber from Azriel Pitot.

Year 11

  • Year 11 Day Day 5: [62] Nearly a dozen Trade Federation officials are killed or scammed. Utono Brutza opens a casino. Drago Aluminus falls into incredible debt at that and other casinos.
  • Year 11 Day 314: [63] Gilboa is robbed of his TIE-Wing as well as 10's of millions in credits and other assets by a group of four Eidola pirates.

Year 12

  • Year 12 Day 207: [64] Teniel's final speech.