Uukaablis Trans-Systems

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Uukaablis Trans-Systems
General Information
Motto "The galaxy is yours."
Status Dissolved
Leader Sharad Waador
2IC Korwen Corleone
Owner Hebious Cain
Historical Information
Founded Year 7 Day 34
Dissolved Year 14 Day 223
Political Information
Affiliation Mindabaal League
Avance Coalition
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Uukaablis Trans-Systems


Uukaablis Trans-Systems is the rising player in the vehicle production business. UTS recently allied itself with the Avance Coalition and has growing ties with the Soyak-Rayner Enterprises. This provides us with a large market to ensure we have buyers for our products and gives us excellent access for potential research and development opportunities. This company has a solid foundation to continue its rocketing growth and expansion. Through innovative ideas and a desire to produce top flight vehicles.

For centuries UTS solely operated on Uukaablis, located deep within the Kathol Sector. The people of Uukaablis desired to keep the technology they have produced to themselves. However, following the acceptance of Uukaablis into the Coalition, UTS changed their long standing isolationist policy and have now begun exporting products to the far reaches of the galaxy.

The new line of products for the upcoming financial year has not been released. UTS aims to produce mainly military brand vehicles of the best caliber. These products will combine quality engineering, consumer friendly prices and the high UTS standard that has become known for its effective excellence.

Uukaablis Trans-Systems has a full fledged Militia program dedicated to protecting UTS space. These men not only work within industry but lead patrols, preform system scans and help shield the civilian population from deviant thieves, pirates or crooks. This program is highly important to securing the safety and wellbeing of UTS citizens.

This company is more than just a producer of vehicles, its a home for many people. When you join with UTS you will be given a home, steady paycheck and a new family for you to bond with. People from all over the galaxy immigrate to the Avance Space every year, many choose UTS as their employer, friend and home.


On day 223 year 14, after years of downhill slide, Uukaablis Trans-Systems were dissolved. It is said that owner of the company lost interest altogether but refused to sell the company repeatedly, with additional health problems of Sharad Waador, long anticipated outcome became unavoidable, and on Day 223 of Year 14th the Company dissolved.

In ensuing chaos inside the companys offices, safely guarded company designs for a number of vehicles vanished, and are considered lost until such a time that somebody may reverse engineer them.

Previous Products


  • Uukaablis Trans-Systems Banner Year 12.png (Year 12)

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