Aves Larkin

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Aves Larkin
Aves Larkin Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Spouse Acria Larkin (divorced)
Children Avalon Larkin (daughter)
Died Circa Year 4 Day 43 (presumed)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Dark brown hair
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Loronar Security
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Aves Larkin was a male Human. He was the Chief of Operations (COO) of the Rebel Alliance[1] circa Year 1 and, reportedly, was a close advisor to Supreme Commander Fox Spookers. Two years later, Aves served as a respected Senechal in the Falleen Federation and as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Loronar Security.[2] He was the husband of High Ambassador Acria Larkin and the father of Avalon Larkin, both of whom were also citizens of the Rebel Alliance and the Falleen Federation.


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Circa Year 3 Day 240, Aves' wife — Vigo Acria Larkin of Black Sun — was caught by minions of the Hutt Council during a diplomatic mission. Acria's past as a rebel terrorist was widely known and the Hutts extradited her to the Empire for a substantial reward.[3] On Year 3 Day 252, Acria was tried on Coruscant. Surrounded by stormtroopers and manacled in stun cuffs, Larkin was brought before an Imperial magistrate. Pleading "guilty to all charges," Larkin was sentenced to incarceration in the Ghorman System Penitentiary.[4]

Although Acria successfully completed her sentence and was released, her capture by the Hutt Council had brought her status as a Black Sun operative before the public's eye. This increased scrutiny had a negative impact on the career of her husband, Aves Larkin, who was the Lord Seneschal and Regent of the Falleen kingdom. Denounced as Black Sun spies by their Falleen comrades, Aves and Acria resigned from the Falleen Federation.[5] Further complicating matters, tabloids revealed on Year 4 Day 40 that Kosh Naranek, the virile regent of Black Sun, was involved in a torrid affair with Acria.[6] On Day 43, Aves Larkin disappeared from the galaxy. A note penned by Aves cited his crumbling marriage and his wife Acria's infidelities as the reasons for his departure.[2]

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