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Natalis Oro
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian- Dathomirian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Alara'Oro (Dathomiri)
Father Keros (Alderaanian)
Marital Status Married
Born Year -17
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation Corellian Transport Services


The Early Years

Nat'a'lis was born to Keros of Alderaan and Alara'Oro, a native of Dathomir. The youngest of three, she learnt quickly how to get her own way and have her siblings believe it was wholly in their best interest. Spoilt and coddled for most of her life, she was surrounded by the brilliant colours of her parents clothier mercantile. This aesthetic pleasure soon spilled into artistic talents that would later see her studying the entire spectrum of the humanities with relish.

At the age of 7, Natalis was sent a tutor from Aldera. Unbeknown to the young Natalis, her tutor had once studied under the Jedi but had been declared too old for training. Some tenants and rituals of meditation were passed on to the little lady to help her through a particularly awkward stage of growth where she exhibited acute signs of shyness and extreme emotion. The tutor disappeared not two years later - without a word - leaving the young Natalis complaining that she could no longer feel the 'thread' of her tutor.

When Natalis was 10, she experienced shifting memories of a bizarre Force user who used his 'strange' talents to scare her father into paying him off to sever connections. Though the man paid Natalis no particular attention, it made a lasting impression on the young girl. This prejudice then saw Force users in general labelled immediately as arrogant with a belief that none could be trusted with their randomly placed powers. In short, Natalis was left terrified of Force users, even the Jai.

Beginnings in the New Republic

Onn Year 8 Day 120 Natalis had completed her university degree and signed up for the Rebel Alliance not a full week before it became the New Republic. The historical event ever marked her, as did the proceeding events. She quickly entered the Republic Diplomacy Command (RDC) academy under High Ambassador Jake Azzameen. Her progress was slow but steady under the tutelage of “Fishy” (as she grew to affectionately call him) but it seemed that current events would cause her to diversify her skills. Having witnessed first hand the SoroSub/Black Sun infiltration of the New Republic and its betrayal, Natalis Oro knew that such pivotal moments set precedence for the underlying vibe and cognition for the very new government. She was one of many who had determined that what ships and goods were stolen were not worthy of their bitterness, but instead worked internally to rebuild the confidence the Republic had lost in each other.

The next few years were a rush of activity. She had returned to the Academy, this time to meet the requirements to undertake service to both Corellian Transport Services (CTS) as well as building for several different nationalised factions. Due to her friendships with people such as Taka Aioko and Kit Lorcan, she was asked and often forced into ‘sitting’ in positions she felt entirely uncomfortable with. One such position was that of CTS Leader. She was well aware of those who had managed the job before her as well as those who were presently within the ranks. But it was kudos to those in CTS that they took Natalis Oro under their wing and aided her so well and proudly. Once the faction was stabilised, Natalis Oro quickly gave the reigns to Endaro Kassan who she had watched emerge as an intelligent and driven leader.

At the behest of Jake Azzameen, Natalis had also taken leadership of a faction known as the Shadowbane Syndicate after Mosiah Brightblade. Transforming it into a larger ‘shell’ for an internal news corporation within the NR, it was renamed to Republic Media Service for a short time before undergoing yet another name change to that of ‘Rebel Alliance’ as both an honorific to precursor days of the NR.

As with many who work too hard for too long, Natalis Oro burnt out and undertook a extended leave of absence. She had made certain that all her positions were filled with emerging leaders before she took off for the wilds of her home planet, Dathomir.

New Republic Diplomacy Command I

On return, Natalis found one of her old friends as the Chief of State - Taka Aioko. Extraordinarily pleased with this, Natalis again signed up for the RDC, this time under High Ambassador Gryffyn Grayurra. The two did not see eye-to-eye, having vastly different ways to reach the same target. It was the Executive Ambassador at the time, Cheda Quche who would make things so much easier for Natalis in RDC. Natalis and Cheda soon became fast friends, often undertaking diplomatic missions together. Truthfully, Natalis Oro fell in love with Cheda Quche, though she never told him. She did not wish to endanger the rapport and teamwork that they had painstakingly constructed between themselves and the new recruits to RDC.

