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Welcome to the Galactic News Service

Posted by: Orion Jenru - Faction: Veritas Press
Date: Year 15 Day 93 From the Conference Centre Veritas Axon in [VP] Morgarr Commercial on Lorell (136, 99).

Veritas News Inc. -- Lorell, Hapes Cluster


Enter Lorell system, and the lush tropical gardens of the Veritas Axon, situated in the Morgarr Commercial district on planet Lorell. As former residence of Hapan House Antaria turned corporate headquarters, the equatorial location offers a scenic vista perfect for the occasion. And today it hosts the First Annual Veritas Awards (1st AVA) ceremony. An event that occurs in tandem with ongoing jubilation for the third anniversary of Veritas Press.



The livefeed now goes to Jorus Serto, hosting the ceremony from the Veritas Axon.

Welcome, sentients, to the 1st Annual Veritas Awards! A diverse offering of awards are included in today's ceremony: though one particular theme dominates our collection of winners.

It's been a momentous and rather exciting galactic year but before we reach the drama, it's time to honour those organizations deemed by our voters to have provided services of superlative quality over the last twelve months. The cogs that turn the machine that is our galactic economy, these corporations have impressed with their customer service, products, pricing and a myriad of other factors.

The nominees for Company of the Year are...

Centrepoint Mining [Holosite] - A key part of the famous Centrepoint conglomerate, this company has provided raw materials to the public speedily, unwaveringly, and at competitive prices.

CryoMed Laboratories [GNS] - Having recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with its customers, this company has formed a new branch focused on the latest in freezing technologies: Cryogenic Healthcare.

Faerytail Medical [GNS] - A somewhat newer company, and another of the medical variety, Faerytail has proved its business acumen with speedy services and sensible pricing, but has also shown it's no pushover with recent external conflicts.

Freelancers Alliance [Holoboards] - A haven for freelance pilots, the Alliance is renowned for its fast and reliable transportation services.

And the winner of the AVA for Company of the Year is...

Faerytail Medical
Congratulations Faerytail!

Bossive vp.png

Our next award recognises the incredible work done by those with no monetary motivation, people willing to make personal or business sacrifices to benefit those needier than themselves.

The nominees for Philanthropist of the Year are...

Bossive Ketwol [Hololink] - A renowned billionaire and the leader of the new-look InterGalactic Banking Clan, Bossive made generous reparations for those left feeling scammed by the old InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Echuu Shen-Jon [Holocron] - Ex-Head of State of the CIS, Echuu is known for his organization of a charity fund aimed at giving those making their first steps into the galaxy a valuable head start.

Emil Novac [Holoboards] - An Alpha Medical Corps officer, Emil set up a ship giveaway over the Holonet after the Sven Wan scams left many penniless and the trading community shocked.

Uli-ah Gafsa [Holoboards] - Leader of the pirate group Twin Suns, Uli is honoured for organizing the Jawa Swap Meet, a rare meeting between famous members of the race.

And the winner of the AVA for Philanthropist of the Year is...

Bossive Ketwol
Congratulations Bossive!

Lilitu vp.png

Our next award is for those who have only recently emerged on the galactic scene. Rising to fame rather sharply over the past year, these nominees have made a quick impact on the galactic community.

And the nominees for Newcomer of the Year are...

Fleur`De Rouge [GNS] - A rogue bounty hunter responsible for the daring capture of New Republic leader Cheda Quche, Fleur committed a series of murders and kidnapping before being captured by Eidola's Syn.

Het Patchateeka [Holocron] - A young Jawa who began as a prospector and is now Vice President of Kerdos Company, Het is the publisher of the Jawaese-to-Basic translation tool.

Lilitu Ningaz [Holoboards] - A talented artist-for-hire and famous mercenary, Ningaz has impressed many for the quality of her artwork and ability as a hunter.

Wolfgang von Schlavendorf [Holocron] - Another Jawa from Tattooine, Wolfgang quickly rose to be the leader of the Veritas-owned Galactic Stock Exchange before leaving the company to pursue a personal venture.

And the winner of the AVA for Newcomer of the Year is...

Lilitu Ningaz
Congratulations Lilitu!

Our next award is in recognition of those events which rose to infamy over the past year for their scope, audacity and success in scamming, cheating or otherwise dubious conduct."

And the nominees for Heist of the Year are...

The Nova Crystal [GNS] - Its sudden sharp decrease in worth, stemming from the Krath Dynasty's unpopular devaluation of the currency due to tax law changes, caused controversy and unrest for many who dealt in the Crystal.

The InterGalactic Banking Clan [Holoboards] - For supposedly scamming billions of credits from its investors under Corey Vildras, including a massive four hundred million credit investment from his namesake, Korinas Vildras.

Sven Wan [Holoboards] - His investment and raffle schemes which totalled over 2.17 billion credits and dozens of ships in alleged "donations" to Wan, which he later bragged about to the trading community. Sven subsequently disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele [GNS] - The capture and ransom of the Galactic Empire's second by the pirate Syn for a Super Star Destroyer, said to be the most powerful ship in the galaxy.

And the winner of the AVA for Heist of the Year is...

Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele

Our next category is for News Headline of the Year. One of this ceremony's most prestigious awards, this recognises the story which had the largest impact on the galactic community during Year 14.

And the nominees are...

The spread of the Metamorphosis Plague [GNS] - A disease linked to the Derra Virus that rewrites the DNA of the subject, transforming them from one species into another! The Plague affected many prominent individuals as it peaked, and localised outbreaks are still going on in newly discovered areas of the galaxy.

The foundation of the Galactic Concordiate [GNS] - A massive, neutral galactic alliance, and created by key governments: the Trade Federation, Mandalore, the Hapes Consortium, the Tion Hegemony, and the Aurodium Legion. The Concordiate rose upon the dissolution of the old Imperial Union.

Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele [GNS] - A recurring nominee, the capture and ransom of Seele by Syn made waves in all corners of the galaxy.

The capture of the New Republic's Chief of State, Cheda Quche, by Fleur`De Rouge [GNS] - And his subsequent execution by the Galactic Empire, shocked many and raised major internal security concerns in the Galactic Alliance.

And the winner of the AVA for News Headline of the Year is...

Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele

Syn vp.png

Our final award honours the individual who made the most significant contribution to the course of the last year, as decided by the public. The nominees all made waves in Year 14 for extremely diverse reasons.

And the nominees for Person of the Year are...

Alex Tylger [GNS] - A giant of Hapan politics with around fifteen years in the Consortium, including three years as Rai`ix Chume, Tylger has cemented his place as one of the most influential galactic figures of recent times. After retiring this year, much to the dismay of many, Tylger was succeeded by Zayth Kadrim.

Seele [GNS] - The Executor of the Galactic Empire, enjoyed a mixed year: despite being one of the most powerful men in the galaxy, the human was thrust into the limelight several months ago when captured by fellow nominee Syn. Although largely ridiculed for allowing this to occur, Seele oversaw another year of stable Imperial government with Emperor Ndengin.

Sven Wan [Holocron] - Now believed to be dead, the ex-Leader of the InterGalactic Banking Clan ran many investment scheme scams and looted IGBC customers. His takings ran into the billions, and before he turned to thievery Wan was a rapidly emerging trader.

Syn [GNS] - The renowned Eidola Pirate who captured or killed six prominent galactic citizens and secured her own Super Star Destroyer, has been lauded by many for her skill and audacity.

And the winner of the AVA for Person of the Year is...

Congratulations Syn!

A ceremony dominated by the exploits of one! Congratulations to Syn, Lilitu, Bossive and Faerytail Medical, as well as all the nominees. We end the transmission here, but the revelry on location is sure to continue far into the night. Thank you to the galactic public for voting, and happy third anniversary Veritas Press!


For additional information on groups and persons mentioned in this transmission:

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This is an original transmission by Veritas News Inc.

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Mustafa al-Qadrim, Chairman of Veritas, at the inauguration speech for the new conference-wing dedicated to the ceremony, was quoted saying:

Not simply a contest, but a celebration of notable events during the past year! As with most original ideas, an experiment borne from inspiration, and with purpose to spark the fire unseen. The Annual Veritas Awards recognises the past galactic year - and for this 1st AVA, Year 14 - with six categories of fame. Each category has four nominations, provided by a jury of peers. The winner for each category has been decided by you, the galactic community.

The Chairman concluded saying:

Throughout the steps leading to this point, the notion of AVA has kept the Galactic Message Exchange alight with the vocal and welcome say of the Holonet community. This is not the first time that the galactic public has been called to make their voice known, but it is the first attempt to establish an ongoing tradition of this kind.

Before we move to the 1st AVA ceremony, I will conclude by expressing utmost praise to the entire VNI team - staff and freelancer alike. By your actions, you illuminate the galaxy. And very special thanks go to the chief architect and driving force behind AVA, Ms. Calli Qirce. For without her efforts what follows now would never have materialised.

Thank you for tuning in, and as the name implies our sincere commitment is to you, our viewers, to improve on this concept for next year. Enjoy, for this is your moment to treasure.


An award ceremony is not complete without its share of prizes, and the defining trait of AVA is the Threepio, or the miniature-sized statue of a golden 3PO Protocol Droid, rumoured to have the same designation in six billion forms of communication. The masterpiece design is the brainchild of renowned artist Lilith Delcroix of Vorsia, and it incorporates a choice number of valuable gems and materials into its hand-crafted construction.

The statues are especially made to mark each yearly AVA, and every Threepio comes with its own unique identification. This year, and for the 1st AVA, a total of seven Threepios will be awarded in six categories of fame.


Elsewhere in Morgarr Commercial the celebratory mood persisted as the Veritas AVA ceremony coincided with the media group's 3rd Anniversary celebrations, which had been in the making for several months. To mark the occasion, a major joint announcement followed by both the Veritas and Centrepoint conglomerates outlining an alliance between the two, and beginning with Veritas assuming control over the formerly Centrepoint-governed Toprawa system along the Hydian Way. Kerri Manchester, leader of Centrepoint Mining and spokesperson for the Centrepoint group, had this to say:

This is an economic and not a military alliance. Centrepoint has always been a bastion of maintaining neutrality in all things. We care not for wars or politics that get in the way of mutual enrichment. It is our hope and belief that this economic block will provide a larger stable platform that all those who seek solace in an uncertain galaxy can turn to.

However, confusion was created several days ago as reports on the Galactic News Service appeared to suggest that a less than amicable exchange took place in Toprawa - with Veritas and Centrepoint labelled "greatest enemies". A source in the Service told Veritas News Inc. that this was an error in the company's automated broadcasting system and apologized on behalf of the GNS for any inconvenience caused.

Before the AVA ceremony, reporters met CEO Kiie Cristal as she was leaving a meeting in Morgarr Commercial. She appeared upbeat as she briefly commented on the events:

It's truly a landmark achievement and we'd like to thank our friends at Centrepoint for marking this milestone together with us. Even more special was that Toprawa coincided with the Veritas 3rd Anniversary celebrations and the 1st Annual Veritas Awards! We can look forward to the future with a huge amount of optimism now, as our partnership with Centrepoint continues to develop and grow. If you'll excuse me, I'm about to take a shuttle for a tour of our new home!

Centrepoint and Veritas are supposedly closer than ever, with future cooperations more than likely. These good relations are now poised to bring about some exciting opportunities for both parties.