Los Luum

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Los T. Luum
Biographical Information
Race Devaronian
Homeworld Devaron
Spouse Divorced
Siblings n/a
Children Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.0 metres
Political Information
Affiliation The Red Hand
Rank Outlanders Founding Member (No longer affiliated), The Red Hand Owner/Operator-Street King


Los Luum was born on Devaron somewhere circa Year -13. He was raised by his mother after his father, in traditional devaronian fashion, took off to seek his fortunes amongst the stars. Since then he has not seen hide nor hair of his father, and deep down wonders what may have happened to him. As he grew, Los had a number of different odd jobs before finally finding his calling as a used freighter salesman and peddler of items of questionable legality. Operating from a small cave in the wilds of the western mountains, Los not only acquired barely running freighters, he also became a self-taught hyperdrive mechanic. He spent many hours dissecting the mysterious and dangerous machines that were barely working and combining them with next-generation parts to improve the ships' speeds in faster-than-light travel. Here he operated in semi-secrecy for many years, making him one of few devaronian males who did not immediately set off into the galaxy to seek his fortune. Los preferred to bide his time making money at home and visiting his wife in the city on a semi-frequent basis until she ran him off, which usually happened after a few days. Still, this did not dissuade Los and he would return several times a month to visit his wife and younglings.


In addition to repairing and rebuilding hyperdrives, Los also found that he had developed a knack for laundering money and stolen materials. In doing so he crossed the paths of a few more wealthy offworld clients, including a rumored hyperdrive explosion that killed the entire family of a wealthy nemoidian business tycoon. At this time, Los decided that it might finally be time to partake of the legacy of his people and make his way into the stars. Through the pity from a well known female pirate and assassin, Los obtained a ship and basic equipment. His planet behind him, Los set a course for the stars in hopes that he could survive another day.

While on Devaron, Los had a few rare opportunities to interact with alien species. While he did correspond with the occasional offworld businessbeing, most of his business was conducted with the furred females of his species. As a result, his knowledge of other races and peoples in the galaxy was severely limited. During his journeying amongst the stars, Los discovered that his enjoyment of female company increased greatly--reminding him of his wife back home, to whom he remained loyal to for some time. However, when fate intervened and introduced Los to the smooth skinned twi'lek dancers of Ryloth, his loyalty faltered for a moment. Eventually word of his indiscretions reached home and Los found himself a single devaronian alone in the galaxy. With his new-found loneliness (or freedom as some would see it) Los took to befriending any who made his day a little bit brighter, doing his best to keep the thought that it was not safe for him to return to his homeworld at bay. This resulted in Los appearing to be an insatiable flirt; though in truth, he simply enjoyed the company of any manner of beautiful beings.

During this time, Los also befriended an anzati known as Alessandro De Caito. The two took to referring to themselves as the demon and the vampire and joking regularly about the frightening mythos that surrounded both of their species, as many found themselves uncomfortable in their presence.


During his time in the galaxy, operating as a rogue businessman and fly-by-night hyperdrive repairman, Los was approached by the management of the Telgorn Corporation who wanted him to aid them in creating their (ill-fated) company. Having little in the way of business offers at the time, Los readily agreed and lent his business expertise to assist. After founding, Los again was struck by devaronian wanderlust. Not wanting to be confined to an office helping to run the day to day operations of a business from behind a holoscreen, Los took his leave of Telgorn Corp and quite soon found himself lining up to learn the ways of the rogue Mandalorians known as The Death Watch.

It became abundantly clear to Los shortly after joining The Death Watch that he was not cut out to be a Mandalorian. He was, after all, a mechanic, businessman, and con, not a barbaric warrior. Before he could find himself on the receiving end of a blaster or a blade, Los escaped back into the security of the stars.

Wandering the galaxy with no purpose did little to serve Los' desire to be a part of something. Los continued to seek out a place to belong that would still allow his flights of fancy to blossom. It was at this point that he signed up to work alongside The Black Curs and he soon found himself in a management position overseeing teams of builders as The Curs sought to claim an entire system to their cause. After working for a time, Los lost all contact with his superiors and despite multiple efforts to regain contact with them was left alone with his building crews planetside. Not knowing what else to do, Los allowed his natural wanderlust to guide him and he resigned from his position and again took to the stars.

In an odd twist of fate, Los found himself making his way to Candoria at roughly the same time as Alessandro De Caito, also seeking employment. He found it in the form of Xucphra a member group of the Mecrotica Conglomerate conglomerate led by Doctor Spree Razzix. The Doctor saw Los' desire to wander and quickly put him to work plowing the hyperlanes under the Xucphra flag.


In Xucphra, Los found a purpose and enjoyed his time working. He was also able to find free time to discuss several different far-flung ideas with both Spree and Alessandro. In these discussion, Spree promised to help and support Los wherever his fancies took him, and in this time a strange, albeit wonderful friendship was born between the genius-level insectoid doctor and the rogue and devilish hyperdrive mechanic.