It was during this period that Natalis was given hesitant permission by the High Ambassador to open negotiations by herself. Little more than the Advisory Council and those directly involved knew of the ‘delicate negotiations’, but that she had terrified HA Grayurra became uniquely evident. Chief Aioko, knowing both Natalis’ disposition and her ability to handle and read the royal Ambassador advised she be allowed to continue. Much to Cheda and Natalis’ relief, HA Grayurra stepped down from his position and Natalis delighted in seeing the mantle passed to Cheda.

The negotiations had taken their strain on Natalis too, however, and very soon after, she announced another leave of absence. Cheda asked her to stay, offering her the position of Executive Ambassador, and even hinting that further movements were in store.. but Natalis had divined that Dathomir’s wilds were calling once more and she had to take heed.

New Republic Diplomacy Command II

Natalis heard stories of Cheda’s rise to Chief of State, and then of his murder. She took her time coming back, determined that things would be different and seeing out her enormous grief in solitude.

When she returned, it was to find the NR’s new Chief to be Endaro Kassan. Again there was much joy in the present circumstances, and once again she was put to quick work in RDC under High Ambassador Gryffyn Grayurra, who had returned to the position when needed most. Once again, Gryffyn and Natalis worked together though Natalis’ new found respect for ‘The Hutt’ was evident. She threw herself into her work, and in support of Gryff who had taken in a round of fresh recruits with Adam Hughes to aid him.

When Gryffyn was removed from his position through political manoeuvring, the position of High Ambassador was somewhat thrust upon Natalis. Since Adam was leading the Intelligence department, she was the next in line and actively on duty. Once again, Natalis found a best friend in Adam to aid her when she came against stringent opposition, this time from outside of the NR.

Since her “Fishy” had conned her into becoming the Deputy Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance (while he ran his third term as Secretary General), Natalis found herself busy beyond her imagination. She thrust herself into building up RDC with Gand Xitwa and Adam Hughes, and was rewarded with an influx of recruits that would help stabilise the once beset group. At the end of Jake’s term, Natalis was asked to consider undertaking ‘Secretary General’ herself. Again, not something she wished to do, especially when she realised her friend from Arkanian Brothers would be running as well (Va’li Owa). They discussed the idea, Natalis putting forward that she’d pull out if he wanted to run (since she had no intention of competing for something she hardly wished to undertake). It was decided amongst them that if one ran, the other would be their Deputy. In the end, Natalis ran unopposed.

It was one term of what she had hoped would be a consolidation of the ideals and a strengthening of the ties between the governments that comprised the Galactic Alliance. Instead, an event occurring within the Krath threatened to do quite the opposite. The Krath had conducted a very public murder of a criminal to their organisation – having it broadcast across the universe. And for the first time in her career, Natalis Oro was forced to act on her ethical standpoints.

She called for a vote on ousting the Krath from the Galactic Alliance and it was met with both hostile anxiety, vicious slanders and apathetic apologists. Without the backing of the New Republic Senate, Natalis Oro commanded her courage on her own cultures mandates. “The highest of Allya’s laws has always been this: Never concede to evil”.

The outcome was that Krath was allowed to keep its place in the Galactic Alliance and due to the political machinations of those aggrieved by Natalis’ stance, she recognised the irreparable damage this had done to her own career. She resigned her position on the Advisory Council in private to Chief Orion Chran with her apologies for any fall back on he and the rest of the Council – her encouragement was to name Gand Xitwa as the next High Ambassador.

As it became evident that the Senate would not forgive her for her interruption to their laws and powers with her conscience, she took another leave of absence.. for the hyperspace coordinates of Dathomir had been lost in a galactic wide phenomenon. She had to find home.

Naval Career

Returning without having found the planet of her birth, on Year 19 Day 118, Natalis re-entered the academy and finished the day after. This was her first steps towards an unusual military career. Initially planning on joining a NAT, she was quickly convinced to join the NR Navy instead by none other than Helix Falks. The only reason to return this time was clear in her mind: She missed her friends.

Career History

Minister of State
Preceded By:
Tengri Lethas
Natalis Oro
??? - Day 246 Year 18
Succeeded By:
Arco Serle