Who Has 17,000 Crates of Bacta Refills? Not Alpha Medical Corps!

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Hacked by: Syn - Faction: Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 15 Day 173 Location Unknown

The visage of a dark-haired Anzati woman appears on screen. She stands in front of a shipboard display, two large cages containing a starved sand panther and Kintan strider occasionally visible off to the side. She wears slightly too much armour to pass for a genuine news anchor and holds a datapad from which she reads in a rather mocking tone without preamble.


"Chaos erupted in the Ast Kikorie system this week as Alpha Medical Corps, nationalized healthcare provider of the Avance Coalition, discovered approximately 17,000 crates of bacta refills missing from their warehouses and storage late one evening. Or possibly right at this moment. The theft was carried out over the course of several days, not long after the floundering company received emergency funding from the Avance Coalition in order to continue its operations. The seized stash is valued at approximately 5 billion credits and constitutes nearly the entirety of the company's available medical stock.

"It is unknown how Alpha Medical Corps lost track of such a sizable quantity of goods, but internal memos indicate that the company leader, Ashura Harma, and the majority of his employees were preoccupied with unrelated construction projects for the Avance Coalition. Whereabouts or existence of warehouse security personnel could not be confirmed."

She frowns skeptically down at the datapad as an image is superimposed over the display.


"Apparently, a Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate identifying as Masquerade and flying the Eidola colours was spotted leaving the scene only hours after the completion of the heist, although this is almost definitely either a coincidence or a ruse. I can't imagine that the noble and altruistic Eidola Pirates would leave the 7 billion residents of the Ast Kikorie system, and countless Avancians across the galaxy, without healthcare."


"Scans of the mystery medical frigate revealed it to be personally registered to one Tsin Vus, a Kel Dor believed to be a highly skilled combat medic of otherwise unknown background, and a distorted transmission intercepted from the ship communicated only that the man's motive for the heist was freedom. When questioned about Vus's identity, Warlord Squall Chitose, leader of the pirates, allegedly said--"

She affects a slurred speech pattern, and reads from the datapad,

"'Oh, Tsin Vus? Yeah, I know that guy--wait, I mean, what guy?'"

She shrugs and resumes the dramatic reading with somewhat less than plausible professionalism.

"So Eidola convincingly denies knowledge of this crime and will surely not be profiting from its execution, but one thing is certain: all residents of the Ast Kikorie system are surely doomed to a swift and inevitable demise without access to proper healthcare. Hopefully sufficient replacement supplies can be secured and delivered with haste to the local populace, which experts believe consists entirely of women, children, and tragically disabled racial minorities. This breaking news has been brought to you by--"

An awkwardly long silence ensues before the Anzati flashes a winning smile.

"An entirely legitimate news network."

She steps off screen, revealing sloppily handwritten signs hanging loosely from the two large creature crates in the background, reading "Not Stolen From Avance."