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Hall of Houses

The Avance Coalition is governed by the High Seat, the Second Seat and the Hall of Houses. While the High Seat and the Second Seat are not part of a Council, the Hall is comprised of the Consuls from the Councils, and a number of Advisors to the Hall. Members of the Hall of Houses are referred to as Sitters, although they only hold authority over their own Councils, in the case of the Consuls, and only within the Hall in the case of the Advisors to the Hall. The Hall of Houses has been the governing body of The Avance Coalition since it was formed in late Y6.

The Hall of Houses is named after the central hall of the Avance Government House, where this council of leaders meets to discuss matters of government concerning The Avance Coalition and it's corporations. Members of the Hall are normally seated along a large round table, surrounding a large holographic emitter which serves as a visual aid in Hall meetings. Equality is valued in the Hall of Houses, hence the round table, where the High Seat is first among equals.

Members of the Hall of Houses are known to be absent from Hall meetings, in which case the holographic emitter provides an image of the absent Consul or Advisor, so they can participate from anywhere in the galaxy.

Council of Civil Affairs

CA lettergead.png

The Council of Civil Affairs is in charge of day-to-day life in The Avance Coalition, managing not only many important internal positions, such as administrating the House and Citizen applications, and handling member placement, but also running the famed Avance Academy on Sanyassa, where the future leaders of The Coalition and its corporations are trained and drilled to ensure the future of Avance and its allies.

Upon joining The Avance Coalition or one of its nationalized corporations, each new member is sent to the Sanyassa system to enroll in the Avance Academy. Once a new member has signed in, he's assigned to one of two different Academies; the Gundark Academy, or the Leviathan Academy, where their training will commence. Each academy is exactly the same as the other, except for the differing management, and their sole reason for existence is that it makes managing recruits easier.

Once a graduate of the Academy picks Civil Affairs as his career, he'll find himself managing a number of things, among them he'd be handling recruitment for not only Avance, but all Avance subsidiaries, as well as managing the famed SRE Newcomer Raffle. The number of Civil projects in The Avance Coalition is growing rapidly, and the Council of Civil Affairs is expected to grow as more projects become available.

Council of Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations

CDA letterhead.png

The men and women of the Council of Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations are charged with upholding the image of peace, equality, prosperity of The Avance Coalition. Both by maintaining relations between The Coalition and other governments and corporations in the galaxy, and by controlling the image the media portray of The Coalition.

Avance diplomacy serves the values and ideals of Avance Coalition in a way that truly reflect them: cooperation and help that stretches beyond the boundaries of Avance space. We are confident that through cooperation and communication Avance space, territories of other governments and all regions of the Galaxy will be safer and conflicts costing irreplaceable lives and struggle for masses can be avoided or resolved. We also believe that through economic cooperation the flourishing Avance businesses can provide a boost to regions lagging behind or uncover new opportunities for established business hubs alike for the unilateral benefit of all partners. Our confidence in these ideals is backed by numerous proven and working models of cooperation.

We believe that a blooming society cannot be built on conflicts or aggression, Avance Coalition therefore is and will remain neutral in galactic conflicts. Although we wish to share our success with other regions of the Galaxy we respect jurisdictions and regulations of other governmental bodies.

Methodology and structure of Avance diplomacy

Avance Coalition has a professional framework of government institutions and diplomacy functions are integrated to it's decision making and communication chain. The Avance Coalition and it's nationalized companies speak with one voice with our partners constituting a single entity to be addresed though Avance Coalition. The Council of Public Relations, together with it's staff also referred as Diplomacy and Public Relations (DAPR) is tasked with representing The Avance Coalition and it's Houses and nationalized companies to third parties and canalizing requests and communications from third parties to Avance decision making bodies. When talking to DAPR any partners might be assured that they receive legitimate answers from authorized Avance decision making bodies.

Avance Coalition though does not believe in empty formalities or gestures lacking real content and trust in diplomacy. Our diplomacy is based on a developmental process that starts with establishing the fora and framework of communication and successive stages of cooperation built on the stable basis of mutual understanding and trust proven by time and practice.

As a major rule partners of Avance diplomacy are governments or groups performing government tasks in their respective jurisdictions. In special cases our diplomacy might be involved in trade enquiries, but other than developing a framework for trading generally nationalized companies and individual Avance citizens are involved in day to day trading. As nationalized companies are also incorporated to our information channels their leaders are aware of the special cases needing government attention or involvement.

Facts about Council of Diplomatic affairs and Public Relations

DAPR is the voice of Avance Coalition to the Galaxy outside of The Coalition but has some other responsibilities as well. An important part of these are consular affairs and representation of Avance citizens to foreign governments in legal matters when they are cited to foreign judicial bodies. The latter task is performed in close cooperation with the Council of Justice.

The headquarters of the Council of Public Relations are at Abregado-Rae, at the heart of the Galaxy and in a diplomatic, social and political hub and model that invites and welcomes all governments and enterprises who are willing to give access to the mutual and unilateral benefits of our cooperation to their citizens and clients.

The Council of Diplomatic Affairs / DAPR is managed by the Consul of Diplomatic Affairs, a Vice Consul might be appointed as the executive. High Lords of The Avance Coalition have a general authority in government matters and therefore might be involved in diplomacy in any stage. Certain negotiations might be managed by the designated Liaisons of DAPR. Major houses also appoint diplomatic representatives who are involved in the diplomatic process representing The Coalition in certain matters, not their respective Houses.

Council of Infrastructure

CI letterhead.png

The Council of Infrastructure is responsible for the non-military expansion of The Avance Coalition, with their main role being the design and implementation of many major building projects. These projects may include things such as the construction of income cities and the maintenance of population levels on controlled planets. On top of these crucial tasks, the Council of Infrastructure also manages the Coalition's materials, a job of the utmost importance.

Upon joining Infrastructure, new members are sent off to complete a construction training course in the Jospro sector, where they will learn the basics of construction under the tutelage of both the Consul and Vice-Consul of Infrastructure. On the completion of this training course, members are assigned to one of the sections which make up the Council of Infrastructure. These sections are fundamentally different sets of teams which are responsible for the handling of various projects, each of which consists of a team leader and several members.

The Council of Infrastructure prides itself on having highly active, well organised and professional members who are always looking to contribute. The number of members is expected to grow as the demand for experienced constructors increases.

Council of Defense

CD letterhead.png

The Avance military was created with one thing in mind: Defense. The Avance armed forces fall under the juristiction of the Council of Defense, led by the Consul of Defense and Commandant of the Avance Security Forces.

The Avance Security Forces are the standing army of The Avance Coalition. The Avance Security Forces is open to all sworn citizens of the Avance Coaltion, no matter the standing in the House System. The Avance Security Forces are the sworn protectors of all territory that resides within the Moddell Sector. The Commander of the Avance Security Forces is the Lord Captain. The Lord Captain is a member of a minor or major house who has demonstrated that they are superior to others.

The Avance Security Forces are known for using only the best of equipment, which includes the 600-meter long Dreadnaught Heavy-Cruisers, the Y-wing starfighter and Carrack-class Light Cruisers, all supported by a vast array of smaller ship types. Divided into Fleet Groups, the Avance Dreadnaughts ensure properly defended systems, and a safe population.

Rendili StarDrive, an Avance ship-production company, currently has plans to develop a number of starship designs, intended to improve the ASF's ability to defend Avance territory. Once those designs have been finalized and production on the designs is starting, these designs will be shown on the Rendili StarDrive holosite, provided they're not classified

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