Soon these conversations took a turn and Los began to express his disdain for the variety of would-be controlling masters who used the smaller, less financial fortunate beings to do their back breaking work. While the rich got richer the poor barely scraped by. Los was troubled by this and quickly he, Alessandro, and Spree found a small band of beings with similar ideals about the state of the universe.

Soon, they had acquired a small piece of property and had managed to set up a rather high quality clubhouse complete with bar, dance floor, and private quarters for any who might share their ideals of freedom. Then and there, the ideals and basic shape of Outlanders was born!

Shortly after this, Los found himself on an undisclosed outer rim planet with several of his above mentioned new-found friends. There they were partaking in some highly illegal podraces. While not a racer himself, Los' love of hyperdrives allowed him to work closely with the pod engines, while the others found all manner of activities amongst the podracing setting to occupy their time. It was during this race that a local government agent referred to the group harshly as Outlanders, wishing them to go back from wherever they came from. From this point on, the gathering of social misfits had found a name and an identity, and The Outlanders officially took their place in the galaxy as a legitimate organization.

Alongside their friends in Xucphra and Mecrotica (Xucphra's parent conglomerate), Los and the Outlanders sought to spread freedom and the delight of high speed podracing to any who were willing. Los quickly found himself as a sort of figurehead for the group, his signature Devaronian smile and quick wit and charm earning him a place amongst the hearts of nearly all who came into the Outlander clubhouse.


As the Outlanders continued to prosper and grow, Los found himself making all matter of new friends and brothers within the organization itself. Quickly he found himself rubbing shoulders with across the spectrum; ranging from disgruntled imperial agents to pirates, prostitutes, and would-be-jedi/sith all the way over to legitimate businessbeings, medical professionals, warriors, religious fanatics and the common working class. It was these, the common workers, that his heart went out to as he felt like he and they were from the same stock. Los quickly developed a compassion for all of these people, and many of them also began to strive to join the Outlanders.

Less than a year after the founding, there was a decisive split of ideology between the members of The Outlanders. This decision, while not everything is known about it, concerned the core beliefs of The Outlanders. While some of the members sought to embrace a governmental contract to ensure a secure flow of income, many others, Los included, believed that ideology was more important than money and refused to bow their knee to any government, no matter what the contract. Soon, The Outlanders reached a semi-agreedable split where Alessandro took possession of the name Outlanders and reshaped it into a trading organization. Meanwhile, Los and several other members took their beliefs that they carried as Outlanders and respahed it, focusing in on the aspects of freedom and brotherhood and together created the rogue group: The Red Hand.


In the middle of year 16, Los Luum and a handful of dedicated beings reformed the betrayed version of Outlanders into The Red Hand. Together they sought to maintain both the secrets of their members and their past, but also the very membership of their new order. The Red Hand wrote and dedicated themsleves to followin The Code of The Streets and to indoctrinate and welcome in any waylaid, lost, wandering, or enslaved and oppressed being into their family. Los dedicatd himself to proclaiming freedom wherever he went, at whatever cost.


Los has several signature items that he likes to spor ranging from personal outfit to ships. Currently, he has taken possession of a ship belogning to an ex-jedi, the Corona Frigate, Passion's Fire. He uses this to conduct Outlander business wherever he is needed in the galaxy. Docked inside is a highly customized Ginivex Class Fighter, which while not designed for a being of his build had been customized to at least allow the devaronian to comfortably lead forays planetside for a few hours.

Los often sports a customized set of gear given to him by his friends in the Mecrotica Syndicate as an outward sign of his loyalty and friendship to his friends.

While he did have several pieces of armor and a variety of weaponry Los was not prone to combat if at all avoidable. He preferred to try and look intimidating enough to dissaude a fight than actual get involved in one. Sometimes this has led Los into some interesting skirmishes that usuaully end quickly as he fights like a deranged lunatic in an effort to survive and get away. Los' key to survival could be summed up in one simple phrase:

"Sometimes, we must fight, to run away"


In Year 16, Los found himself unknowingly somehow recruited by Dr. Nodi Cantor to help explore/search an ancient Sith Temple


Los often sports a carnivorous pointy-toothed smile. He can often be found behind the bar at the Outlander clubhouse serving up all sorts of drinks, while fiercely defending his own purplish concoction of fermented hyperdrive fluid that he rarely is willing to share with others. Despite several encounters with beings who are attuned with the force, Los adamantly denies the existence of the Force, believing that any powers that other attribute to the mythical force are simply scientific phenomenons that they are yet unable to explain. Los does not approve of slavery for the sake of enslavement. However, he is a firm believer in swift and severe punishment for those who wrong his family or violate societal norms that he feels are acceptable. He has been known to, despite not being fond of combat, take violent and permanent retribution on others. His fervent belief in this maxim has lead to at least one documented case where he removed a being's finger to serve as a constant reminder that lying to those who would protect your back at all costs is not a wise choice.