Nenya Plaure

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Nenya Plaure
Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Zeltros
Clan Aliit V'r'caah
House Plaure
Mother Vilya Plaure
Father Narya Authion
Born Year -2 Day 254
Languages Basic
Religion Darin Byrch
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.7 Meters
Coloring Soft pink
Hair Color Light blue
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Rank Sol`yc Ver`alor

Nenya Plaure is a Zeltron of Mandalore. She was raised on Zeltros, originating from the House of Plaure, but after reaching the age of maturity, found her calling as part of Mandalore. She currently serves in the faction as Verd`ika, as part of the ground military.


Early Years

On Year -2 Day 254, Nenya was born to her parents, in the House of Plaure. The Plaure line can be traced back by a long lineage of violence. Each family member is trained in combat by an older member and taught to manipulate their race's pheromones during a fight, to wage war on an emotional level as well as a physical one. Since Zeltrons have an affinity for emotional projection, it is easy to take a fight to an emotional level. The most common use is to goad and taunt opponents into lowering their guard, and to blind their judgment with fury, rather than the typical seduction normally seen from a Zeltron. Within the House of Plaure, a fight is not simply a fight, it is a show of control and an evaluation of oneself. Nenya's mother was a member of the House, while her father was another Zeltron from another line.

Nenya's own childhood was relatively standard, and several times, she fantasized about being adopted by a Mandalorian, forging armor from fallen enemies, and engaging in battle, swearing her loyalty to the cause.

Joining Mandalore

When Nenya had gone through the ceremony to welcome a Plaure into adulthood, she decided to seek Mandalore out, and left Zeltros, with her family's blessing. Soon enough, encountered a Human, Neres Warjan, in a vaguely sordid cantina off-planet, seeking to recruit her. Knowing that this was the moment her daydreaming had led up to, she pretended to mull over it, asking if there was a place for her in the ground military, if the pay was decent, whether they would truly help her improve, overall taking her time.

At one point, she challenged Neres to a fight, stating that she would only join, should he beat her in a physical fight. In the first minute of the fight, she made the decision to play dirty, swathing him with her pheromones to bend his will to hers, and projecting rage and adrenaline into him but to her surprise, the Human had maintained focus, locking himself in a combative mindset, and taking her down with a quick throw. She lay on the floor, bruised, but delighted at the promise of more fights of this caliber of stimulation. If all their warriors were of this level, where else would be a better place to train her combat skills? Rising, Nenya took his hand, and agreed to join Mandalore, though both had known she had already joined the second he sat down beside her.

She was accepted into Mandalore, and having recruited her, Neres Warjan became her Academy Instructor, setting her academy tasks and assigning her a ship. She soon graduated under his guidance and was assigned to Korlan Mereel as her Commander. She still kept in touch with Neres.

Joining Aliit V'r'caah

Before she had graduated from the Academy, Nenya was approached by a hulking Trandoshan, wearing the armor of Mandalorian and Trandoshan origin, with a golden helmet that would resemble a mask as well. She hailed him as Venari Haliat, one of the more renowned Trandoshans in the galaxy, known for being Force-sensitive, serving the Separatists in battle among countless other deeds. He was accompanied by a Klatooinian she knew as Anon Drekk, Haliat's son- personally trained by his father. He was clad in desert armor and seemed to fix Nenya with his eyes. Initially stunned, she lowered her head to both of them, showing her respect, but looked up when the Trandoshan spoke.

Surprisingly, he gave a standard sign of respect, looking her in the eye, and told her that she was invited to be a member of Aliit V'r'caah, one of the oldest Clans of Mandalore. Floored by the invitation, she managed to say that she was certainly honored- but would give it some time, and would only join after she had graduated the Academy. Of little words, Venari and Anon nodded and left, signifying that both understood.

This served as partly the motivation for her to quickly graduate, and as soon as she had left the Academy, approached Venari and asked if the position was still open, and he replied that the invitation was indeed still valid. She swore her loyalty to Aliit V'r'caah, and with another nod, he welcomed her into the Clan, as another family member.


Nenya's current view of Mandalore contrasts greatly with her once-romanticized vision as a youngling, understanding that being Mandalorian centers more around honor than it does around senseless bloodshed. She finds herself busy around most of Mandalore's space and territory, transporting ships and crates of goods. During hyperspace trips, she likes taking long naps or checking in with the folks back home, or other sentients she's made friends with around the galaxy. She is normally accompanied everywhere by two riflemen, Rubis Glam and Herron Mackali, for her own safety. They do not hunt much but simply exist for the illusion of being bodyguards, and to accompany Nenya on long hyperspace journeys as well as amusement. During her free time, she goes hunting with her Togorian squad, a team of female Mandalorian riflemen, and a gift from her brother, Anon Drekk.

