Alyva Roscoe

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Countess Alyva Roscoe-von Ismay
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Dormé Roscoe
Father Lawrence Paschall
Spouse Alexander von Ismay
Siblings Kathlen Stewart
Children Beatrix von Ismay (Year 14 Day 237)
Born Year -11 (25 years old)
Died Year 14 Day 237
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation House Ismay
Title Contessa (House Ismay)
Positions Countess of Belmont, Coruscant (Marriage)
Prior Affiliation 2IC Galactic Rescue Ops

Alyva's Family

Alyva Roscoe was daughter to Dormé Roscoe (Naboo) and Lawrence Paschall (Diathim). She was born on year -11 at home on Naboo. At her birth only her Mother and uncle were present, her father had disappeared in the early stages of her mother’s pregnancy for reasons unclear in both Alyva's and her mothers life. Dormé had told Alyva that her father was the most beautiful person she had ever seen, but was cruel at heart and in the end couldn't stick around when he knew that Alyva was coming into their life. There are a lot of questions still shrouding this area of Alyva's life but one thing she knew later on was that she had a half-sister named Kathlen Stewart. By some weird chance of fate, Kathlen had been born on Naboo as well. Little did she know, at the time, was that Kathlen would become the partner of her Aliit'Alor and become her rightful vod in Aliit Gav.

Alyva's Biological Family

Relationship with her sister Kathlen

Aliit Gav

Marriage to Alexander von Ismay

During the later months of Year 13 Alyva Roscoe became romantically involved with the Black Sun Vigo, Alexander von Ismay. She and Alexander were been spotted on many occasions, including at locations such as Alyva's homeworld of Naboo. The couple were thought to have bought a holiday home on the planet and were regular visitors to the tranquil world.


Alyva and her husband decided to have a child after their relationship blossomed in the first few months of them seeing each other. On Year 14 Day 48 their baby had started to develop but Alyva had only noticed by day 62 when her menstrual cycle did not appear. Alyva arranged a consultation with the Belmont Estate medical team and after a few possible outcomes they were all overruled when a scan indicated Alyva was 2 weeks pregnant. Of course, Alyva and Alexander were overwhelmed and pleased that so far everything was running smoothly.

Alyva had her 2 month scan on Day 104, conducted by Dr. Aiko Abigail Constantine in her practice in orbit of Thesme. The scan showed that Alyva was carrying a baby girl and that she had taken after her father and was biologically Hapan.

On Year 14 Day 127 Alyva felt ungodly ill and slept overnight in a medical hospital near the Belmont Estate. In the morning doctors had confirmed that her increased amount of hormones had changed her DNA structures, making it fall deeper into her father's gene pool, causing her to mutate into the Diathim race.

As her fathers genetics began to take over, scientists started to notice how her height was not growing to that of a normal Diathim. They did more research on her cells, and came to the conclusion that she was still being affected by her previous stint with the Derra Metamorphosis Plague, that had previously changed her to Human. The next day on Year 14 Day 129 her sister who was also with child had suffered the same diagnosis and was too Diathim.

Human to Angel

The process was the biggest change Alyva had physically been though. At the time of her change Alyva was heavily sedated and her baby monitored around the clock. She was placed in a Bacta Tank so that all angles of her body would be free to change in whatever way it was going to.

The most noticeable changes, doctors had written down, were the six blade like wings that had developed on her back. These later would be hidden by the projection Alyva gives off to other people.

Moments after the mutation had completed her skin started to glow; in numerous reports Alyva was seen to have been lighting up the room with her very skin.

Further tests are set to take place over the next few years; however, Alyva has put them on hold to focus on her unborn child. In an unconfirmed interview Alyva had said, "I am very pleased with how to doctors have helped me through this unexpected change. Right now, however, all my attention is on my child."

Affiliation with Galactic Rescue Ops

Alyva had been a Rescue Pilot for many months, training and completing missions for Galactic Rescue Ops. During this time she formed a bond with its founder, Mouse Woodlake. She later became romantically involved with him.

Not much is known about how the two didn't make it to the planned wedding day but many have their ideas.

What is known is that Alyva reached second in command status and then later resigned. Cutting ties with the company all together, including friendship bonds made during her short stay.

Alyva saw the group formally become an official company, becoming larger and well known within the galaxy. Shortly after her leaving, Rescue Ops fell back into the status of a small-time group. She has neither confirmed nor denied that the dissolvement of Galactic Rescue Ops was because of her departure. But it was known that Alyva did a lot for the company.

Her Death

Early in the morning of Year 14 Day 237, Alyva succumbed to an illness that she and her husband, Alexander von Ismay, had been hiding from the public. Upon seeking private treatment, they found out that the illness was a result of the Metamorphosis Plague - which did not properly bind to Alyva's Human DNA. After her death, Alaxander named their unborn daughter Beatrix and granted her the title of Viscontessa.

On Day 240, Alyva was laid to rest in the family mausoleum on Castlery (Iego Moon G). Heartbroken, Alexander feared he'd never move on. Alyva was his life for so long.

News spread to her sister and daughter after her burial. Grief stricken, the two used each other to push through the next few weeks. It wouldn't be until many weeks later that Kathlen would search for her brother-in-law and find out all the information regarding the untimely death of her sister and unborn niece.