Nenya was on a retreat back to Zeltros for a year and came back to Mandalore's government absolving itself into a more singular corporate mercenary group. After her retreat, she came back to serve in the Heavy Fleet. In her absence, the Blackout of Y19 occurred, in which an attack was launched on Mandalore's network. In a failsafe procedure to protect itself, all documents were erased, with all backups deleted. With this, Nenya watched as Mandalore began to rework their documents and have them further encrypted.

Personality and Traits

Nenya is an overall easygoing individual outside the battlefield, though she has a natural love for battle and is only too eager to get into a physical fistfight. To her, fighting can be used as a way to bond individuals closer. She can be easily perceived as too boisterous in her friendships, often seeking approval and finding herself comfortable at the center of attention, whether it is because of a story of her travels or a bar fight. However, this desire for attention has led to her manipulating pheromones, consciously and subconsciously, to sway crowds into paying attention to her.

Powers and Abilities

Nenya possesses the normal strength of a Zeltron female of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. She also possesses the standard abilities of a Zeltron.


  • Zeltron Physiology
    • Pheromones: Nenya secretes pheromones that enhance her attractiveness. This is a physiological trait beyond her control.
    • Limited empathy: Nenya is capable of reading other's emotions, and can detect any change in emotions. This being said, she senses when the tension in the room is palpable, and is usually the first to leave.
    • Emotional projection: Hand in hand with her limited empathy, Nenya can project her own emotions on others, suiting them to her needs. This is most useful when she wants to instill fear or anger in others, by letting it fester within herself, then projecting it onto other sentients and intensifying the resulting emotion, to blind their judgment. It is possible to resist this, but Nenya has trained her emotional projection to a high degree and is capable of performing emotional projection on the average sentient.
    • Seduction: This ability comes the most limited within her family, as most of their training focuses on emotional projection, part of which requires suppressing their natural skill of seduction. However, this is still possible, and due to her pheromones, Nenya is more capable of seduction than the average sentient.


  • Marksmanship: Nenya is not a natural marksman, but her training with Aliit V'r'caah has honed her aim, and more often than not, she can strike.
  • Diplomacy: Nenya can sway and barter with anyone, and a quick smile usually ensures a lower price.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Everyone in House Plaure is trained in hand-to-hand combat, and Nenya excels at the skill.


  • Family
    • Anon Drekk: Anon was responsible for most of her integration into Mandalorian society, giving her Bes'be and even equipping her with his own squad and lending her some of his kits to allow her to unleash a proper hunt, educating her in V'r'caah's hunting arts and personally overseeing her skills, in addition to explaining the Resol'nare to her. Because of this, Nenya fondly looks up to him, bothering him every so often with messages, often consulting her ori'vod for decisions. He is the first sentient outside of her House and blood that she came to regard as family.
    • Venari Haliat: As her Aliit'buir, Nenya holds him highly in regard. The Trandoshan initially came across as aloof to her, though she eventually came to warm up to him somewhat- the second sentient outside her House and blood that she came to regard as a family, bordering on a father figure.
  • Allies

Links within Mandalore

    • Neres Warjan: Neres was the first connection she ever had to Mandalore, issuing the invitation for Nenya to join, and through a quick show of combat, convinced her that Mandalore was worth joining. He became her Academy Instructor quickly after, showing her the basics of how to fly a ship or how to link a squadron of ships the minute she first joined Mandalore. Under his tutelage, she bloomed and graduated. Though she regularly keeps in touch with him, asking about the new students, and taking directions from him and Korlan Mereel.

Links outside Mandalore

    • Valeriya Eyre: Another ally made at the Swap Meet was Valeriya Eyre- the Anzati simply waved her over, offering a glass of wine, and invited her to follow her. Oblivious to the higher socialite class she was marching into, Nenya simply followed. Nenya fondly remembers Valeriya as an affectionate friend.
    • Spek Toekom: While hunting bandits on a stealth mission on Nelvaan, Nenya Plaure encountered Spek Toekom, and a brief scuffle ensued over a misunderstanding. This was quickly remedied, however, when the bandits fell upon them. Aided by Spek's Clansmen, the Zeltron and Gamorrean worked together to drive the bandits away. Unable to understand Gamorrean as fluently as she'd like, Nenya's only parting knowledge was her name and the hope they would meet one day.